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Publication numberUS1919062 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 18, 1933
Filing dateNov 19, 1929
Priority dateNov 19, 1929
Publication numberUS 1919062 A, US 1919062A, US-A-1919062, US1919062 A, US1919062A
InventorsHaynes Charles C
Original AssigneeHaynes Charles C
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Power operated massage belt
US 1919062 A
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y 1933- c. c. HAYNES J PQWER OPERATED MASSAGE BELT Filed Nov. 19, 1929 inventor C.C.Haynes B & g r o Gttorneg Patented July 18, 1933 CHARLES C; HAYNES, OF OMAHA, NEBRASKA IPOW'iJilR OPERATED MASSAGE BELT Application filed November 19, 1929. Serial No. 408,327.

The present invention relates to power operated massage belts and has for an object to provide an improved belt structure which rill massage away fat tissues, or tissues of fat, in a rapid and eiiicient manner.

Another object of the invention is to pro-- vide an improved vibrating massage belt constructed with raised members for contacting and squeezing the flesh between same throughout the rapid vibratory movement to which such belts are subjected.

A further object of the invention is to provide an improved vibratory massage belt structure in which the period of the massage treatment is considerably reduced; and in which the massage action is more efiiciently performed.

A still further object of the invention is to provide an improved vibratory massage belt structure in which the conventional arrangement is in no essential way departed from; but in which the advantages of the invention may be had by the simple substitution of the improvedbelt for the belts of 1 existing apparatus.

A still further object of the invention is to provide an improved construction of belt in which the expense of the belts will not be materially increased and in which the structure is so developed and arranged as to admit of being applied to the customary belt by the simple expedient of sewing the at-.

tachment to the belt or fastening it in anyv other appropriate manner. -V

lVith the foregoing and other objects in view, the invention will be more fully described hereinafter, and will be more-particularly pointed out in the claim appended hereto.

In the drawing, wherein like symbols re fer to like or corresponding parts throughout the several views.

Figure l is a side elevation of a massa e machine equipped with the improved belt and showing a patientin dotted lines.

Figure 2 is a. plan view of the improved belt with parts broken away, and

Figure 8 is a cross section taken on the line 33 in Figure 2.

Referring more particularly to the drawing, 1 designates a frame or stand which is ainned or secured to the floor or may possess sufiicient weight to remain stationary. Upon the stand is installed an electric or other motor 2 which Wlll be included in an electric circuit with a suitable source of power, con-. trolledv by a switch; or the electric motor leacilxs'imay be simply plugged into an outlet soc e e The armature shaft 3 of the motor is pro-- vided at its extending ends with cranks having detent buttons a at the outer ends thereof for co-operating with slots 6 in the ends of the canvas or other belt 5.

In accordance with the present invention,

the intermediate portion of the belt 5, which extends about the body of the patient, and

which performs the massaging operation upon the flesh, is provided with numerous small buttons or hum s 7 whichare referably convex as to the surfaces thereof presented against the body. These buttons or convex members are composed of outer covers 9, with inner fillers 10; the covers being sewed to the belt 5 as by the stitching 8. Of course the covers 9 might be attached to the belt 5 in any other appropriate manner.

The covers 9 maybe appropriatelymf leather or canvas material, such material being adequate to withstand the relatively high l degree of friction encountered in the massagmg operat1on. The interiors of the pockets formed by the convex covers 9 are filled with sponge rubber 10 or other appropriate if desired, the entire resilient material. buttons may be made of sponge rubber or other resilient material.

The buttons, as shown in Figure 2, are

preferably arranged in rows, the buttons of one row belng staggered w th reference to the companion buttons of an adjacent row. In the userof the device, the operator or patient stands, as shown in dotted linesin Figure 1, within the loop ofthe belt 5. The '7 motor circuit being closed, the armature shaft 3 with the cranked ends will rotate at high 5 speed, thus imparting to the belt a pushing and pulling motion or a massaging motion 7 against the body of the patient. The patient I will lean back against the belt so as to create a firm and snug contact with the belt and this contact may be increased or decreased at the option of the patient.

By reason of the vibratory movement imparted to the belt, the resilient members 7 will impart a rubbing action to the patient, biting into the flesh. In other words, the flesh Will be enabled to flow into and about the convex buttons 7 and when the buttons 7 are moved with the belt 5, the flesh will be rubbed and rolled and subjected to a vigorous massaging action such as will tend to reduce the fatty tissues and promote a healthful condition of the skin and flesh and of the patient generally. The Weight of the patient may be thus quickly and materially reduced and the health of the tissues promoted by the massaging action of the resilient members.

Thetone of the entire body will thus be greatly enhanced. 7

It is obvious that various changes and modifications may be made in the details of construction and design of the above specifically described embodiment of this invention without departing from the spirit thereof, such changes and modifications being restricted only by the scope of the following claim.

What is claimed is A power operated massage belt, comprising a motor having an armature shaft with cranks on its extending ends and detent buttons on the outer ends of the cranks, a flexible belt having slots in its ends for receiving said buttons therethrough for holding the ends of the belt detachably on said cranks, the intermediate portion of said belt adapted to loop about the body of the user, numerous relatively small humps mounted on the inner face of the belt at said intermediate portion thereof and each hump having an outer flexible cover and an inner filler of resilient material, said humps being disposed in rows lengthwise of the belt with the humps in one row staggered with reference to the companion humps of an adjacent row.


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