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Publication numberUS1915658 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 27, 1933
Filing dateSep 12, 1932
Priority dateSep 12, 1932
Publication numberUS 1915658 A, US 1915658A, US-A-1915658, US1915658 A, US1915658A
InventorsThomas H Gagen
Original AssigneeHinde & Dauch Paper Co
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Handled box or carton
US 1915658 A
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June 27, 1933. T. H. GAGEN HANDLED BOX OR CARTON Filed Sept. 12, 1932 Patented June 27, 1933 U' TE-o srerss PATENT-QFFIQE THOMAS 11. GAGEN, or 'SANDUSKY, OHIO, ASSIGNOR fro THE HINDE & DAUCH PAPER COMPANY, or SANDUSKY, oHIo, A CORPORATION or OHIO HANDLED Box on), CARTON Application filed September 12, 1932. Serial No. 632,837.

The invention relates to boxes formed of paper or corrugated paper board and it is the object of the invention to obtain a construction provided with a carrying handle and a cover normally locked in position but which permits of easy removal for inspection of or access to the contents. The invention there'- fore consists in the peculiar construction as hereinafter set forth. i

In the drawing: Figure 1 is a sideelevation partly in longitudinal section of my improved box;

Figure 2 is a perspectiveview thereof showing one ha lf'of the cover opened;

Figure 3 is a cross section on line 3-3 of Figure 1;

Figure 4 is a side elevation showing the manner of engaging and disengaging the cover. 7

The body of the box A may be formed of any suitable construction but as shown comprises bottom, sides and ends, the latter being provided with a downturned flap A on the inside of flaps A extending inward from the sides thereby making a three-ply thickness. The box may be formed either of solid stock or cellular double faced corrugated board, but for simplicity in illustration, I have shown the solid stock.

To form a cover and also a carrying handle for the box, a suitable blank B is folded at the center to form the handle section C and oppositely extending cover sections D and D, each provided with down-turned side flaps E. Each of the side flaps is slotted longitudinally at its inner end as indicated at F to form tongues G which are slidably engageable with keepers H on the opposite sides of the box body A. As specifically shown, the keepers H are formed by a strip which is bent into U form with its parallel sides extending through slots I and I in the sides of the body and then respectively bent upward and downward to form securing flaps H, H which are riveted or otherwise secured to the body.

This results in the forming of an external dle are spread apart as indicated in Fig. 4

which permits of inserting the-ends of the tongues G into the loop keeper H. The cover sections D and D are then slid inward until the handle fold is-closed, inwhich position the tongues will lock each of the cover sections to the body; However, the cover may be removed at any time, eitheron one or both sides, by sliding one or both sections outward so as to disengage the tongues G. The handle C has an aperture C out in the lower portion thereof for forming ahand hold. A box constructed as described forms a very convenient carrier for fruits and vegetables, and one which permits the quick inspection but nevertheless effectively protects the con-' tents.

What I claim as my invention is:

1. The combination with a box body having an open top, of a cover for said box body having two portions connected by an intermediate folded portion extending transversely therefrom, said cover portions being provided with downturned flaps adjacent to one side of said box with tongues projecting oppositely therefrom, and a keeper on the side of the box body with which said tongues can be initially engagedv upon the opening of said folded portion whereby the closing of said folded portion will effect a full engagement of said tongues with said kee er to lock said cover sections to the box b0 y.

3. The combination with a box body having an open. top, of a combined cover and handle for said box body comprising two portions connected by an intermediate folded portion, the latter being slotted for a hand hold, flaps on said cover sections extending adjacent to a side of said box body portions connected by an intermediate.folded portion extendingfransversely therefrom, eing partially cut away said folded portion for a hand hold, flaps on opposite sides of each of said cover ortions extending 'adja cent to the sides to said body portion, said I flaps having tongues projecting oppositely in ,1 .aa

lIlgilflPS ad acent to t e sides of saidboxbody from the two portions and keepers on .opposite sides of saidb ox ,to which said tongues can be initiallyengaged upon the opening of saidfolded-portionwhereby the closing of said, folded portion will lock, said cover sections andfiaps to saidboxbodyi) a V I 5.v The combination with a x body having an open top, ofra combined cover and handle for-said'box body comprising two' portions connected by an intermediate folded portion extending transversely therefrom and slotted: for a hand hold, said cover ortionsbeingeach rovided with dependand being slitted to form projecting tongues and loop shaped covers attached to opposite sides ofsaid box body with which said tongues'can be initially engaged upon the opening of said folded portion whereby the closing of said folded portion will lock said cover section and flaps to said box body.

6. The combination with a box body hav- "ing an open to of a combined cover and handle for 'sai box body. comprising two portions connected byanintermediate folded portion extendin transversely therefrom and being slotte for a' hand hold, said portions being each provided with dependingfiaps adjacent to the opposite sides of said box body and slitted to form oppositely projecting tongues, and loop shaped keepers on said box body formed by U-sha ed stri s extending through slots in the si es of t e box body with oppositely turned flanges secured to the inner face of the side of said, box body, said keepers bein adaptedfor the initial engagement of sai tongues upon the opening of said folded portion whereby the closing of said folded portion will slide said tongues into full engagement with said loop-shaped keepers and lock said cover and handle to the box body. A

In testimony whereof I aflix-inysignature;


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U.S. Classification229/117.23, 229/125.21, 229/117.14, 229/117.19
International ClassificationB65D5/465, B65D5/46
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