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Publication numberUS1918866 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 18, 1933
Filing dateJun 6, 1932
Priority dateJun 6, 1932
Publication numberUS 1918866 A, US 1918866A, US-A-1918866, US1918866 A, US1918866A
InventorsReget Howard C
Original AssigneeReget Howard C
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Decorative table device
US 1918866 A
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July 18, 1933. H. c. REGET 'DECORATIVE TABLE DEVICE Filed June 6, 193.2

Inventor Howard CRege. Bg

ttor-negs Patented July 18, 1933' j HOEVARD REGET, GF MENNEAPOLIS, MNNESOTA nncona'rivie TABLE nnvcn Application iled'lune 6, 1932; vSerial1\To.,615,56i.

My inventionv relates to decorative table devices. ein object of the invention 1s to provide a plateholder for each guest lat cardparties and other parties, the plate holderbeing or"V a decorative nature so as to produce a pleasing eiiect when placed on the table,es""

pecially when the latter is'fprovided with. a white cloth. Another object 1s to provide a device of this character which hasa cen- 0 tral openingadapted to receive the base of a plate so'that the plate rests upon the table and is prevented fromsliding around as it would iI" placd on a tray. Another ob]ect is to provide a Ydevice et this character which.

is flat and has its sides extending beyond the plate i suiiiciently to catch foodV which is dropped or spilled close to the plate. n

The use of my invention provides a method of decorating dining tables which consists in' providingV plat-e holders of a plurality of distinctive shapes and in a plurality of colors and of a size to project beyond the Vmargins of the plates and protect the table cloth, and

arranging. the plate holders-ioneV for each the forms in which my invention may be emy'bodied,- Y Y Y Fig. 1 is a perspective view showingthe use of some forms Vof my device in connection with `a cover for a dining table. plan view of another form of the device. A Fig. 3 isa-plan view ot a further form of the device. Fig. Ll is a plan view of a still further `form of the device.k Fig. 5 is aview of a smaller design Asimilar to Fig. 3 adapted to beV used for a water glass.

In carrying out my invention lprovide y., i mas parties, etc. In the drawing which illustrates some of .A

Fig. 2 is aV plate holders whichare made of any suitable' sheet i material vsuch as cardboard, papier mache orcelluloid,l the holder having a central opening of the proper size to receive the base of'a plate'with the sides of the holder eX- tendinff beyond `the plate suiiicientlyto catch .n Y food spilled close `to the plate.V The material .v of the holder is vpreferably of a water-proof naturein order that it may be readily washed.

Y Fig. 1 shows'my inventionadapted forv use in connection with bridge parties or other y card parties. the drawing, the numeral l0 designates a'ccv- Referring first to thisigure of ervor cloth as itrappears when placed on a din-` l ing table. j ln this ligure the numerals 12, 14, 16 rand 18 respectively designateholders which are cut'in the shape of card suit desig-` nations,v namely, diamonds, clubs,V hearts and' spades, one of the holders beingplaced' in proper position for each guest, I Theholders are provided with centrally located holes 20 Vadapted'to receivethe base of a plated.v As

shown inY Figure 1, the holders when usedfor card parties have rscore cards22 attached thereto by cords 24. The upper surfaces Aof the holders 12 and 16 are v'preferably red, while the upper surfaces of the holders 14 and lS'are preferably blackto correspond with the suits of cards.

Fig. 2 shows a holder 26 provided with 4a Central hole 20. This form of the device is made to represent a pumpkin, and is suitable for Halloween parties. Y Figq shows azholder 28 provided with a hole 20." This form of the device is made to represent a wreath, and is suitable for Christ-A Fig. 4L shows a holderjBO provided with a hole 20 and is made to. represent an emblem,` and -is therefore suitable for lodge-parties,` etc.

I claim:


1. A decorative tablejdevice comprising a piece of sheet material having -a central hole v for receiving the base of a plate with the sides of the material extending beyond lthe plate and given an ornamental` effect.

piece of fiatfwater-proof material `having a 'central hole fork receiving the base of a platev 2. A ydecorative table device comprising a t with the sides of the material extending be- Y yond the plate and given an ornamental effeet.

3. A decorative table device comprising ak 5 piece of fiat material having a Central holev for receiving the 1oase of a plate With the sides of Vthe material extending beyond the `plate and Vshaped in the form of `the suit tion of a playing card.

for receiving the baseof a plate with the sides of the material extending' beyond the plate and shapedin the form of the s uitdesignation of a playing card, the upper surface of the material being colored to correspond with the color of the suit. e Y A HWARD C. REG'ET;

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U.S. Classification248/346.11, 428/7, D07/625
International ClassificationA47G23/03, A47G23/00
Cooperative ClassificationA47G23/03
European ClassificationA47G23/03