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Publication numberUS1916722 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 4, 1933
Filing dateJun 15, 1931
Priority dateJun 15, 1931
Publication numberUS 1916722 A, US 1916722A, US-A-1916722, US1916722 A, US1916722A
InventorsEnde Frank M
Original AssigneeEnde Frank M
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US 1916722 A
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F. M. ENDE DIATHERMY July 4, 1933.

Filed June 15 1931 5 2 m un A k "M ma Patented July 4, 1933 1,916,722


\ My invention relates to diathermy appaend of the apparatus shown in Fig. 1 with ratus and particularly to improved adjustthe electrode tips in a differently adjusted able electrodes for the local coagulation of position.

tissue. The present invention is an improve- Fig. 3 is an enlarged plan end view of the ment on the apparatus of my prior co-pendapparatus of Figs. 1 and 2.

ing application Serial N 0. 275,154, filed May Fig. 4 is a side view similar to Figure 2 4, 1928, which application matured into Patbut with a'difierent form of electrode tip.

ent No. 1,814,? 91, dated July 14, 1931. Fig. 5 is an enlarged top or plan view of In accordance with my said application Fig. 4.

u a therapeutic apparatus is provided for de- Fi 6 is a view similar to Fig. 4 but wlth .60

struction of tissue by high frequency current the tips in a position of differently predetercomprising bipolar electrodes together With mined adjustment. means for supportingthe same at a predeter- Fig. 7 is a side view of one of the tlps such mined distance from each other, which disas shown in Figures 1, 2 and 3.

15 tance is a small fractional part of an inch, The insulated handle 10 of porcelaln or so that such distance remains fixed during equivalent non-conducting material is prouse, and with means for connecting up said vided witha pair of channel passages 12, 12,

electrodes to complete the output circuit of extending parallel to one another througha source of high frequency electrical current out its length, for receivlng the non-corros ve through tissue intervening between and in conducting rods or heavy wlres 14, 14 which contact with the electrodes, and which is proare secured .in placein the handle 10, as by vided with anon-conducting handle by which being molded in place therein or by being it may be manipulated. inserted with a force fit-in the passages 12, With the apparatus of my said application 12 or thehandle 10. The rods or Wires 12 55 the particular arrangement shown for securproject beyond each end of the handle 10 ing adjustment of distance by the electrodes as indicated at 16,16 and 18,18 and these ends consisted in jack replacement, the several may be interchangeable if desired. On the jacks provided being fitted with bipolar elecshanks or extensions 18, 18 at one end are r trodes spaced apart at varying distance, and connected the two sides of the source of high a particular jack being chosen for use having frequency current, such connection being the desired electrode spacing. made, for example, by means of a jack 20. This system is effective but is expensive The cylindrical rod ends 16, 16 receive the and requires a number of extra parts and the adjustable electrode tips such as 22, 22 and spacing obtained is successive rather than 24, 24. The tips shown at 22 are-provided finely calibrated. with terminal balls 26 adapted for surface According to the present invention I make application of the diathermy treatment, and either one, or both, of the electrodes adjustthe tips 24 are provided with needles 28, and able, thereby eliminating need for a large the form of the tip ends may be variously number of jacks containing bipolar elecmodified according to the particular thera- 43 trodes and securing more closely accurate peutic application -to be made. The balls, adjustment of the distance between the elecneedles and the like are preferably eccentric trodes. My invention further provides a deto the longitudinal axes of the tips. vice which is entirely sanitary, readily The several tips comprise hollow shank R cleaned, and which is in no way injured by portions 30 of a size to have a forced fit on 4 application thereto of sterilizing, disinfectthe cylindrical projecting shanks 16, and are ing, etc., treatment. u preferably slitted at their base ends for a.'

In the drawing F igure 1, is a side view part of their length as indicated at 32, Fig. partly in sectionof a preferred form of ap 7, to enable a spring clamping action to be paratus. obtained, so that when they are forced on the 50 Fig. 2 is a side elevation of the electrode projecting cylindrical shanks 16 they can be adjusted to any desired position by rotatin them axially through a suitable angle, an I in which position they will be rigidly retained and held during use. I have shown both tips of the pair adjustable and this is the preferred construction because of the simplicity and interchangeability tained, but, if desired, only one instead of both of the tips of the pair may be made adjustable.

The distance between the cylindrical shanks 16 is a small fraction of an inch and by reason of their eccentricity the distance between the electrode tips as balls 26, 26, can

be varied from a minimum distance such as shown in Fig. 2, for example, where they are very close together, to such increased distance apart as may be required for theparticular diathermy application.

20 It will be seen that the separable tips and the entire apparatus is highly simple, there so obthe conductors to which they are attached the spacin between the electrodes may be varied.

2. T erapeutic apparatus for local application of high frequency electrical current to tissue comprising an insulating handle, conductors carried by said handle and insulated thereby, and separate electrodes electrically connected to said conductors and supported thereby in spaced relation to each other, said electrodes being connected to said conductors so as to be attachable and detachable and also relatively adjustable to vary the spacing therebetween.

In testimony whereof, I have signed. my

name hereto.


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U.S. Classification606/50
International ClassificationA61B18/14
Cooperative ClassificationA61B18/1402
European ClassificationA61B18/14B