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Publication numberUS1918933 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 18, 1933
Filing dateMar 15, 1933
Priority dateMar 15, 1933
Publication numberUS 1918933 A, US 1918933A, US-A-1918933, US1918933 A, US1918933A
InventorsRogers Earl B
Original AssigneeMid West Forging Company
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US 1918933 A
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This invention relates to improvements in a stand and, more especially, a stand of that character commonly known as a sidewalk stand and used for supporting a sign, advertisement, or the like.

The sign or advertisement used is ordinarily made of cardboard, sheet metal, or the like. Among the features of my invention is the provision of a stand for supporting such a sign and so constructed that the sign itself can be quickly and readily inserted into or removed from the stand for inspection, repair or replacement purposes.

Another feature of my invention is the provision of a stand of the character referred to that can be easily and cheaply made, which is neat in appearance and strong and durable.

Other features and advantages will appear more fully as I proceed with my specification.

In that form of device embodying the features of my invention shown in the accompanying drawing* Figure 1 is a view in perspective; Fig. 2 is a View taken as indicated by the line 2 of Fig. 1; Fig. 3 is a view taken as indicated by the line 3 of Fig. 2; and Fig. 4 is a view of the hinge joint with the parts separated to show the construction.

As shown in the drawing, the stand includes a lower horizontal channel member 10 with curved transversely arranged supporting members 11 and 11EL at its ends, each virtually forming two legs.

There is also provided an upper three-sided frame of channel members releasably secured to said lower member to form therewith a four-sided channel frame adapted to contain a sign. Thisupper three-sided frame comprises the side channels 12 and 13 and the upper channel 14. The word releasably is used not necessarily to designate complete detachment and separation of the three-sided frame from the lower member but to designate merely that the upper frame can be released sufficiently from the lower frame to permit insertion of a sign in the upper frame and removal of such a sign therefrom when the upper frame is in released position. As here shown, the upper three-sided frame is attached to the lower member at one or both ends with a hinge having a loose pin. By this construction, only one pin need be taken out whereupon the frame can be swung over to one side on the other pin as a Serial No. 660,933.

hinge to permit a sign to be put in or taken out. Obviously, if desired, both pins can be removed and the upper frame lifted entirely off.

As here shown, the supporting member 11a carries a pate 15 with a pair of pin-receiving sockets 15a, 15a. The member 11 carries a. similar plate 16 with a pair of pin-receiving sockets 16a, 16a. The horizontal channel 10 has its ends supported on the plates. The lower end of each of the members 12 and 13 carries a plate with a pin-receiving socket adapted to cooperate with the pin-receiving sockets in the plates on the members 11 and 11. As shown in Fig. 3, the vertical member 12 carries the plate 17 with a pin-receiving socket 17a adapted to cooperate with the sockets 15a to receive the pin 18. Likewise, the lower end of the channel 13 carries the plate 19 with the pin-receiving socket 19a adapted to cooperate with the socket 16 to receive the pin 20. Each of the pins 18 and 2O is here shown in the form of a bolt with a head at one end and a removable nut at the other. Either pin may be taken out and the frame swung on the other as a hinge, or both pins may be removed, making the upper frame entirely detachable from the lower channel.

In the drawing, 21 may indicate a sign made of suitable sheet material in the stand.

While I have shown and described certain embodiments of my invention, it is to be understood that it is capable of many modifications. Changes, therefore, in the construction and arrangement may be made without departing from the spirit and scope of the invention as disclosed in the appended claim, in which it is my intention to claim all novelty inherent in my invention as broadly as permissible, in view of the prior art.

What I regard as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is:

A stand, including; two parallel curved supporting members; a plate attached to each member having a pin-receiving socket; a lower horizontal channel member with its ends secured to said plates; an upper three-sided frame of channel members open at the bottom; a plate carried at the lower end of each side of said three-sided frame, each of said plates having a pin-receiving socket cooperating with the pin-receiving socket in one of the first-mentioned plates; and pins connecting the cooperating sockets.


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U.S. Classification40/611.2, 248/469, 248/440.1, 40/611.6
International ClassificationG09F15/00
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European ClassificationG09F15/00E