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Publication numberUS1915044 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 20, 1933
Filing dateMay 4, 1931
Priority dateMay 4, 1931
Publication numberUS 1915044 A, US 1915044A, US-A-1915044, US1915044 A, US1915044A
InventorsAnderson Charles A
Original AssigneeAnderson Charles A
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Warming bag
US 1915044 A
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June 20, 1933. c. A. ANDERSON WARM I NG BAG Filed May 4, 1931 Patented June 20, 1933 UNITED STATES CHARLES A. ANDERSON, F MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA WARNING BAG Application filed May 4, 1931.

This invention relates to bags adapted to receive the lower portions of the bodies of wearers for protection against the cold.

It is the main object of the invention to provide a novel and improved open topped warming bag constructed chiefly from knit 'material for use by a wearer for protection against the cold. n

It is another object to provide a bag having 0 a strip at its upper edgecomposed of closely I novel parts and novel combinations of parts,

hereinafter defined in the claims and described in the following specification, made in connection with the accompanying drawing, wherein like reference characters refer to the same or similar parts throughout the various views and, in which,

Fig. 1 is a View in front elevation of the bag showing the position that the bag wlll assume when being worn by a woman standing on her feet, a portion of the lower end of the bag being broken away to more clearly illustrate the construction thereof; and

Fig. 2 is a view in front elevation of the bag when in opened condition.

In accordance with the invention, an open topped bag A is provided having a tubular portion 3 forming side walls and composed chiefly of heavily knit material. The lower ends of the tube forming the side walls is upwardly and inwardly bent to form an inner fold 4 giving double thickness to the lower portions of the side walls. A circular sheet 5 also of heavily knit material forms the bottom of the bag and is connected to the lower edges of the side walls. A protective sheet 6 formed preferably of leather or leatheroid material or other material adapted to stand rough usage, is secured to the lower side of the bottom 5 to act as a wear sheet protecting the bottom. There is secured to the upper edge of the tube 3 a strip 7 formed of closely knit material'having a high degree of elasticity to normally contract the upper edge of Serial No. 534,784.

the bag. Large and roomy` pockets 8 are formed at the two sides of the front portions of the tube 3 to receive the hands and forearms of the wearer. The tube 3 and the strip 7 are divided from the front central portion of the upper edge of the bag downwardly for a considerable distance to form edges 9 which can be brought together or spread apart to form an opening in the front side of the bag. A severable fastener including tapes 10 having closely spaced fastening elements secured thereto are applied to the edges 9 and a slider 11 lits over the tapes l0 and is used for drawing and locking the fastener elements together and for unlocking the fastener elements and spreading the edges 9 apart. The severable fastener used embodies modern improvements on the device disclosed in the old Judson patent issued March 31, 1896, No.

In using the bag, the slider l1 will be first drawn downwardly to the position illustrated in Fig.` 2, thereby separating the edges 9 of the bag to provide an opening in the upper portion of the forward side of the bag. The feet of the wearer may then be inserted in place within the bag to rest on the bottom 5, whereupon the strip 7 may be raised to a position adjacent the waist of the wearer. The slider 1l may then be raised upwardly to draw the two edges 9 together and to lock the fastening elements on the tapes l0. The bag will then completely encompass the feet, legs and waist of the wearer. The resiliency of the closely knit strip 7 will cause this strip to tightly clamp against the waist of the wearer so that the bag will remain in position without sliding downwardly irrespective of whether the wearer is sitting down, lying down or standing up. The fold 4 which gives double thickness to the lower portion of the tube of the bag, will at all times afford protection against the cold to the feet and lower legs of the wearer, below an overcoat that may be worn by the wearer. The hands and forearms of the wearer may be placed within the pockets 8, these pockets being preferably made large enough to receive the mittened or gloved hands of the wearer, together with the lower portions of the sleeves of an over- 100 coat. The protective sheet 6 will prevent the bottom 5 from wearing out readily.l

Due to the fact that the bag is constructed from knit material, rather than blanket material, the bag will tend to cling to the body of the wearer instead of falling away therefrom, as does blanket material. As a result, the layer of air between the walls of the bag and the body of the wearer,` will be narrower than would be the case if the material forming the bag were composed of blanket material or the like and there being a smaller quantity of air to be heated in the bag, the knit bag will have a much greater heating effect than would a bag composed of blanket material or the like.

The bag has been actually demonstrated in practice and has been found to be successful for the purposes intended. It is particu-l larly effective for use at outdoor athletic coni tests, such as football games, hockey games etc. It is also useful while hunting or motoring in cold weather. It is found to be ideal for use in place of steamer robes on shipboard. It is also found to be eiective for use in connection with babies while be-y ing wheeled in carriages and the like. The bag, of course, can be used effectively by a wearer when exposed to any type of cold weather conditions.

It will, of course, be understood that various changes may be made in the form, details, arrangement and proportions of the various parts without departing from the scope of the present invention.

What is claimed is An open topped bag constructed of flexible material and adapted to encompass the lower portion of the body of the wearer, said bag avin a front division extending from the top o the bag downwardly to adjacent the bottom of the same, a severable fastener applied to the edges of the material adjacent said division for drawing the said edges together tol close said opening and an inner old adjacent the lower end of said bag giving double thickness to this portion thereof.

In testimony whereof I afiix my signature.


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U.S. Classification2/69, D02/728, 5/413.00R
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