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Publication numberUS1919012 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 18, 1933
Filing dateFeb 24, 1933
Priority dateFeb 24, 1933
Publication numberUS 1919012 A, US 1919012A, US-A-1919012, US1919012 A, US1919012A
InventorsSaul Diskin
Original AssigneeSaul Diskin
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Toilet article kit
US 1919012 A
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s. Dl'sKlN TOILET ARTICLE KIT Filed Feb. 24

July 18, 1933.

Patented July 18, 1933 v I n l I i i i y.

. UNITED STATES -TPATENT lFFlfCE. .snnrnrsxim or' newr Yonx, n. Y..

ij'rbrnn'r'nnmcnnixrr-" i. y application met February 2a, resa Lseriali ntnes'egaes.

'This invention relates te 'toilet carriers Alsoa comb holder at 1'6 and nail file in the `adapted to 'contain :articles used for toilet socket 17.. y 4 purposes. f Another strap 18, secured at its ends to one An Yobject olf theinventicln is to provides ox :the innerfaces, is ,provided at one of its carrier Ehavin-'g:means .Ito :engageseveral "of ytlae edges with a central, laterally extending tab 5,5 more'necessary toilet appliances such man- 19., in which yis ixe'd -thesecuring element 20 ner that all are independently riefmovallale and :orf :a snap fastener, this looped strap being replaceable rat will, time icar'rrer Ebeling fliexfble [receptive of a mirrorwhich is lheld by it, face T and foldable to suit a travellers ebaig. down against the plate. y n f A further feature :is .in Athe provision for f he mirror, generally `'designated .by the G0 securely maintaining a mirror in such man- .numeral 21, consists Aof fthe-usual reflecting ner as to aveid :accidentaldisplacement or glass 22, ,-havingza rigid back-plate'28, p-refinvoluntary fracture, irrespectivev of rough erablyifrnished inharmony with thebedy of handling to which it may be subjected, the the holder. v l5 mirror being removable and provided with A metal frame 24, of channel shaped cross 65' means to stand in a raisedposition When dissection, encircles the mirror and its backassociated from the carrier. ing, securely binding them together, the,v Another purpose is to produce a toilet arframe sides being provided with lateral enticle carrier that is attractivein appearance, largements 25 at approximately the center of i: capable of extensive and protracted use and their length, these protuberances extending 70 which is inexpensive to manufacture.k in length coincidentlywith the Width of the These meritorious `objects are accomloop 18. plished by the novel construction, combina- Fixed in the mirror backing 23 is a clip tion and arrangement of parts hereinafter 26, carrying` a hinge element 27 by ,which it described and illustrated in the accompanyis attached to the upper end ofan easel strut T5 ing drawing, constituting a material com- 28 and between the divergent arms of the ponent of this disclosure, and in which1 strut is a spring headed stud 30, fixed on the Figure 1 is a plan View of a toilet kit made back plate l23, and constituting the mating in accordance With the invention and shown member of the snap fastener element 20. 0 in an open position. In operation, the-mirror, as a unit, is easily 80 Figure 2 is a plan view of the mirror and entered under the loop 18 until the expanded its engaging means drawn to an enlarged portions of theiframe engage the loop ends,

scale. y exerting a stretching effect, operating to hold Figure 3 is a longitudinal sectional view the mirror firmly on the backing and prevent- 2 taken on line 3 3 of Figure 2. ing lateral movement. 85

Figure 4l is a transverse sectional view tak When the mirror has thus been entered,- en on line 4 4 of Figure 2. the snap fastener element 30 is brought intok The invention comprises two rectangular registration with the cooperative member 20, plates or sheets 10 of semi-pliant material, as carried bythe loop tab 19, and upon these leather, card-board having an ornamental lmembers beingpressed together it is'obvious'90l covering on both sides, or similar material, that longitudinal movement of the mirro connected by flexible hinges 11 to constitute cannot take place. y an elongated rectangle capable of folding in It is equally apparent that upon manually the manner of a book cover. raising the tab 19,l the snap fastener elements -of loops, consisting of flexible straps adapted of the mirror `fromthe loop.

to retain various articles, such for instance The foregoing disclosure is to be regarded as a safety razor case at 12, a clothes brush as descriptive and illustrative only,.and not 13, nail and hair brushes at 14-15, etc., as restrictive or limitative of the invention,y etc. of which obviously an embodiment maybe '100 On one of the inner faces is attached a series become disassociated, permitting Withdrawal '95 ing a frame slidably engageable in said loop,

and co-operative means, respectively on said tab and mirror, to retain tliQlatter Within tlie loop.

2. In a toilet articlekit liaving an' elongated plate-like body capable of being folded topresent opposed faces provided with retaining means for miscellaneous toilet articles, a mirror having a metal frame and rigid backing7 a flexible 'loop fixedvtransversely at itsends on said body into which said frame may bev inserted,.an easel strut hingedly engaged on the mirror backing, a fastener element on said backing intermediate portions of said strut, and a mating fastener element y carried by said loop to removably engage the fastener element on the 1 mirror backing.

3. In a toilet article kit having a flat support, a strip of ifiexible material fastened at its ends to said support and constituting a loop, a mirror liaviiig a rigid backing, a metal frame enclosing said mirror and backing, said frame having opposed, enlarged elements centrally on its side members to tightly engage witliin'said loop, anden-operative means on said backingand loop to maintain said frame from end movement when @Heaged-v 4. In'atoilet article kit having a Hat support,a `strip of flexible material fastened at its ends to said support and constituting a loop, a mirror liavinga rigid. backing, a metal frame on said mirror and backing by which 'vthe'are united, the sides of said frame being bulged tofstretch said loop lWlien entered tlierewitliin preventing lateral movement, a Vtab on said loop extending centrally over said backing, al snap fastener elementcarried by said tab,and ya corresponding element iXed on. said backing preventing longitudinal movement ofsaid frame While said elements are engaged.l E i In testimony Wl'iereof I affix my signature.


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