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Publication numberUS1919927 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 25, 1933
Filing dateJan 16, 1930
Priority dateJan 16, 1930
Publication numberUS 1919927 A, US 1919927A, US-A-1919927, US1919927 A, US1919927A
InventorsBowers Frederick M
Original AssigneeBowers Frederick M
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Welder's shield
US 1919927 A
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July 25, 1933. F, M BOWERS 1,919,927

WELDERS SHIELD Filed Jan. 16, 1930 INVEN TOR jra den :K. M-B nwara Y W ATTORNEY vflange i 27 and a rearjtrardly' extending leg 5 28 which fits snuglywithinthe flange17 onrthe inner part-:13 and jis also provided with an inwardly extending ,peripheral' flange29 making the section taken" at any showninFignrelQf 1;; U v r V -Thezreanwardlyi extendingleg 28 is*pro- -vided at thefnpper endat'a pOintneartheI place through the said nernb'erf T-shape,

top of its, upper ;end'fon one sideand ata point near its bottolnonthe 'other side- With a curved lug 119 which extends in the same the onten'peripheral a fiange 27 on 'theonteii partMand"the' peripheral' flange oIift-he 'Inorderthat the glassgl he directionl as said leg andsaid logs-are adapted, when the fronqpart,is -asselnhled ith the inner part, o fit Witlliilthef 1-6 cesses"18 insaid inner part. f

1 When assembling the: Visor Mme":

glass 31 fit'sgwithin the cohfines of tlierear Wardly extending peripheralqlfegj28 and the pins 24 on'the springs 22saredrawn m -wanis'o as'toperniit the 'c'urvedlngs 19 ;to enter} 2 the recesses 18; whereupon the springs hat-1 e ing been released, the pins Will enter the e holes 32 concentric with said curved lugs and bind the parts firmly-together the edge" of the "peripheral verticalflange 11 of the shield 7'-se curely gripped between inner' partzagainst inovem'ent; and 1 firmly lpressed against the inwardly extending flange 29 flows: 1 :55.

-' shield to the person :ofthe Wear-er. j

10f course, the shield illustrated on the outer part the rectangularspring}- niei'nber 335 shown in Fignre 5,yis inserted trioal non5c'ond1icting material; such 1 soever are located on the :o terjsur'face 6f.

the shield thereby preventing the transniission of any electric, {current throngh; said m ybe, modified and changed' in varioustvays -witb out departing from; the invention herein set forth andhereafterf clairnedt 1 i The invention is hereby claiine 1. A welders shield having an extencllng recess and hole in thegni aterial v of. said recess providing"vertieal flanges f a i I reetangular visor frame composed} ofiinn'er her side "of said shield releasahly "sec'n r- 1 mg said parts; together, a glass 1 n f saidzframe inner and onterparts 65 .i

and outer, parts" slidablyjengaging to 'f'enl brace said-Wertical' flanges, means 11 the 1 and rectangular tensionmeans 'held by said v for securing: the ame movement. I 21 1131'? g -t;

are} formed of ele 5 stance as bakel te, and no inetal partsWhat- 21 A" risorbframecolnprisinga reotangular outer part T-shapedin section, a recilfegoif the T-sha1'3ed section of said outer part slidably fitting Within the peripheral T angnlar'sectioiiofthe" inner part, and means for seeuringsaid; parts together. v

FA visor frame comprising a rectangularjouter part Tshapedin, section, a rectangul n'ner partangular in section the leg of theT-shap'ed section of said-outer part fit- ;tingg Within the peripheral angular section 'offth'einner part, higson said outer part,

recessesion saidinneri part for receiving said "gs," and means onsald innerpart for sev euring the parts-together; l

tangu'lar inner part angular in seotiointhe i 34 1A visor frame comprising 'ayrectangug ,1ar-;-onter-:part=T shaped III SBCtIO H, a -rec+ tangularninnervpart angnlar-inzseotion, the 7 leg of the T-shapedsection of [said outer part fitting within the peripheral 1 angular section of theiinner part, lugs ona'said; outer p'artrrec'esses ons'aid inneripartfor receiv '1 ,ingsaid lngsyholesin plQXlllllty-tO'tlle lug's i in" said "enter pail-g and spring: pressed pins oarried hysaidinner vpart for fitting Within;

said holesto secure the parts together.

lar .onter:partyTrshaped in section, a rectangular inner part angular-am section, the


leg of ;-the*T shapedgsection. of said outer .j lidaloly' fitting, within peripheral g 5. Ayvisor frame comprising a 'rectangn i angulargsectioniofthe innerparhhnd leaf '6, v soryconiprising an ;arcuate; body,

"a {section};offiwhich departs froln said arcaturelt. and: coincides r substantially with a in planeriinity, altransparent member apl .Witli ieachotherfto clanip both the transparent sheet andthe fianges therebetween. I s

- r17; Avisorgrcomprising anf' arcuatebody,

a section of which departs fromsaid arca-' .turewand" {coincides "1;. substantially with a plane, said plane section1' being .zprovided in :j planer znliity, a transparent ,lILGlIl-bBI' ap e proximately co-planar with the flanges, and

"weral; extensions enacting; with each other :to

springs;onlthe inner part" each carrying a pin', ;sa- 1d"outer part havlng recesses for re ce1v ngsfa1d-pinsatdreleasably hold the n A R1 1 Lplaneif sa diplane; section be ng provided withx-an opening iorin ng marginal flanges proximately oo-planarwith the flanges, and

inner and outer frame members i coacting 7 :Withai1' ,opening forming Q marginal 1 ,flanges r V inner and outer: frame, members having lat-Q2 .g'el ainp both; the r transparent sheetf and the sectioniof which departs :fromsaid area ture 'and coincides snbstantially with a plane, said plane section being provided" with an iopenin-g forming marginal flanges in planer may, a transparent inelnber approximately co plan'ar with the; flanges, inner and. outer CRO can frame coacting vqvith eachfother to Q 7 clamp iboth the transparent sheet and e the flanges- 'therebetween, and means to members in clamping positions V 1.9. A visor, compr s ng-an arcuatejbody,

sectiongofwhich dep 'artsjfrom; saidyarcae ture'andcoincidessubstantiallyiwithya plane;

said plane: section being provided} with an opening forming marginal flanges inplanen unity, a transparent membei'fapproirimately coplanar with" the flanges; inner I and .outer frameflmembers haying fllateral extensions i coacting with eaclrjother to clamp {both the V V 1 transparent sheet and the flanges =the1*eloe-jiv '5 clamping p'ositioni tween, and me'a'ns to lockithe V members-in 10. 'A- visor, comprising vhodj a section of which departs fromlsaid area} ture andcoincides substantial'ly iwitlra plane, .said 7 plane section being pro z-idedwith' :4 an opening forming marginal flanges .,1-n planerv unity; a, transparent;member}approximately;

oo-planar with} the flanges, inner" afldjouter frame members 1 provided with irregistrable perforations coacting -With each; other to clamp both1 the transparentfljsheet;'andjthe flanges therebetween, {and pins inserted through the1perf0'1ati0ns'flocking the -fr'ame members togethenu f;

11. A visor, comprisingfanarcuatebody,

' asection of whichd'eparts-from said-arca ture sand coincides substantially a i plane, I said 7 plane section being providedf Withfan opening forming marginal flanges i 7 her andou'ter. frame members'fprovided "with p -registrableperforations, coactin'g with geach :other ftoxfclamp .both "theitranspareiit sheet; [and the flanges therebetween, and'f spring pressed pins insertedthroughjf'the perfora -,tions lockingfthe frame ;members,togetl1er." v 121 A Visor," comprising: :an arcuate. body,- V 'a section of which departs from vsaid arc'a- Y ture and coincides substantially withitaplane,

said plane section being provided'witl lanj e v frame members having lateral extensions-Q PIbVidedflwith; registrable 'perfomtions co-1 I actingiwith each, other to clamp b oth them-) 7 'trans'parent sheet andthe flanges ther -3be-v V tW6BI1,-iaI 1d 111GaI1S- to, -lock.the members in I clamping position.

transparent sheet and J the flanges' --,therehe;. tween-,rand "pins insertedthroughthe perfora'tionsP locking, the" frame members to-- 'members'togethei-'. .v i j 5 A e i'f am C mprising are'ctan lar, part T-shapedinsection, a rectangular pa t"angular in,section,,the leg of the 'T- 1 shaped i'section of' saidfirst part slidablyfitting withinthe per-ipheral angular'section .ofth'e' second part, and means for.-'securiiigsaid parts to ether'.;-.' 1

opening-forming marginalflangesiii'planer Y unity, a transparent member-approximately coplanar with the flanges; inner and outer 13 FA'fViSOr, comprising an arcuate bod L] a section of which [departs from. said arcaatureand coincides s ibfit nl ially withaplane, 7' V saidplane section :being 'provided ith H V, pening.formingjma i inrplaner I o.

Lunity', a transparentmember approximately 8 planary' with the fiang'esrinnerand outer frame ;members-.havingjflateral extensions 3 provided with registrable perforations and coactin glwitheach-other. to clamp both-:the

I 14". Axvisor, comprising =ani arcuatebody', a section of Which: departs from said Larca-f 0 tureandcoincidessubstantially Witha plane; v "said-planegsectionh'eing 'provided with; anfli I opening forming marginal flanges in planer junity, a transparent member approximately? planary with the fl'anges, inner and outer.

frame "members having lateral extensions provided*withfregistrable perforations and coacting-With each other to. clamp both the transparent sheet and the Ifianges therebe-n tween; 'f'and 1 spring pressed" pins inserted through the perforations lockingflth'e frame FRED RICK M; BCWIERSL

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U.S. Classification2/8.2
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