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Publication numberUS191782 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 12, 1877
Publication numberUS 191782 A, US 191782A, US-A-191782, US191782 A, US191782A
InventorsB. Burgh Smith
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burgh smith
US 191782 A
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No. 191,782. Patented June1Z,1877.




Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 191,782, dated June 12, l877 application filed November 6, 1876.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, B. BURGH SMITH, S12, ot Theoville Farm, near Greenville, in the county of Greenville and State of South Carolina, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Umbrella-Supports, of which fitted and held by a suitable clamping or fastening device. The upper beltis provided with straps which pass over the shoulders of the wearer for supporting the device, and the straps are also provided with elastic or rubber insertions and elastic straps, so as not to impede the free respiration ot' the person using the supporter. The particular construction and the manner of wearing the device will be fully hereinafter described, and the improvements specifically claimed.

In the accompanying drawing, illustrating my invention, Figure 1 represents a perspective View of my improved umbrella and parasol support, and Fig. 2 detached views of portions of the same.

The letters A A represent two belts made of leather or other suitable material, the upper one of which is provided with rubber or other elastic insertions a a, so as to permit free respiration when secured around the body. The ends of the belts are provided with suitable devices for connecting and holding them around the body, said devices consisting, in the present instance, of bucklers b I), in which the opposite ends of the belts are secured. The belts are arranged parallel, orvuearly so, with each other, and are held in this position by two or more braces or stays, c c, consistin g of metallic or other suitable bars covered with leather or other material, and riveted or otherwise secured at their ends to the belts.

Between the braces, or any other suitable point on the upper belt A, is attached, by sewing or otherwise, the ends of two strips, B B, which pass in a diagonal direction over the shoulders in the manner of suspenders, and their free ends are provided with a series of button-holes, d, which are adapted to be connected with buttons 0 at the front of the upper strap, for supporting and holding said straps in position.

0 represents a tubular rod, which is attached in a vertical position to the straps by passing it through a loop, f, on the upper belt, and setting its angular lower end in a metallic or other suitable socket, 9, attached to the lower belt, a shoulder on the tube assisting, with the angular end of said tube, in preventing the rod from slipping downward or turning.

When the device is in position on the wearer, the upper belt passes around the chest, and the end of the umbrella or parasol handle is fitted in the socket or upper open end of the rod G, where it is held in place by a set' screw, '5, but instead of employing a set-screw any other suitable clamping device can be used which will hold the umbrella in the socket. It will be seen from the above arrangement that the socketed rod for holding the umbrella-handle will, when the belts are in position, lie midway between the tip or outer extremity of the shoulder and the middle of the chest, and the umbrella-handle, when in position, will be at the side of the wearers head; but instead of the tubular rod being secured to the belts, so as to lie at the front of the person wearing the support, it can be so attached as to lie at the wearers back, without departing from my invention.

To the inside of each end of the upper belt are secured elastic straps K K, one of which is provided with a buckle, in which the other can be secured, the object being to impart a continuous elasticity to the belt, and to aid, with the rubber insertions, in permitting free respiration.

This device will be found most serviceable in plowing during the heated term, as both hands are free, and by the construction no impediment to the free breathing pf the wearer is olfered, while the entire device is adapted to most effectually and substantially hold and support an umbrella.

\Vhat I claim, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-

1. An umbrella-support in which are combined two belts adapted to be secured around the chest and waist of the wearer, and attached together parallel, or nearly so, with each other, a sockcted rod connected with the two belts, and a suitable clamping device for holdin g the umbrella or parasol handle in the socketed rod, substantially as described.

2. The two belts A A, connected by braces or stays c c, and each having one or moreelastic insertions, a, in combination with the vertical socketed rod (J, secured to the two belts,

and having a clamping device for holding an umbrella or parasol handle in its socket, substantially as described.

3. The combination of the two belts A A, connected by braces c c, the socketed rod 0, secured at its lower en in a socket in the lower belt, and in a loop on the upper belt, and the diagonal shoulder-straps secured to the latter, and having button-holes adapted to connect with buttons on the upper belt, substantially as described.

In testimony that I claim the foregoing I have hereunto set my hand in the presence of the subscribing witnesses.




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