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Publication numberUS1915974 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 27, 1933
Filing dateJul 10, 1930
Priority dateJul 10, 1930
Publication numberUS 1915974 A, US 1915974A, US-A-1915974, US1915974 A, US1915974A
InventorsKirby Bottle Edward
Original AssigneeAmerican Sales Book Co Ltd
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Retaining device
US 1915974 A
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June 27, 19.33. K BOTTLE 1,915,974




pencil or other writing implement in proper association with a salesbook or other record receiving device. I

It is an object of the invention to provid a structure of this character which may be manufactured readily by automatic machlncry and which accordingly may be provided for a nominal sum, the present structure op erating over long periods of time with freedom from any difficulties.

A further object is to provide a retaining device for a writing implement which is simple and practical, being embodied as a unitary structure with the record pad support and being arranged so that the pencll or other writing implement will at all times be readily accessible for use.

With these and further objects in mind, reference is had to the attached sheet of drawing illustrating one practical embodiment of the invention, and in which Fig. 1 is a perspective view of a record pad and showing the retaining device in association therewith; and

Fig. 2is an enlarged sectional side view of the structure as represented in Fig. 1.

In these views, the reference numeral 5 indicates a back with which a record or pad 6 is associated by for example having this record pad include a plurality of inscription receiving sheets associated with a stub portion 7, the latter being formed with fastening elements such as staples 8 passing through its body and extending to a backing strip 9. Between this strip and the stubs, there is disposed a pad-retainer loop 10 lying immediately adjacent to the staples so that the entire record pad is normally anchored against displacement although it may with facility be replaced.

In order to maintain the loop in position, a plate 11 is employed which lies upon the upper face of the backing 5 and is secured thereto by any convenient attaching means as indicated diagrammatically at 12. The upper edge of this plate is extended beyond the sheet and bent upon itself as indicated 1930. Serial no. 467,038.

in Fig. 2, thus providing a receiving portion or hook for detachably receiving the bar of the loop 10 to achieve the results desired. As shown in the drawing, the upwardly deflected portion of the plate 11 is reversely bent upon itself to form two upstanding plate parts spaced apart a short distance with an ogee plate part interposed therebetween, In this manner a recess is provided" between the bent plate part and the forward plate part for the reception of the-pad-reta'ining loop 10. This arrangement also provides a restricted entrance passageway between the intermediate bent plate part and the upper free edge of the forward plate part for entering the loop 10 into its holding position or removing it therefrom. It will be noticed that the upper free edge of the plate mentioned is yieldable forwardly slightly to permit passage of the loop 10. This arrangement provides a simple and convenient attaching device for a pad of record leaves, and the forward plate part functions as a yielding retainer for retaining the loop 10 in its holding position.

Now in order to provide a retaining member, a strip Of material such as metal is employed which has its body interposed between the plate "11 and the back 5 as indicated at 13, and this strip may have a struck up tongue portion 14 to bite into the back and prevent its displacement. The endof the strip extends beyond the bent end or hook of the plate 11 and at this point terminates in an upwardly and rearwardly extending portion 15, the outer edge of which may be extended forwardly as at 16 to provide a receiving structure.

The distance between the inner face of the bowed portion or hook of the plate 11 and the upwardly extending end portion of the plate is just adequate to snugly accommodate a writing implement such as a pencil 17. Accordingly, a clerk in using this record pad may either press the writing implement downwardly, thus springing the outer end of the strip outwardly or may pass the point of the implement into the space between this strip'and the plate. In either event, the implement will be frictionally engaged by the adjacent surfaces of this strip and plate and accordingly be held against shifting. However, upon it being desired to remove the implement, this may be accomplished by simply swinging the same upwardly and with this in View, grasping one end of the implement and causing the same to fulcrum against the back as the end thereof is swung upwardly. As soon as the body of the implement clears the relatively constricted space between the rearwardly projecting portion or hook of the plate 11 and the outer end 15 of said plate, it is obvious that the implement may be freely removed in its entirety and in order to reduce to a minimum the force required to achieve this result, it will be noted that according to the present invention, the clip provided by the strip is preferably positioned closely to one edge of the back thereby increasing the length of the lever arm of the writing implement.

From the foregoing, it will-be appreciated that among others that the objects specifically aforementioned have been achieved. It will moreover be understood that numerous changes in construction and rearrangements of the parts might be resorted to without departing from the spirit of the invention as defined by the claim.

Having described my invention, what I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is:

A deviceof the character described, including, in combination, a record pad supporting back, a pad-supporting plate attached to said back and positioned to underlie the pad and having'an end portion deflected upon itself to form a loop attachment positioned at the pad edge and extending upwardly adjacent the pad to form a pad support, said loop attachment having plate parts spaced apart with an ogee plate part interposed therebetween, providing a loopreceiving recess with a restricted entrance passageway, a free plate edge being positioned adjacent said entrance passageway,

providing a yielding loop guide and loop-retam ng device, and a pad-supporting loop received in said recess and positioned for retaining engagement with a record pad.

In testimony whereof I affix my signature.


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U.S. Classification281/19.1, 281/31
International ClassificationB42D5/00
Cooperative ClassificationB42D5/006
European ClassificationB42D5/00B1A