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Publication numberUS1918987 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 18, 1933
Filing dateMay 22, 1930
Priority dateMay 22, 1930
Publication numberUS 1918987 A, US 1918987A, US-A-1918987, US1918987 A, US1918987A
InventorsSeabold Sr Walter G
Original AssigneeSeabold Sr Walter G
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Box or crate structure
US 1918987 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

July 18, 1933; w. e. SEABOLD, sR

T BOX OR CRATE STRUCTURE Filed May 22. 1930 6 6 p J 2 m 4 A m T a 5. w o Mmm 7 M I IMI WFJMMLEr Z T W2 S n G u r T m w w Patented July 18, 1933 g UNETED STATES PATENT err-ice Application filed May 22, 1930. Serial No. 454,650. I

The present invention relates to boxes, 13 preferably formed integrally with the crates, enclosures and the like, and has parsides. Cam surfaces 14. may be formed flarticular reference to cooperating structures in ing away from the cap top so that the top both a box-like article, and a cap-like cover may more easily receive the box. The box therefor, which structure is self-locking. has a complementary outward projection 55 The invention aims to provide structures near its top edge to be engaged by the ribs which can be made economically, and which 13 acting on the underside of the projection,

can be assembled without the use of a tool in such as strips 15 shown about the edge of that operation. It is aparticular object to the box.

apply the structure to wooden box construc In the preferred embodiment, the cover 60 tion. and its'fianges are rigid and do not flex in It is another object of the invention to use.

provide cooperating structures, one of which The box has its sidewalls 16' which are is resilient. to be engaged so formed that they may flex It is another object to provide a rigid cap inwardly (Fig.2) from normal position (Fig or cover construction and a resilient struc- 3). Since the box does not flex at the corners, ture in the box-like article. the walls 16 do not flex adjacent the corners Various other objects and advantages of sufficiently to permit use of a long rib 13.

the invention will be apparent from the fol- Consequently short ribs are shown, as may be lowing description of an exemplary embodiformed by cutting away portions 17 as the ment thereof shown in the accompanying rib nears the corners.

drawing in which By the structure above described the cover Fig. 1 is a general view of'a box with cover may be forced onto the box to lock itself. fitted in locked position. The cam surfaces 14 engage the strips 15 to Fig. 2 is a cross section of the box showing flex the sides 16 inwardly. This permits the 75 a cover being moved into locking position. cover to move into place (Fig. 3) so that Fig. 3 is a view like Fig. 2 showing the strips 15 are automatically hooked over ribs cover moved into locked position. 13 as the box springs back to normal form.

Fig. 1 is a modified form of the invention Figs. 4, 5 and 6 show a modified form of Figs. 5 and 6 are respectively views of the in the cover or cap. A rigid box structure cover and box of Fig. 4c in the act of being 20 is indicated with a side wall 21 and an'out positioned to engage, and in the engaged ward projection 22 near the top edge; The relation. I cover has a set of rigid flanges 23 which will AlthoughIhave hereinafter disclosed and receive'the box. On the inside of one or 85 specifically described a wooden box of the more flanges, inwardly projecting retaining closed type, it is to be understood that the means are shown which will flex. This is invention is not thus limited to a closed box, ill st t d i th form of a v-fold d metal nor to any specific material, nor structure, strip 24, one side of which is secured to a wherein the resilient part is on the cover. the invention in which the flexing takes place 80 40 and that VitIlOUS IIlOCllfiCZttlOIlS and changes flange, The other ide is free ,0 pring back 0} in construction are herein contemplated, as i Fi 5) h th ov i b ing osiwill fall within the scope of the invention as t d, d th to flex forward (as in Fig. it is expressed in the appended claims. 6) to engage under the projection 22.

The drawing shows for illustration a re- The form of structure shown in Figs. 1 to ceptacle, such as the closed box 10, and a cap 3 is preferred for the reason that it lends 95.;

therefor such as the cover 11 having flanged itself to the economical use of wood. The sides 12, which receive the box. One or more ribs 15 may act as cleats to hold panels or of the flanged sides and-preferably one or crate-forming lengths. L1kew1se the flanges g both pairs of opposite sides 12 have inwardly 12 may form a frame to carry crate-formext-ending retaining means, such as the ribs ing lengths as a panel to be used as a closure for the box or crate opening. The ribs and the bevel on the cover flanges are readily formed with standard machines and the cut away portions and the ribbed structure strengthen the flange. Such a cover may be forced onto a companion box and locked in place automatically. The bevelled ribbed flanges 12 form convenient handles for lifting the box.

The invention is subject to various modifications, changes and departures from the specific illustrations. It is to be understood that the particular embodiments herein described do not in any way limit the invention short of its scope as expressedin the appended claims.

WVhat I claim is: I

1. A self-l0cking structure in a box-like article and cover therefor comprising a box-like article having two opposite panels forming sides which flex slightly inwardly, a rib on each of said panels at the edge near the box opening, a cap-cover for said box having peripheral flanges forming a rigid frame as a short skirt portion so formed as to provide ahandle and adapted to fit over the open end of said box, an inward projection on two opposite flanges in a position corresponding to the vicinity of the middle of the yielding panels of the box, said projections being bevelled to act on a rib to fiex a panel, and being formed and positioned to engage the rib positively and to house the rib snugly in a space between the projection and the top of the cover.

2. A self-locking structure in a box-like article and cover therefore comprising a boxlilre article having two opposite panels forming sides, a rib on each of said panels at the edge near the box opening, a cap-cover for said box having peripheral flanges forming a rigid frame as a short skirt portion so formed as to provide a handle and adapted to fit over the open end of said box, an inward projection on two opposite flanges to engage under one of said ribs, said projection having an inclined surface for engagement with said rib in assembling the box and cover, said projection forming a space between itself and the top of the cover wherein to snugly house said rib, said rib and projection being arranged for positive engagement against Withdrawal, one of the engaged parts being flexible for yielding as said inclined surface engages said ribs.


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