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Publication numberUS1918529 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 18, 1933
Filing dateJun 11, 1930
Priority dateJun 11, 1930
Publication numberUS 1918529 A, US 1918529A, US-A-1918529, US1918529 A, US1918529A
InventorsFrater Gordon G
Original AssigneeLewis Co G B
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Golf ball washer
US 1918529 A
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1727/2727? 5 fP5/5r G. G. FRATER fi V GOLF BALL WASHER Filed June 11, 1930 July 18, 1933.

l theprov i sion of iihproeed 15" sidesvih the provision of a novel const'ru c t i o 1 away and in section;

fl' h e xitiohl ela i cier' ii i fiki m useful: improvements ingolf ball washers; of}:

l their type ill striated ,ihTLetfer s' 'Patejr lt. 'Np.

' 1, 7, 2 ssu d; ob gq M lere- Feb fuany-f i0 WP QY W generelfcon'shruction if I "Another objectgf YVith the above ahdfo ther; objects Vinf view which will appealjas thedeeefriptioh p roeeeds,

I r "to" the" accompanyingfdraw ing; the umeral 5 ed es i g Referring now more/"particularly Qf nates a container or reeep'tablewh ioh is" pref-L erably of rectangular shape and IpY Videdu with a pair of attaching members- 6'fiopermili" the device to be;.att-ached to a conventional 1 sand box 01 other suitable support; The re- Sceptacle 5 contains a suitable cleaning fluid I su'cha-s soap water or the like and positioned in the bot tom thereof is a brush or j cle ei iing element support 7. l

The support? is formed of a s ingle of bendable metal and has a central portion 18 providedwimeewnwerdly e t na ngfien the shelves 1 to fretaiiiing.

' carrying the pfin g le 110E the brush heads} by screws 18 or the like, .which'engagejhe adjacentiin ner urfaces of-Y r l the receptacle Wallsl t yieldeblyf urge thefl- 7 brushes ihwar cllytowei'd eeeh otherand thus. 5

man y- 16x11 1 spring metilt at theigf ce te brilsh head'slah he it merely depi'elssthe bill's mie'theupf" 1i f 'itsf lijeet .6 under the flange15. Q

The brushes are also providedjwithspring l 1 membelfs 17' in th shapl of bowed blades .j

loosely secured at jtheir; enelsfto, the-beck "of automatically compensate pforflwearionjtheir a1 a l bristlesya-ncl toecc ornmodate the movement i ef the brushes tovvard and away from there- .ceptacle walls, the ends of their heads are l preferably cut away or-rabbited as at 19; to

receive the retaining fianges'll and 15.

With both brushes inplace, the distance v plunger or ball.'carrying inelnber 20is adaptformed adjacent 'ball is1po sitioned. u

i, i .Therecess orpocket; 22 is in the form of a,

slotset obliquely totheglongitudinalaxis of the plunger with its top and bottom23and 24,; 'P out at angle' tothe ma] or plane of the plnnger. Thisfformation ofthe p0cket;or.recess; and the factfthatthe plunger- QOgis of l e'ss, thickness ,thanth'e diameter ofthjeballcauses A sthe ball to be rotated'in all directions asxthe "plunger is reciprocat ed in the space between 7 sureproper-cleaning within j the'brushes toin a minimumti ne.

: 1 Theextreme ,lnner'or lower end otthef; I 30,

ed to be passed'between the brushes to cause a golfball B to becleaned to be subjected to a severe scrubbing action bygthe-bru'shes.

The plunger 20 is of a length preferably greater than the depth of the receptacle andhas its outer end shaped to providea handle. portion 21 and has 'a pocket or recess 22 mm? r d i tc the 1' longer projection; pang 'mo'unted One-aid plunger hasit's" side edges cut away, or. beyl.

:eled, as at 25, to facilitate the initialgengage ment of the plunger between the brushes;

The Iinner-end of' the plungerals'ohas a central' recess 26 in which one end of a chain v secured by a-transverse pin 28 fixed in the plunger, the opposite end ofethe chain being 1 1 secured to the central portion 8 of the supin'g '29 therein :to'receive a pinviorithelik'e chain; 2 7 obviously islong enough to permit outward movement of the plunger ,sufliciently' i I H 1 'f fFroI'n thefore'going{description .taken in v connection with theaccompanying dravs'ring,

far to enable th pocket 22'. "1

it Willbe readily app arenttolthose skilled in the art to which an-inventionof.the character -appertains, thatII provide an eflicientqand in-I v expensive device a for vcleaningflgolfballs wherein Wear onjthe brushes or cleaning ele-- the brushes in position is provided.-

L es

having loiigr. prOWCtionort 7 inv any suitable 'manner, as by having-J cessadjacent the shorter lip. v v its extreme end extended through an open- 40 which f extends across the' opening. j The lba'll o: be plac d WVhat I claim asmy invention is:

1 1. A resilient readily removable brush I mounting comprisingapair of shelves rnounted in spaced relation on a Wall, a-pro 'ect1on on the edge'ofieach' of said 'shelves'remote from said Wall; each of said projections being I turned i-nwardlyandtowardss'aid other shelf I a and adapted to retain a brush therebetween,

said shelves and said 'b rush'being longer than the projection'on one of saidfshelves being greater thangth'e projectionon the other of;

projection totheOther shelf and shorter than thej distanceifroln theinner end'of thesaid other projectionto the shelf carrying, the

brush constantly urging lsaid brush awa ai 9 eng mentwi h hesh l described, a base meinber havinga rectangumounted Within said. recess; Saidfbrushbeing longer thanflthe distancej fro n the tip ofthe lo'ngerlip to the surface'oi recess adjacent said' shorter lip-and shorter than the-dis:

12.3111 a brush inou ntingfof the;character,

tancei-froin the tip of the shorter lipto'the surface ofthe:recessfadjacen't,thelongerlip,

means constantly n'rgin g' said brushoutvvards ly against said I lips and-5 int11sconstahtly i urging saidbriishagainstthe side of therescribed,"a',base member, spaced inwardlyexlonger lip to'the surface of said receptacle adjacent said shorterlip and shorter thanthe distance from the lip'f of the shorterlip to the "surface ofthereceptacle adj acentthelongerlip, nieans constantly urgingsaid brush-outv Wa'rdly 'againstsaid lips, and means constants rggeptacle adjacent the shorter lip.

fly urging said-brush against the'side ofthe

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U.S. Classification15/21.2, 248/214
International ClassificationA63B47/00, A63B47/04
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