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Publication numberUS19158 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 19, 1858
Publication numberUS 19158 A, US 19158A, US-A-19158, US19158 A, US19158A
InventorsThomas Shanks
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Lamp ok candlestick and match-box combined
US 19158 A
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Lamp and Match Box.

Patented Jan. 19, 1858.

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Specification of Letters Patent No. 19,158, dated January 19, 1858.

To all MhOYlL it may con cern Be it known that I, THOMAS SHANKS, of the city and county of Baltimore, in the State of Maryland, have invented, made, and used certain new and useful Improvements in Combining Lamps and Candlesticks with Match-Boxes; and I do hereby declare that the following is a full, clear, and exact description of the same, reference being bad to the accompanying drawings, making a part of this specification, in which Figure l is a perspective view of the lamp and match-box in combination. Fig. 9. is a sectional view of the lamp and combined box.

The nature of my improvements consists in constructing or forming together as a compound device, or as a unity contrivance, a lamp and match-box, whereby convenience, safety. and great utility are attained.

In Fig. 1, a lamp is shown, and its base part a, a, a, u, o, rt is formed as a hollow casing, with one end open. ln this hollow base, or casing, is fitted a drawer-like receptacle b, b, a, 7), having two divisions or compartments c, c, c-(Z, (I, at. These compartments are separated or formed by parallel partitions (Z (Z (Z d passing through the center of the receptacle b, b, 7), 7). and are sutliciently far apart to afford suitable space so as to answer as a small channel or box 0, e, c, 6. This channel or box is open at the back part. and also partly open on top as at f Fig. 1. about one third the length. Transversely across the whole length of the front end of this receptacle or drawer, or at right angles to the channel or box 6, c, c, c, is another receptacle or trough formation 9, g, g, Fig. 2, from half an inch to one inch wide. and into this trough is fitted a corresponding piece, or block of wood, to the upper surface of which is attached sandpaper or any equivalent rough substance. \Vithin the channel 0, e, c, about two-thirds its length is arranged horizontally a small rod or wire 71, h, the end extending into the drawer being turned up, or bent in form of a hook somewhat as at 2'. The end extending out through the front of the drawer has allixed to it a small knob Fig. 1. and also within the channel or box 6, c. c, is inclosed a spiral spring 1 1:, 7r, Fig. which spring may, if desired, encompass or surround the rod 71, 72, and is attached to the front of the channel or box 0 c, c, by one end, while the other end of the spring is attached to the back part of the hollow base or casing a, (I, u. a, on the inside, and the drawer t), t). h, is so connected. or inserted within the lasing or hollow base that in pulling the drawer open, it cannot be detached or drawn entirely from out its place. It is important that the base or casing a, a, a, (a, should be sufliciently weighty to prevent the lamp turning over in the pulling out the drawer.

The design, or intention of my invention or improvements, to render available readily at night time, on occasions of sickness, or in any emergency, a light, by having matches and lamp perfectly convenient, and accessible; as well as securing the matches in a safe place, and thus avoiding accidents which too often occur to children in their getting hold of the matches, and eating them or igniting them. thus and in various other ways tending to cause serious casualties. Besides, 100, having the lamp or candlestick and a match box and safety receptacle formed as one compound device or unity contrivance, there can never be any delay in hunting one or the other separate, as often occurs when distinct or individual devices are resorted to in use. And again, by hav ing two incombustible apartments, one can be used to contain the whole or perfect match, while the other can be as a receptacle or depository for the partly burned splint or match stick, thus avoiding the danger of dropping or throwing the burning match stick on the floor or about carelessly, whereby ignition might ensue, and from which causes accidents have frequently occurred.

In the operation of my improvements, when a light is desired, the knob or small handle 7', is taken hold of. and in the drawing out of the drawer, to its extent, the knob is turned sufliciently to bring the bent or book end 2', of the red It up so as to catch against the front edge of the base or casing as in Fig. 1, thus holding the drawer in position, so as to enable the picking up a match and lighting it by rubbing it on the rough surface at the front of the drawer, the used or partly burned match-stick being deposited in another apartment than whence taken. After lighting the lamp the knob is again turned back so as to let the drawer close itself, which self-closing is caused by the action of the spring is, is, thus keeping the drawer from slipping out and the matches secured therein.

It is deemed useless to enter more at length upon the safety and general utility of my improvements, as the merits thereof will be readily understood.

I am well aware that match boxes or safes, and tinder receptacles have been applied, connected to, and arranged with illuminating apparatus; and also, that can- (llesticks have been formed with depressed receptacles. Consequently such attachments and formations I do not claim. But

hat I do claim as new and useful, and of my own invention and desire to secure by Letters Patent of the United States is The construction of and providing lamps or eandlcsticks with a hollow base or pedestal part a, a, a, a, said hollow base being combined and provided with a sliding selfclosing drawer-like arrangement, or receptacle 5, Z), b, 5, having compartments 0, c, c (i, (Z, (Z, inclosing chamber 6, e, e, constructed, arranged, and operated by the spring 7:, is, It, is, and catch-rod h, h, substantially for the purposes set forth, and as described.


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