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Publication numberUS1917479 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 11, 1933
Filing dateOct 25, 1932
Priority dateOct 25, 1932
Publication numberUS 1917479 A, US 1917479A, US-A-1917479, US1917479 A, US1917479A
InventorsWhitley Harvey L
Original AssigneeWhitley Harvey L
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Telephone lineman's test set
US 1917479 A
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July 11, 1933. H. L. WHITLEY TELEPHONE LINEMAN'S TEST SET Filed Oct. 25, 1952 3 Sneets-Sheet 1 Inventor flarin V Z. Mf/gv July 11, 1933. H, 1., WHITLEY TELEPHONE LINEMANS TEST SET Inventor f1 Home y July 11, 1933.

H. L. WHITLEY 1,917,479

TELEPHONE LINEMANS TEST SET Filed Oct. 25, 1932 5 Sheets-Sheet 3 Inventor ffarvgl Z. Mil/5y Patented Jul 11, 1933 UNITED STATES HARVEY L. WHITLEY, OF FREMONT, NORTH CAROLINA TELEPHONE LENEMANS rns'r sn'r Application filed ctobsr25, 1932.v Serial No. 639,514.

tainer and the single container easily carried by the lineman The invention also comprehends the provision of a casing or'recept-acle for the neces-' sary elements of-the set that is of comparatively simple construction, and which will accommodate theelements of the set in a compact manner andwill further permit of an arrangementof the elements within the receptacle in mannerto permit'readyaccess to any desired element or elements.

The invention together with its numerous objects and advantages will be best understood from astudy of the following descrip- ZU tion taken in connection with the accompanying drawings wherein: V

Figure 1 is a perspectiveview of theset illustrating the manner of using }the same,

Figure 2 -is a sectional view taken substantially on the line 2 2 of Figure 1 Figure 3 is a sectional View takensubstantially on the line 33 of Figure 2.

Referringmorein detail to-the drawings it will be seen that the set, in accordance with the present invention includes the usual and conventional form of elements or'equip- 1nent,'namely the transmitter 1, receiver 2, head piece 3 for the receiver, switch 4, batteries 5, transformer 6 magneto 7,' the latter also including the usual gearing 8 and opcrating shaft 9 together with the wire 10' for the "receiver 2, wire 11 for the transmitter 1., and'the wiring 12 connecting the switch with the other electrical parts ofthe set in addition to the wiringll tl thatis provided with the clips 1st adaptedto be engaged with the line wiresl5 in the manner well known in the art and suggested inFigure 1.

When not in use, all the parts above men tioned are arranged within a casing or receptacle '16. @The casing orreceptacle 16 in accordance with the present invention comprises an outer casing orreceptacl-e 17 of metal. and the casing 17 :is closed at its bottom,.

andisop'en at, its top. For the topof. the

opposed lining members 20.

casing 17 is provided a metallic lid or cover 18 hingedto the casing 17 as at 19.

There-is provided forthe receptacle 17 V and its lid 18 a collapsible and easily removable lining which lining in the present instance is formed of wood although it may be formed of any other suitable material.- [The said lining comprises a main frame like part for the walls of the receptacle 17, and this part of the lining consists of a plurality of 3o blocks 20 adapted to be arranged within the casing 17 in the manner clearly shown in the drawings. 1 i 1 V For securing the blocks or pieces 20 of the lining in assembled'relation within the receptacle 17 I providesa pluralityof'bolts 20, there being preferablyfour of such bolts and thezlatter extend through, a pair of opposed blocks .20. and at one end have ,nuts'r 2 2 engaged therewith. As shown in Figure 5 I 3 the heads of the bolts. are accommodated in sockets providedtherefor in one Of the idopposed members 20 while'theinuts 22 are similarly accommodated by the other of said ,1 r. For the bottom of the receptacle or casing 17 there is also provided a lining block 23, while a lining block 2 1 is provided forthe lidr18.

A partition block 25 of wood or other suitgp able material is hinge'd as at 25ttoone of thelining blocks QOaboVe the uppermost bolt 21. on a relatively opposite block 20 there is provided an angle plate26 for supporting the free end of the partition bloelr25. Can, r ried by the free end of thepartitionblock 25 is abolt 27 and has its threaded end fadap'ted to be screwed into anaperture in the" flangeof the angle plate 26 for securing the partition block 25 in its horizontal position, that is in the position shown in FigureQ.

As shown, the batteries 5, transformerfti, and magneto 7 are all arranged "within the casing 17 below the partition "25 and are as-- sembled within-the easing 17s-in any appro- The batteries 5, which battery---may be of the ordinary flash light type are arrangeolin.

a suitable casing 28 provided'at itsfltop with 3100 .cuit, and these posts 30 are suitably insulated from the cap 29 through the medium of an nsulation blockll arranged internally of the cap, and washers 32 of insulating ma the switche.

also provided with a vertical aperture exterial fitted within the apertures provided in the cap 2 for accommodating the posts 30. In the bottom of the casing28 there is also provided a block'33 of insulating material which is suitably provided to accommodate the electrical connection 34; between the lowermost set of batteries 5'as shown in Figure 3.

The casing 28 is securely anchored within the casing through the "medium of a single bolt 35 that extends downwardly of the casing'through the top 29, and which has its lowcr end threaded into a socket suitably pro vided in the bottom lining block 23.

As shown in Figure 2 the switch 4: is mounted on the underside of the said partition block 25, and that lining block 20:to which the partition block is hinged, is provided with a suitable recess 36 for accommodatingone end of one of the contacts'of Said one partition block 20 is tending upwardly from the recess 36 for accommodating aplunger 37 that is'normally urged upwardlythrough the medium of a spring 38 provided wi thin a socket formed in theupper end' of said lining block 20, and engaging the head of theplunger 37. In'this connection it will be noted, that the referred to lining block 20 is arranged againstthe inner-face of that wall of'the casing 17 to which the lid 18 liingedly connected. The block 24' of the lid 18adjacent the hinge 19 is provided with a screw orother suitable element 39 forming an abutment that is adapted to engage the head of the plunger when the lidis moved to a closed position for movingthe plunger 30 downwardly thus flexingthe said one contact of the switch 1 downwardly to open said switch. Manifestly, when the parts are arranged entirely within the casing .17 the lid 1 8 thereof is in closed position, the switch a will be in open position. 1 r I o p As shown in Figure 3, the casing 17 above the partition 25 is large enough to accommod atethe transmitter 1, head piece 3, re-

wire 13 when the set is not in-use. a A

For limitlng sw nging movement of the lid 18 to an open position there is provided a suitable length ofchain or otherfiexible ele- When the parts or equipmentv of the setare fully'arrangedwithin the casing 17, they are located in a manner clearly suggested in Fig.

ure 3. A 'suitableclasp such as is indicated ure 1,- is engaged with the ring 48.

generally atO is provided for securing the lid 18 in a closed position.

For operating the magneto 7, a crank may be readily applied to the shaft 9 of the magneto through alined openings 43 provided in one side of the casing 17, and an adjacent lining block 20. For the openings 43 there is provided a pivoted closure or door 44.

On one side thereof the casing 17 has socured thereto an'att'aching plate 45 equipped with a ring 46. On'a relatively opposite side, the casing is also provided with a second plate 47, and a ring 48 engaged with the plate 47 A strap 49 of suitable. length is provided at each of its ends 50, 51 with a buckle as shown. The end 51 of the strap is provided with "an adjustable loop in the manner shown, and this loop is engaged with the eye 46. The end '50 is also provided with a loop, and at the loop end thereof is engaged with'a snap fastener 52 that is engaged with the ring 46. At a suitable point between the ends 50, 51 the strap 49 is provided with a second snap fastener 53, which, when the strap is worn in the manner suggested in Fig- From: the description thus far it will be seen that to support the set in proper manner to permit use of the same-without inconvenience,'asportion of the strap 49 is used as a neck strap, while the remaining portion of said strap is used as abody strap. In this connection it will be noted that when the set is in use, the part of the'strap between the end 51 thereof'and claspr53 is passed about the neck, and the clasp 58 applied to the. ring The remaining-portion of the strap,'that IS the portion of the strap between the end 50, and the clasp 1-53 will extend across: the back of the lineman at a point adjacent the shoulder blades. With the str'apthus apto facilitate use of the plied the set will be held suspended from the v shoulder strap. Obviously when the strap I 49- is used as a'shoulder strap the clasp 53 is disengaged from the ring 48 and the strap 49 will then extend diagonally across the front: and backof the lineman, and over one shoulder.

Even though I haveherein shown and described the preferred embodiment of themvention', it is to be'understood that the same is susceptible offurther changes, modifications and improvements coming within the scope of the appended claims.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim'a's new is: Y 1 1.}A line test set case provided with a hingedly mounted cover, a lining for the case comprising separable side and bottom members lining the sides and bottom of the case and a cover lining arranged within the cover of said case; a partition hinged to. one of the side lining members, a stop bracket on a side lining member opposite to the first named side lining member and with which the partition is engaged when in parallelism with the bottom of the case, a switch mounted on the under side of said partition, and a plungermounted for vertical shifting movementin the first named side lining member and engageable with the switch for opening it when the cover of the case is moved to-a closed position, said plunger member having one end thereof disposed for engagement by the cover as the latter is moved to a closed position.

2, In a line test set, a case, a collapsible liner arranged in the case and including a hlnged partition dividing the case into upper v and lower compartments, the lower compartto accommodate a transmitter mounted on h ment being adapted to receivethe following instrumentalities of the line test set, namely, batteries, transformer and magneto; and the upper of said compartments being adapted the hinged cover of the case together with a receiver and a clip equippedtesting wire; a switch mounted on the under side of the hinged partition, a switch operating plunger mounted for vertical movement in a side member of the collapsible lining and a spring device engaged with the plunger normally;

urging one end thereof outwardly at the top 7 of the case to be engaged by the cover of the case when the latter is moved to a closed position to thereby open the switch and maintain the same in the open position when the case is closed. 7 g

In testimony whereof I affix my signature.


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