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Publication numberUS1917980 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 11, 1933
Filing dateMar 6, 1930
Priority dateMar 6, 1930
Publication numberUS 1917980 A, US 1917980A, US-A-1917980, US1917980 A, US1917980A
InventorsKelsey William C
Original AssigneeKelsey William C
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Vertical filing system
US 1917980 A
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July 11, was. w, KELSEY 1,917,980

VERTICAL FILING SYSTEM Filed March 6, 19 30. 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 July 11, 1933.

w. C. KELSEY VERTICAL FILING SYSTEM Filed March 6, 1930- 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 Patented July H, 1933 um-ran s'rArss PATENT orrlca mm d. m, or scans, oaaeon mum rr'n'nresxsrm Application fled m 0, mo. Serial Io. teases.

This invention relates to vertical filing systems, and has special reference to filing means adapted for-use in connection with a Burroughs posting machine or for bank and 4 other similar account-systems for the convenient and accurate keepin where checks or slips are fifed singly, in duplicate 'or in triplicate in the. keeping of an account.

One object of my invention is to rovide file pockets of V-ty for use in hol ing account slips in a file x which are expansible and rovided with bellows bottoms to prevent the 'ps from shifting vertically and getting out of pro r relative position or of sagging and draggin on the bottom of the file box.

Another 0 ject of the invention is to provide a novel construction of file pocket with strong and durable suspension members on which appropriate data or memoranda may belplaced, and'to a pair of which a strip of lig t paper or like material forming the pocket body may be'pasted, said suspending members being ada ted to withstand the wear and tear of a justment on the guide rails of the file box and to support the weight of the filled pocket in an efiective manner.

Still another object of the invention isto provide a file box adjustable to hold a maximum number of file-pockets, index cards of novel construction for use therein, and a record box to which account records may be transferred for future reference. v The invention'consists of the features of construction, combinationand arrangement of parts, hereinafter fully described andclaimed, reference bein had to the accompanying drawings, in w 'ch:-

Fig. 1 is a perspective view of a current record file box embodying my invention.

Fig. 2 is a cross-sectional view thereof showing one of the file pockets supported therein.

Fig. 3 is a longitudinal section through the current record file box.

Fig. 4 is baxiperspective view of a single file pocket em my invention.

'Fig. 5 is a similarview .of a multiple (double) file pocket embodying my invention.

ed memoranda slip of accounts 6 is a view of one of the index cards.

F 1g. 7 is a fragmentary view of a perforatpreferably used in the system. i

F ig. 8 is a perspective view of the dead file box. r

Fig. 9 is a view of a cabinet for holding file boxes for a determined period.

carrying my invention into practice I provide a current file box or drawer 1 for use in conjunction with single holder pockets 2,-of the construction shown in Fig. 4, or duplex or other multiplex holder pockets 2" of the construction shown in Fig. 5, and in- %ex cards 3 of the type of the one shown in The box 1 may be made of metal, wood, or a combination of these materials, or of other materials, and comprises an outer rear section 4 and an inner front section 5, the section 4 bemg open at the top and at its forward end and the section 5 open at the to and at its rear end, and said sections being slidably connected for telescopic adjustment, whereby the box or drawer may be expanded and contracted or lengthened and shortened to increase its storage capacity to a certain maximum limit. In the present instance the box section 5 is shown as provided below its u per edge with webs 6 extending outwar y om its inner to its outer side walls and as having hooked portions -7 which form guide rails for and are slidably engaged b hooked flanges 8 on the inner side walls 0 the section 4, which inner side walls of said section 5 extend to a level above the rails 7 but below the top of the box section 4. The bottom walls of the sections 4 and 5 are provided as at 14 and extending outwardly through and worlring in a nut 15 on the box sections 4, whereby the box sections may be telescopically adjusted to expand or contract the box chambered casing or cabinet 17, as shown in Fig. 9, may be provided to receive all of such boxes for the current year.

Each single holder ocket 2 comprises a strip 18 of suitabl t in but tough paper, cloth or other sim ar material folded upon itself to provide a pair of leaves 19 and 20.

The strips so formed may be of a width and,

depth substantiall coextensive with the width and depth 0 the box 1 below the level of the guide rails. The leaves 19 and 20 are integrally. connected at their lower ends by a folded portion 21 which may consist of one or more upwardly extendin inverted V- shape, accordion plaited or llows folds adapting the said leaves 19 and 20 to spread and the pocket to extend'so as to receive a large number of slips, checks or other like record memoranda carriers. The upper free ends of the leaves 19 and 20 are preferably gummed for ready attachment to the lower portions of head pieces or suspension and guide members 22 of cardboard or other suitable material, which are provided with out wardly extending slotted suspension arms 23 to lie in the channels formed by the engaging guide rails of the box sections and to be suspended froni the rails to support the pockets in the box. By making the suspending and guide members 22 of a comparatively thick and durable material, each ket will be supported by a pair of relatively stiff supporting elements adapting it to hold a large number of slips, checks or the like without saggmgand coming into contact with the bottom of the box, and at the same time prd vision is made to adapt the sus nding members to sustain the wear of ru ing engagement with the rails of the box, so that the suspension cardswill alwa s be kept in good order. By the provision o the bellows folds 21 the capacity of the pocket 18 is not only increased, but the pocket will uniformly expand as the sli are placed therein and allow all the s to 'e one after the other in alinement wit each other, thus preventing any V- a ing a ment of the sli such as woulifocc in the use of a V-sha i d pocketincapable of expanding at its bottom rtion.

In place of the single holder pockets 2 I may employ double or other plural or multiple holder pockets of the construction shown in Fig. 5, wherein the pocket 2 comprises a pair of strips 18, arranged to form relatively inner and outer leaves 19 and 20, each provided at its bottom with a bellows attached by gummi ng or pasting to a central or intermediate suspending member or card 22 while the upper edges of the outer leaves 20 are similarly attached to outer suspending members or cards 22". By this construction the individual leaves of a double or other plural or multiple holder pocket, except the innermost leaves, will be carried by an independent suspending card, and the innermost leaves joined by another suspending card, so that the holder pocket will be firmly supported from the guide rails of the file box and adjustment and expansion of the pocket portions permitted in a ready and easy manner, as will be readily understood. This construction of the holder pocket will allow the use of more than one pocket for any single account, or for related accounts, or

for use in holding checks and slips for bankets is permitted to secure the advantages and prevent the disadvantages hereinbefore described.

I may provide for use in'this system a multiple roll strip 24, such as fragmentarily shown in Fig. 7, in which the strip 24 is indicated as being divided by transversely perforated or weakened lines 25 into a plurality of strip sections 26. A roll strip 24 comprising any number of these divisions or strip sections 26 may be provided for the use of the person or business institution employing the accounting system, so that the roll strip may be placed in a typewriter and the name of a customer typewritten on a strip 26, which may then be detached and gummed or otherwise secured to the suspension card 22 of a holder, thus providing a convenient manner of indexing the holders.

The roll strip 24 is, for the purpose described, preferably gummed on one face -.thereof so that after detaching a filled out strip 26 the latter may be moistened and applied to the desired card.

In connection with the system I also preferably employ, as previously stated, index cards 3, as shown in Fig. 6, which are genapplied to the box on separating. the card sections, fitting the cards on the guide rails of the box section 4, and then fitting the box sections together, as will be readily understood. v i

In the system I also preferably employ what I call a dead box 30, or file'box in which duplicates of bills or other record slips sent out may be filed away for ready future reference. This box may be of rectangular or oblong rectangular construct-ion, and of non-expansible type. As shown in the present instance it comprises a bottom from which rise side walls 31 and end walls 32, the latter having extensions 33 projecting upwardly above the upper edges of the side walls, and guide rails 34 extending between the walls 32 coincident with the level of the upper edges of the walls 31. These rails are provided to support index cards 35, one of.

which is shown in Fig. 8, which may be generally similar in construction to the cards 3,

i. e., having the notched arms 28 of the con-' struction shown in Fig. 6, except for the omission of the tongues 29.

In practice the upper edges of the extensions 16 of'the end walls of the box lmay lie above or in the horizontal plane of the upper edges of the suspension cards 22, and similarly in the box structure-shown in Fig. 8 the upper edges of the extensions 33 of the walls 32 may lie in the plane or above the upper edges of the index cards 35. By this means other boxescontaining full depth suspension or index cards may be fitted in a case without damage to the cards, suchvas would occur if the cards projected above the level of all the walls of the box.

While the invention, as stated, is especially adapted, to the Burroughs system or to any system using the slip method of keepmg ac counts, it also provides a very economical and desirable account system for the use of small merchants who do not as a general rule employ account books or expensive account paraphernalia, but rely upon a slip system, the

invention providing a means for use by such small merchants which enables them to carry on their accounts in a ready and convenient manner, and without material added expense, and which obviates liability of loss or misplacement of slips and account errors.-

Having thus fully described my invention, I claim 1. In a filing system of the character described, a file box comprising two relatively outer and inner telescopically connected sections, one of said sections having its side walls provided with horizontal guide webs, and

guide rails overhanging said webs and the other section. having guide flanges overhanging and slidably engaging said rails, means for adjusting the box sections to lengthen or shorten the box, and file pockets having suspending members to engage said guide rails.

2. In a filing system of the character described, a file box having inner and outer side walls, end walls extending at their upper elements having suspending members at their u per edges engaging said rails, said edges 0 the file elements terminating below the plane of the upper edges of the end walls.

3. A filing device comprising a pocket formed of comparatively thin sheet material and having leaves united at their lower ends, and an index card of relatively stifl sheet material secured at its lower edge to the upper edge of and extending upwardly a substantial distance above each leaf, said cards formingsuspension members having notched suspension arms projecting beyond the side edges of the leaves to slidably and detachably engage suspension rails of a file box.

4. A filing device comprising a pocket formed of comparatively thin sheet material having leaves united at their lower ends, and a substantially T shaped suspension member of relatively stifi'er sheet material carried by each leaf and comprising a stem portion se- 5. A filing device comprising a pair of pockets arranged one in rear of the other and each formed of leaves of a relatively thin material united at their lower ends, a suspending member attached along its lower edge to the upper edges of each of the outer leaves of the pockets, and a suspending member attached along its lower edge to the upper edges of the inner leaves of the pockets, each suspending member consisting of an index or memoranda card of a sheet material stiffer than that of the leaves and extending to a substantial distance above the leaves, and said suspending members being provided with notched arms projecting beyond the side edges of the leaves to slidably gndbdetachably engage suspension rails of a leox.

6. A filling device comprising a pocket formed of a strip of comparatively thin sheet material having leaves united at their lower ends, and an index card of relatively stiffer yond the side edges of the leaves to sli ably I engage suspension rails of a file box.

7. A filling device comprising a pocket formed of a strip of comparatively thin sheet material having leaves united at their lower ends by an expansion fold, and an index or memorandum card of relatively stifi'er sheet a 5 material formin a suspension member having its lower e e extending parallel with and secured to the u per end of each leaf, each suspension mem ber projecting a substantial distance above its leaf and said suspension members each having notched suspending arms projectin beyond the side edges of the leaves to s idably engage suspension rails of a file box.

8.,A filling device comprising a pair of verticall disposed index or memorandum cards 0 comparatively thick and durable sheet material, each having suspension arms at the ends thereof, and a pocket forming strip of relatively thinner material folded rovide leaves united to each other at the1r lower ends and secured at their upper end edges to the respective cards.

strip formed of relatively thinner material folded to provide leaves and extension folds between the lower ends of said leaves united to each other, said leaves being secured at their upper end edges to the respective cards. In testimony whereof I aflix my signature. WILLIAM G. KELSEY.

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