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Publication numberUS191843 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 12, 1877
Filing dateFeb 26, 1877
Publication numberUS 191843 A, US 191843A, US-A-191843, US191843 A, US191843A
InventorsJacob J. Detwillee
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Improvement in pyrotechnic signal-cartridges
US 191843 A
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Patented Ju ne 12, 1877.-





Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 191,843, dated June 12, 1877 application filed February 26, 1877. 1

Fig. 4 represents the code adapted to the signal.

Similar letters of reference indicate corresponding parts.

My invention relates to night-signals for army, navy, railroad, and other purposes; and it consists, mainly, in a cartridge having the usual percussion-primipg, and containing a propelling-charge of gunpowder, a perforated wad, and a cylinder or ball of highlycombustible composition, capable of giving out a red or white light when burned, and a closing wad, which completes the cartridge. It also consists in forming, on the percussion end of the cartridge, one or more projections, by which the color of the cartridge may [be determined in the dark.

My invention further consists in a, code to be used, in connection with the cartridges, by

which two colors are made to representnumorals. v The object of my invention is to provide a convenient and effective signal of small di' mensions, that may be readily carried about, and rapidly fired from a breech-loading pistol or gun, so that the operator may, by the simplest means, produce the desired signal.

Referring to the drawing, A is an ordinary paper cartridge-shell, having the flanged metallioend B, in-which is placed an ordinary percussion-priming, a, and upon the surface ofwhich one or two slight projections, bb, A charge, 0, of gunpowder is placed in contact with the percussion-priming a, and upon it there is a centrally-perforated wad, 0, above which a cylinder, D, of highly-combustible composition is placed, and secured by a wad, d, which is fastened in the end of the cartridge-shell by a water-proofcement.

The cylinder D is made of such materials as The wad d that is placed in the end of the cartridge-shell and cemented'with water-proof cenfent is painted to represent the color produced by the combustion of the cylinder contained by the cartridge.

By means of the projections b 12, formed on the percussion end of the cartridge, the color of the charge may be determined in the dark. In the present case one projection indicates a white light, and two a red light.

Fig. 4 is a diagram of the signal-code, in

which one white signifies 1, two whites 2,, three whites 3, one white and one red 4, and.

so on, as represented in the drawing, W representing white, and R red.

Having thus described myinvention,I claim as new and desire to secureby Letters Patent- 1. The pyrotechnic signal herein described, consisting of a combustible material formed into a single mass or star capable of emitting one colored stream of light when propelled by an explosive charge of gunpowder, in connection with a primed and charged cartridgeshell adapted for use in an ordinary fire-arm, as and for the purpose set forth.

2. The herein-described endless fuse for pyrotechnic stars or signal-balls, consisting of a thin cotton wick saturated with a combustible fluid or varnish and wound continuously around the signal-ball, as and for the purpose set forth.

3. The cartridge-shell having projections formed on the end to indicate the color of the signal at night, as herein set forth.


Witnesses Gno. M. HOPKINS, ALEX. F. ROBERTS.

PATENT Orrrcn.

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