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Publication numberUS1915721 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 27, 1933
Filing dateMar 12, 1932
Priority dateMar 12, 1932
Publication numberUS 1915721 A, US 1915721A, US-A-1915721, US1915721 A, US1915721A
InventorsDiaz Cirilo Henriquez
Original AssigneeDiaz Cirilo Henriquez
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Electric glove
US 1915721 A
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June 27, 1933. Q H, DIAZ 11,915,721

ELECTRIC GLOVE Filed March y12, 1932 9 j Jive/rv* l 15 tricity to iniiict an electric shock on another primary windings of the coil, and a switch 20' not infrequently misuse it to render the pris- 14g and 15 which are carried on la strap 1d '3a object of this invention to provide a giove pocket or may be fastened about the body 50 Patented June 27,l 1933 y i UNiraosrATaslrA-TENT orrics 4 cierro nnimiaunz nmz, or. HABANA, cuen aimerais anova appiicamn niet Haren ia, lessa. serial no. coatto.

This invention relates to an electric glove material, such as chamois or the like, selected of the type which carries contacts through because of its adaptability to the purpose, which a charge maybe paed to another both as a glove and as an insulator. The

l person. glove 1 is provided with contacts 2 and 3 5 The object of the invention is to provide which are connected to snap connectors 4: a glove carrying electric contacts which are and 5 by wires 6 and 7 respectively. As this connected to a source of current carried by Wiring is done. interiorly of the love, an the wearer of the glove so that the wearer insulating strip 8 preferably eizibe, is proi of the glove may iniiict an electric shock on vided to protect the hand of the wearer from 19 another person by bringing the contacts into contact with the wires. engagement with the others body. A battery or dry cell 9 adapted to be car-'- urther object of the invention is to proried by the person using the device is directly vide a glove of insulating material which connected to an induction coil 10. The poles carries contacts connected to a source of elecof the battery are connected directly to the person without danger to the wearer. 11 is interposed between said coil and the bat- It is often ,the custom of police oihcers, tery to open and close the circuit. Wires 12 when handling petty odenders, such as and 13 lead from the secondary windings of drunks, to hold a club over .the head and the induction coiltoapair oi snap connectors I voner tractable. .It is, therefore, the purpose adapted to be fastened around the wrist. of this invention to rovide a means by The sna connectors 14 and 15 are adapted which such people in the hands of anocer to Inter t with the snap connectors It and 5 and others, such as insane persons in charge Carried on the gloove and connected to the 2"' of a keeper, could be rendered entirely tractacontacts 2 and 3. n I u 75 bie without any lasting or permanent eiect The battery and coil may be carried in a on the prisoner, who often does not reeiize case 17 which has a contact switch button i8 what he is doing. cooperating with the switch 11 to form a With this and in View, it, is the further 'compact device which may be carried in the which carries electrical contacts connected by means 0fa Strap or belt. to a secondary coil which may inict a con- 1n use, the glove is worn on the hand of siderable shock without doing any lasting the ocer and the Wrist strap 16 securely damage. buckled, the contacts 14 and 15 engaging the It is. a Still further Object im provid@ a contacts 4 and 5 respectively. The contacts 85 Compact, small device which may be car- 2 and 3 are brought into contact with the bare ried about the person without discomfort or Slim 0f the o'ender by grasping his arni, and unnecessary weight. the closing ,of the switch 11 by pressin on The invention is illustrated in the accomythe button 18 closes'the circuit and pro uces 4Q panying drawing, in which the shock which, while racking the nerves, o Figure 1 is a plan view, partly broken does not produce any lastin edect at all.

away, to show the wiring. Such a device would ren er the work of Figure 2 is a plan view of the glove showthose having to use it easier and would also ing the connection to the coil. be easier on the oiender. By such a glove, 45' Figure 3 is a to plan view of the batthe handling of insane atients would be ma- 05 ter and coil, toget er with the switch. terially facilitated and would produce reigure 4 shows the belt with the connecsults which sometimes strong-arm methods tions to the secondary coil. fail to do.

The invention may be particularly illus- I claim 50 trated by a glove 1 made of some insulating 1. An electric glove comprising a glove 10 ofthe coi to the battery by said glove and connected to said conta a wrist strap, snap connectors carried by sai wrist strap, said pairs of connectors being adapted to interftz a battery, an induction coil, means connecting the primary windings means connecting the secondary windings of? the coil to the connectors on the wrist strap, and means for opening and closing the circuit.

In testimony whereof I aiiix my signature.

01ML@ mnmonnz DIAZ. [Le] I' las

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U.S. Classification361/232, 472/56, 200/DIG.200, 601/21, 128/879
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Cooperative ClassificationY10S200/02, H05B2203/014, F41H13/0018, H05B2203/036, H05B3/342
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