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Publication numberUS1914087 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 13, 1933
Filing dateApr 16, 1929
Priority dateApr 16, 1929
Publication numberUS 1914087 A, US 1914087A, US-A-1914087, US1914087 A, US1914087A
InventorsWilliam L Gilmore
Original AssigneeHookless Fastener Co
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Duffel bag
US 1914087 A
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June 13, 1933.. w. 1.. GILMORE DUFFEL BAG Filed April 16, 1929 2 Sheets-Sheet l 1N VEN TOR.

A TTORNEY June 13, 1933; w. L. GILMORE DUFFEL BAG 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 Filed April 16, 1929 IN V EN TOR. MW


This invention relates to duffel bags and particularl to bags for carrying clothing, toilet artic es, etc.

The principal object of the present invention is to provide a duffel bag which is light in weight, compact and ca able of being filled with a plurality of articles and which can be carried without occupying considerable space.

Another object is to provide an inexpensive duffel bag which can easily be carried by hand and which can be hung up and extended so that articles carried thereby will be readily "accessible.

Another object is to provide a light compact duffel bag having a plurality of closable pockets for carrying different articles, which can be hung up in an extended position so that the articles carried in the pockets will be readily accessible.

A further object is to provide a duffel bag comprising a single p1ece body having a' plurality of pockets therein provided with slide operated fastener devices for opening and closing the same, which body may folded and closed by a slide operated fastener device to provide a flat compact article that can easily be carried by hand, or hung up in an extended position so that articles carried in the pockets will be readily accessible.

With the foregoing and other objects in viev. which will be a parent from the detailed description to f dllow, the present invention consists in certain features of construction and combinations of arts which will be readily understood by t ose skilled in the art.

Persons traveling in airplanes, Pullman cars, motor vehicles and the like, or when on camping trips, are usually crowded for space and do not wish to be encumbered with heavy, bulky traveling bags and the like to carry those articles which. they need from time to time.

The present invention proposes a compact duffel bag which very satisfactorily meets the requirements of travel by Pullman car, airplanes and motor vehicles.

In the accompanying drawings which il- 1929. Serial No. 355,515.

lustrate one suitable embodiment of the present invention Figure 1 is an interior view of the duffel bag showing the pockets for holding small articles, and showing the bag supported in open position;

Fig. 2 is a perspective view of the bag when it is closed and ready to be carried; Fig. 3 is an interior view of the bag when it is in extended position, with the flaps folded back to show the separate compart ment therein, and a large pocket secured to the inside wall;

Fi 4 is a section taken on the line 4-4 of Fig. 1 showing the compartments pro-- vided in the duffel bag.

Referring to the drawings, in which like numerals refer to likeparts throughout the several views, the bag com rises a single piece body portion 1 made of canvas, heavy cloth, leather or any other suitable material forming two united sections which constitute the sides of the bag when the body portion is folded, and a pair of loop handles 2 of leather which are secured to the body portion 1 intermediate the sides and near the ends thereof as shown in Figures 1 and 2. As shown in Fig. 2, when the b is closed, the handles 2 are adjacent to ea other and extend beyond the end edges of bag body portion. 1. These loop handles 2 may be stitched to the body portion 1, or may be secured thereto by rlvets or. any other suitable means. The ba thus formed is preferably devoid of any stiffening members so that it can be thrown about and packed with other articles without injuring the bag.

Referring to Fig. 3, two pieces of suitable fabric 3 and 4 are stitched to the body portion 1 with a side edge of one adjacent to the side edge of theother to provide a large foldable pocket 5 of substantially the same size as the body portion 1. The adjacent edges of the pieces 3 and 4 forming the pocket 5 are provided. with a slide operated fastener 6, such as shown in Patent #1219 881, issued March 20, 1917 to Gideon Sund back, so as to permit the pocket 5 to be quickly opened and closed.

Two flaps '7 .and 8 of suitable material are preferably stitched to the side and up per edges of the body portion 1, and overlap each other midway between the sides of the bag, as shown in Figures 1 and 4 to form a compartment 9 adjacent to the pocket 5, the purpose of which will be later described.

The flap 7 also serves as a supporting wall for a plurality of smaller pockets 10., the materia 11 forming the same being stitched to the flap 7 and provided with fasteners 12 similar to the fastener 6', so that the pockets 10 can. be readily opened and closed. It is to be understood that similar pockets may be secured to the-flap 8 if desired.

The entire perimeter of the body portion 1 of the duffelbag is provided with separable fastener sections 13 and a slide 14 which may be actuated when the body portion, is folded upon itself, to interlock the fastener sections 13 to close the ba The flaps 7 and 8 are further secured at their upper ends to-the one edge of the body portion 1 by grommets or eyelets 15. One of the eyelets 15 may be disposed between the ends of the loop handle 2 to provide a support for a coat hanger 16, as shown in broken outline in Fig. 3.

As'an illustration of the use of this bag. for carrying certain clothing, it will be assumed that handk'erchiefs, collars, neckties, socks, etc. may be carried in the smaller pockets 10 and kept separated. Articles suchas shirts, sleeping apparel, etc. may be carried in the larger pocket 5. The bag, when it is closed, is light and compact, thereby occupying very little space, and can be conveniently carried by hand. When the person desires to openthebag' he moves the slide 14to disconnect the fastener sections 13,- and then hangs. the same. in extended position by the handle 2. He can hang his coat onthe hanger 16 within the compartment 9 provided by. the flaps 7- and 8 and the flaps 7 and 8 thus provide means for covering the coat to prevent dust from settling on it. This is particularly useful in a Pullman car. As the person needs any particular article he merely opens the pocket containing the same by actuating the slide fastener.

It will be seen that the duffel bag just described is particularly adaptable for use when traveling in Pullman cars and other conveyances, and when a person is camping out, because it can be hung up in an extended position'so that the articles contained therein are readily accessible. It is further apparent that the present invent-ion provides a very satisfactory traveling bag wherein various articles may be kept in order and prevented from becoming Inu'ssed when subjected to rough handling, such as is occasioned when traveling.

Furthermore, it is evident that, in addition to providing a lightweight, compact and readily accessible bag for traveling and camping, the present invention also provides a convenient sample case for salesmen who carry a variety of articles.

Aside from the specific embodiments of the invention herein shown and described, it is to be understood that numerous details of the construction may-be altered or omitted without departing from the spirit and scope ofthe present invention, and that it is not desired to limit the invention to the exact construction herein set forth, as it is desired to claim the invention broadly as well as specifically, as indicated in the appended claims.

W'hat I claim is:

1. In a bag, a body portion comprising two united sections of flexible material adapted to be folded together to form opposite sides of the bag and to lie flat when the bag is open, a largefoldable pocket on the inner side of said material and extending over the major portion of both of said sections, said material forming one side of the pocket, and a fastener for holding said pocket closed, said bag providing space outside said pocket in which articles may be placed, and fastening members on the perimeter of said sections for holding the bag closed.

2. .In a traveling-bag, a sheet of flexible material substantially flat when unfolded and adapted'to be folded about its central portion to provide a closed bag devoid of any stiffening members, a large foldable pocket on the inner side of said sheet extending over the greater portion of the area of said sheet, a slide fastener forclosing said pocket, and a slide fastener extending around the perimeter of said sheet for holding the edges together and keeping the bag closed.

3-. In a traveling bag, a sheet of flexible material substantially flat when unfolded and adapted to be folded about its central portion to provide a closed bag devoid of any stiffening members, a pair of flexible flaps extending substantially the entire length of said sheet, one of said flaps attached to each of the side edges ofsaid sheet and extending inwardly into overlapping relation with the other of said flaps, means for fastening one end, of each of said flaps to the end of said sheet, a plurality of pockets on one of said flaps, such flap forming one wall of eachof said pockets, fasteners for closing said pockets, and fastening means extending around the edges of said sheet to hold the bag closed.

4. In a traveling bag, a body portion of flexible material comprising two sections adapted to be folded together to form opposite sides of a bag which is devoid of any stiffening members and to lie flat when the bag is open; a large foldable pocket on the inner side of said body portion and extending over the greater part of each of said sections, fastening means for holding said pocket closed, a pair of flaps attached to the side edges of said body portion with their free ends overlapping in about the middle of the bag, whereby large articles may be laid flat between said flaps and pocket, a plurality of small pockets on one of said flaps, slide fasteners for closing said pockets, and a slide fastener extendin around the edges of said sections for hol ing said bag closed.

In testimony whereof I afiix m signature.


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