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Publication numberUS1918375 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 18, 1933
Filing dateApr 25, 1929
Priority dateApr 25, 1929
Publication numberUS 1918375 A, US 1918375A, US-A-1918375, US1918375 A, US1918375A
InventorsBowersock Wilber E, Fancher Howard M
Original AssigneeRochester Folding Box Co
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Collapsible playhouse
US 1918375 A
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y 3- w. E. BOWERSOCK Er AL 1,918,375.

COLLAPSIBLE PLAYHOUSE- Filed April 25, 19229 2 Sheets-Sheet Q5 .JNVENTORS fl ZZZGKEBOZJQ'SO /zmggpi7Mer y 18, 1933- w. E. BowERsocK El AL 1,913,375

COLLAPSIBLE PLAYHOUSE Filed April 25', 1929 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 flair ATTOR Y "as embodiment ofthe nvention, showing-1t 1n,

Patent ed July 1933 wrmina n. .nownnsocx mammal) in mum-Es, brRmHEsTm-w w' romp n conromnou OENEW Yon];

nssmnons TO THE nocHEs'rnn FOLD NG ox 90.; or nocirnsrnit; HEWE'VYORK,"

g coLnnrsnann, rLAynousn it n ppli c a't'ion fi 1ed hprili25,

This invention relatesflto structure capaf ble of being-erected into a playhouse of sub:

stantia'l dimensions and adapted to be collap'sed into a compact article for purposes oftransportation or'storing. An'object of the invention is the provision; of an artlcle ofthis character which'is generally improved and more satisfactory than similar articlesheretofore known v Another object of the invention the provision of a structure which is light and easy to handle, which may be assembled or erected easily and quickly evenby inexperienced persons such :as children which Whenerected is held securely against accidental collapse, be easily collapsed when A further object of the inventionuis'the provision of a collapsible playhouse so designed and constructed that it may be built of fairly large dimensions, for example,

large enough so that children may actually enter and play within the -playhouse,- and a yet which when collapsed Willbe light and compact and easy to transport orto store. I

To these and other :ends the inventionresides in certain improvements and 00111191113- tions of parts; all as will be hereinafter more fully described, the novel 1 features being pointed outin the claims at the end specification. j n p In the drawings:

Fig; 1 is a perspective vie yv'of aplayhouse" constructed in accordance with a vpreferred erected pbsitioh;

Fig. 2 i a vertical cross section taken trans-. versely th'rough the erecteclplayhou'se;

of the playhouse and partially -c'ollapsed,f

d" Y i l, I t- Fig. 6 is a horizontal section through the 'playhouse in its erected position.

192a. SeriaINoQSBSJMI by V? i I refij'n e numerals throughout v' i I several vievvsindicate the salneparts; a

y a 7 Referring now especially toiFig-s'. 1

constructed in accordance v with [the present l p 21111616 of the drawings the collapsible playhouse invention comprises a Wall strueture having;

v'vhat might'be termed end Wallsorwa1lpQn ma 10 and side Walls ,orlflw all' ortidns 11. 1 These Walls", and also ,the roof member and floor member, preferably constructed-of corrugated board; or simi1ar;. 'light,"fa ir1y to each other at points S iff easilyvv orkableirnaterial, alth cu l i 7 it is contemplaedthat other imaterials may 5, s f sp lding. was,

corners fthe house; the connections pref-1 erably .belng formedtby strips- 12 of paperor the like which form hinges, so that the walls o m b f a fl' r n' d te -1 ot -f 11 aclditlon to the hinged. joints at kthe corners vi'decl with ver t ical oints at.- intermediate I points; ,the'se joints preferably being. formed b the i c el n t t h i dtpoin of he side walls. *These:ficoreflines; Weaken: the

of theg mmtme, the side vval1s11are pro- 1 materi-alsothat ahinge i'sfformed,permitting the two portions of doubled backupo'n each other;

edythewal-ls are' in plosition to form a rectan gular structure suc as is shown in: Figs,l1

tom for. the structure, but also tov hold the each sidegwall -11 to be a When the playhousefis assembled erect 6 i I andGs A floorinember such as is showniini a Fig.3 ma be useclnotonly to provide abbotp i a dental 'collapse thereof. This oor member I comprises a flat member15 having a score line 16 substantially dow n -thf nter, thereof to form a joint so that thegfloorsmember maybe fpldednpfi The floorjrnember 'alsoihasscore lines 17 forming jointsgto permit v,

portions 18 of the member f0 be bent upWard-f 1 Vllhen theplayhouseiis' assern led, the floor member is placed Withinjthe walls so that it extend upwardly a short distance along I r W inner surfaces of the Wa11s',.in the manner.

illustrated clearly in Fig. 2. These marginal portions 18 form substantial bearing areas in contact with the side walls 11 of the building. The presence of the score line or joint 16 in the floor member not only permits this floor member to be'folded up when the house is collapsed so that it occupies a substantially less areathan thearea of'the housewhen erected, but furthermore is of advantageiin facilitating the easy insertion of the floor memberwhen'the house isbeing assembled;

Thefloor member may be slightly bent at this jointwhile it is being put within the walls, so as to decreasethe width of-the floor member. It may then be flattened out by pressing downwardly uponthe centerofthe fioor after the edges have been properly position ed at the bottoms of the side wallsll, and this will producea sort of toggle action, forcing the edges of the floor tightly against the-walls so that some tension is placed upon the Walls and theyiare held firmly in position. Obviously, the presence ofthefloor member prevents accidental collapse of the structure.

Gable portions 20 are provided at the tops of the end'walls 10 of the house, these gable portions preferablybeing formed integrally with the end walls 10 and hinged bymeans of v score lines 21 so that they may be folded down against the end walls when the building is collapsed. A roof member 22' is formed preferablyof one integral piece scored cen-' trally at 23 at'the' ridge of the roof so that it may be bent to fit. over the gable portions 20 and to form an A-roof as shown in Figs.

} 1 and2. The roof, whenin position, acts to hold th'e gable members 20 against accidental collapse. This be accomplished by pro-f viding members such as the pins '24 passing 'throughthe roof and'intothe gable members 20,.thus pinningthegable members and roof securely together. I

A door is provided in'one of the end walls 10, being formed 'by slits 31 at the top and one side'of the door,jand a soOreline I 32 along the otherside to provide a hinge rthe door.' I

'A plurality of windows isalso provided, thewindow openings preferably not being completely c'ut'out but being formed by,

, means of top and bottomslits'35, a vertical.

s'lit f'36 'and scorelines 37 providing hinged jointsso that shutters are formed which may i be opened eitherjinwardly'or outwardly to open the windows, or which may be closed into the plane ofthe wall to'clo'se the window; openings completely.

i Tocollapse the playhouse, the pins 24L holding theroof'i22 to the gables' 20' a'refirst' removed, so that the :roof maybe taken, off and folded up to occupy, a comparatively small space. It" is shown partially folded" in Fig. 5, but"the free edgesare slightly separated in this figure toillustra te'th'e construe tion' more clearly.

After the roof is'removed,the fioor 15 may be taken out and folded'up in the. same way that the'roof was folded, the marginal por- Y tions 18 being turned down so that they lie substantially "in i a plane. vjTh'e; removal of the floormember allows the walls tofbe col: lapsed. This is done by inovingthe central portions of the side walls 11 inwardly toward each other so that these walls bend at the score lines. 13, the end Walls' 10 Inoving straight toward each other and remaining substantiallyparallel to each other. Fig; 4' illustrates the wall structure partially collapsed,'and showswhat a small space it occupies in comparison to the space ofthe erect ed house- Before or afterthe walls are collapsed, the'gable portions L0 may be folded down so as to tionslO.

and the roof member-each'fold up substantially into a plane having; a "comparatively small area, it will be seen that the playhouse when collapsed is extremely compact, and

may be easilytransported or stored notwithlie against the'end wall porv Since the wall structure, the'floor'men'iber standing that the play housemaybe of large enough. dimensions when erected so that child n may play inside ,it.

\Vhile one embodiment -WVe claim as our invention: v

1. A collapsible playhouse comprising end 1 wall and side wall portions hinged to each other at points corresponding to the corners of-the house and-arranged to be erectedintoa rectangular Wall structure, said side-Wall portions having substantially ver tioa'l oints so that said wall structure may be collapsed by doubling said side walls uponthemselves and by moving the end walls toward each other, a collapsible floor member arranged to fit within said wall structure. when it iszin erected position-and acting to holdthe; walls in such positionand prevent collapsing there of, said fioormember having an intermediate 'joint sothat when the floor member is r,e-.

moved to permit-the house to be 'collapsed 'the floor inemberniay be folded to occupy a substantially smaller area than the area of the housewhen erected," gable portionshinged to the upper edges of said end wall portions and arranged'to extend upwardly therefrom when the house is erected or to be Folded 7 down against said end wall I portions when the. houseis collapsed, and a roof'member-arf-I gable portions mean ranged to hold said erected position.

g of the invention has been disclosed, it is to be understood that 2. A collapsible playhouse compri'sing end wall and side wall portions hinged to each other at points corresponding to the corners, of the house and arranged to be erectedin'to a rectangular wall structure, said side wall portions having substantially vertical joints intermediate the ends thereof so that said wall'structure may be collapsed by doubling said side walls upon themselvesand by moving the end walls toward each other, windows in certain of said Walls formed by slits and score lines placed so as to provide hinged the erected position and acting to hold the fit within said wallstruc-ture when it is in walls in such position andpreventing col:

lapse,'said floor member comprising a central portion covering substantially the entire area enclosed by said wall structure when erected,

and marginal portions hinged to opposite edges of sa d central portion and arranged to extend upwardly along the inner surfaces Y of opposite wallsof the playhouse, said cenposition.

permit the house to be collapsed 'the floor' member may befolded tooccupy a substantially smaller area than the area of the house' tralportionhaving an intermediate joint so that when the floor member is re'moved-lto when. erected and so that whenthe house is 7.

erected the floor member may beinserted'in f; a partially folded conditionwith two edges on the supporting surface on which the "house rests and the central portion may'thenbe depressed into contact with such surface in order to-expand the walls fully by a toggle a v1 1 'r action, gable' portions hinged to the upper edges of said end wallportions and arranged a to extend upwardly therefrom when the house is erected or, to be foldeddown againstfsaid end wall portions when the house iscollapsed, v a roofmember fitting said gable portionsg intheextended position of the lattergand a" I a s5; member to holdsaid gable portions inupright e f a a WILBER E. 'BoWE-Rso'oKf HOWARD M; FANGHER.

plurality of pins passing through said roof:

I 1 9. I i

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