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Publication numberUS1915404 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 27, 1933
Filing dateMar 27, 1931
Priority dateMar 27, 1931
Publication numberUS 1915404 A, US 1915404A, US-A-1915404, US1915404 A, US1915404A
InventorsClifton Gilbey M
Original AssigneeClifton Gilbey M
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US 1915404 A
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PLIERS Filed March 27,- 1931 fill Patented June 27, 1933 i UNITED STATES; PATsNroFi-uce GILBEY IVI. CLIFTON, OF PERRY, IOWA PLIERS Application filed larch 27, 1931. Serial No. 525,809.

This invention relates to new and useful is preferably made by a transverse screw 7, improvements in pliers. which extends through corresponding trans- One object of my invention is to provide verse registering openings 8 and 9 in the novel actuating means for the movable gripshank and body portion and 2, respectively, 5 ping jaw of the pliers. and isheld in place by the nut 10. The upper A further obj-ect of my invention iS to section further comprises the movable handle provide means to prevent disengagement of 117 formed a1; its inner end with the Hat, the rack teeth of the upper member or section widened portion 12, which is pivotally conof the pliers. nected by the transverse screw and nut 13 A still further object of my invention is to and 111, respectively, to the body portion 2 60 provide a device of this character which is ofthe lower section of the pliers. simple and economical in construction and In carrying out my invention, the inner highly efficient rand durable in use. end of the shank 5 ofthe movable gripping With the foregoing and other objects in jaw 4, is formed with a series of arcuate rack 15 view that will appear as the nature of my teeth l5 and the adjacent or inner end of 05 invention is better understood, the same conthe flat widened portion 12, is likewise prosists in the novel features of construction, vided with a Series 0f intermeshing rack combination and arrangement of parts illusteeth 16, formed on the arc of a smaller curvetrated in the accompanying drawing and than the teeth 15 o more particularlypointed out in the append* The body portion 12 of section B of the j ed claims. pliers is provided with al transverse slot 18 In the accompanying drawing, which is for having circular end openings 19, to provide illustrative purposes only and is therefore separate pivotal bearings forvthe screw or not drawn to scale: bolt 13, the end openings being connected by Figure 1 is a face view of a pair of pliers a narrow neck 2O.v The bolt 13 is fixed to the constructed in accordance with the present portion 12 Vof the movable handle and is invention; provided with a flattened portion 21 which,

Fig. 2 is an edge view thereof; when the handle 11 is in thedotted line posi- Fig. 3 is a transverse sectional view on a tion of Fig. 1, may 'be passed through the larger scale taken along the line 8 3 of neck portion 20 of the slot into one or the Fig. l; other of the end openings 19 to thereby effect Figs. L1 and 5 are sectional views on the lateral adjustment of the handle portion 12 lines 4 4; and 5 5, respectively, of F ig. 3; and a consequent adjustment of the plierv Fig. 6 is a sectional view on the line 6 6 jaws. It will be noted that by reason of the of Fig. 1. fact that the slot 18 extends transversely of Referring to the drawing for a more parthe fixed or main body 2 of the pliers the ticular description of my invention and in adjustment thus provided may be accomwhich drawing like parts are designated by plished without disturbing the intermeshing like reference characters throughout the sevrelation between the teeth 15 and 16. eral views, my device essentially comprises The jaws of the pliers illustrated in Figthe upper and lower plier sections A and B, ures 1 to 3, inclusive, of the drawing, and respectively. rlhe lower section B comprises designed for general use, are provided with the stationary offset gripping jaw 1, flat elonthe wire cutter 211. gated intermediate body portion 2 and curved From the foregoing description taken in handle 3. The upper section A of the pliers connection with the drawings, it is thought consists of the movable offset Vgripping jaw that the construction, operation and advan- 4, formed with the flat elongated shank 5, tages of my invention will be readily underwhich is pivoted adjacent its out-er end, as stood without requiring a more extended at 6, to the body portion 2 of the lower secexplanation. tion B. The aforesaid pivotal connection Having described my invention, what I 100 claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is:

1. In a pair of pliers the combination of a member having a stationary jaw at one end thereof and a handle at the opposite end, a movable jaw on said members for eoaetion with said stationary jaw, an operating handle on said member, yintermeshing gears on said movable aw and operating handle forming a driving connection therebetween, and an adjustable pivot for one of said gears adjustable transversely of said member toV effect adjustment of said movable jaw without disturbing the intermeshing relation between said gears.

2.-,In a-pair of pliers the eombinationfof a member having ya stationaryj aw at one end thereof Vand a handle at the* opposite end, a movable jaw on said `member for eoaetion 29 with said stationary jaw, an operatinghan dle on-said member, intermeshing. gears on said movable jaw and Q operatingy handle forming a driving connection therebetween, said member having a slot extending transk verselyI thereof, and a pivot' pin on one of said gears ulcrumed in said slot and adjustabley lengthwise thereof to efeet adjustment of said movable` jaw without disturbing the interlneshing relation between said gears.- 30h 3. In a Apair of pliers the combination oa member: having astationary jaw 4at one end thereof and a'handle lat the oppositev end, a movable aw pivoted onsaid member foracoaction with said stationary jaw, anoperating handle on said member, intermeshing gears on said movable jaw and operating handle forming a driving g'eonnection therebetween, said member. having. a'slotr extending` Vtransverselythereohand a pivot pin on said operating handle fulcrumed Vin said Slot and adjustable lengthwise thereof to effect adjust ment. of. said :operating handle and movablejaw kwithout disturbing the interrneshing relationbetween said gears. 46; In testimonyv whereof he aiiixes his signa ture. n i


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U.S. Classification81/365, 81/366, 81/412, 30/188, 30/250
International ClassificationB25B7/00, B25B7/12
Cooperative ClassificationB25B7/12
European ClassificationB25B7/12