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Publication numberUS1916878 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 4, 1933
Filing dateFeb 15, 1932
Priority dateFeb 15, 1932
Publication numberUS 1916878 A, US 1916878A, US-A-1916878, US1916878 A, US1916878A
InventorsAnklam William F
Original AssigneeAnklam William F
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Bird house
US 1916878 A
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July/l, 1933. W. F ANKLAM 1,916,878

BIRD HOUSE Filed Feb. 15, 1932 2 Sheets-Sheet l July 41-, 1933.. F, ANKLAM 1,916,5378

BIRD HOUSE Filed Feb. 15, 1932 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 INVENTOR Patented July 4, 1933 PATENT OFFICE WILLIAM F. ANKLAM, on DETROIT, MICHIGAN BIRD rrousn Y Application. filed February 15, 1932; SeriaLNo. 593,165.

The invention relates to bird houses and has for its primary object the obtaining of a construction capable of being easily disassembled for the purpose of cleaning and painting. It is a further object to obtain a simple and inexpensive construction to manufacture, which may be quickly assembled, which has a pleasing appearance and which affords protection for the birds. l/Vith these objects in view the invention consists in the construction as hereinafter set forth.

In the drawings:

Figure 1 is a vertical longitudinal section through a bird house of my improved construction Figure 2 is a perspective view of certain elements of the construction detached.

The house is designed to be mounted upon a suitable post or standard A which as shown is of substantially rectangular cross section and near its upper end is provided with supporting brackets B. The house proper is composed of a series of superposed tiers similar in construction but varying in diameter to give the desired ornamental appearance. Each of the tiers comprises a base plate C which for the lower tiers is apertured to be sleeved upon the post A, the lowermost resting upon the brackets B. Each tier is also provided with a hub member D having a series of vertically extending grooves E in its peripheral surface. These grooves are adapted to receive the inner ends of radial partitions F extending outward from the hub and an outer ring G preferably of sheet metal surrounds the radial partitions and is provided with door openings H for the compartments between said partitions. To retain the member G in position posts I are placed outside the same, these being provided with projecting tenons J at opposite ends thereof which fit into correspondingly positioned apertures K in the members C. The hub members D for the lower tiers are apertured to correspond to the cross section of the post so as to permit of being sleeved thereon. Above the upper end of the post the member C and hubs D may be formed without the aperture therein. The whole 50 structure is held together by bolts L which pass through aligned apertures in the hubs D and member G and are provided with clamping nuts M for firmly securing these iembers to each other. Metal plates N may be arranged at top and bottom for bearing against the heads of the bolts and nuts to prevent the imbedding of the same in the wood. At the extreme upper end there is provided a suitable ornamental cap such as O which is sleeved over a top plate C also secured by the bolts L.

With the construction described the house may at any time be quickly removed from the post A, its parts disassembled, cleaned and painted, after which it can be easily reassembled and mounted on the post. To give greater stability the successive tiers have the partitions F and door openings H staggered in relation to those of adjacent tiers and to permit of this, the hub members D are provided with additional grooves E arranged intermediate those which are used for adjacent partitions. In addition to the mechanical features, the structure is one which has an ornamental and pleasing appearance.

Each of the members G is of a diameter in excess of the diameter of the annular member G above the same so as to leave an outer ledge or runway Q, on which the birds may alight.

What I claim as my invention is:

1. A bird house comprising a series of tiers each including a base member, a hub member centrally above the same and provided with vertically extending grooves in its peripheral surface, a series of radial partitions having their inner ends engaging said grooves in said hub member, an annular wall surrounding the outer ends of said partitions and apertured for access to the com artments therebetween, and posts outside of said annular wall in alignment with said partitions being provided with tenons at their opposite ends for engaging registering apertures in the base members and one or more clamping bolts extending through said hubs for holding the entire series in assembled relation.

2. A bird house comprising a series of tiers each including a base member, a hub member centrally above said base member rovided with vertically extending grooves in its peripheral surface, a series of radially extending partitions having their inner ends engaging alternate grooves and a surrounding outer wall apertured for access to the com artments between partitions, and clamping olts passing through said hubs and base members to hold the same together, the radial partitions and the apertured outer wall in successive tiers being staggered with the partition in one tier engaging the groove in vertical alignment with the intermediate groove of the hub in the adjacent tier.

3. A bird house comprising a series of tiers each including a base member, a hub

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International ClassificationA01K31/00, A01K31/14
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European ClassificationA01K31/14