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Publication numberUS1919963 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 25, 1933
Filing dateFeb 25, 1933
Priority dateFeb 25, 1933
Publication numberUS 1919963 A, US 1919963A, US-A-1919963, US1919963 A, US1919963A
InventorsSmith Percy C
Original AssigneeSmith Percy C
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Coin packaging device
US 1919963 A
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July 25, 1933- P. c. SMITH COIN PACKAGING DEVICE Filed Feb. 25, 1953 mrEm fW Ly 7 9.

' tion' with coins i Patented j 4 i render oi smmn, or 'eiiicr eo, nternals ce n iE'ACKAGIFNGij DEVICE 1 i {Application led Fpi-ii r -.25;1e3a seiiaino, 653,549,

Coin" Wrappers are available in the-"forin of open ended tubes and, intorder thatvthe wvork of filling one of these Wrappers-"be Q simplified as much as -p ossible1,- it"isjdesir able that the coins be delivereddirectly from the counting machine to a Wrapper so'tliat' QFig-Q instead ofthe larger-wrapper appearingin l and 3; Fig. 5 is a frontview 7 of the holder and a fragment of the table :to 5

the only snbsequent operation needed is that of closing the I ends of thexw'rapper; 1 Howi ever, Iain not aware that there has heretofore beenv devisedany means for packaging coins delivered by a r ounting machine;which. "does notl requn'e the intervention; of some additional centa-iner or receptacle to receive the c i insand from wliichithey 'innst then be t'ion niaybesaiid tohave'ior its object" toproduce a simpleand novel means for. supporting a tubnlar coin wrapper'insuchielaQ tionito dCoUntinginachine that the coins drop directly into the wrapper arrange themselves in stack formation; wherebythe roll-:o'r package may becOmpletedby simply g e H r tableacross the topof which coins lyingiflat 80,

on=jthe table and arrangededge to edgemay be inolvedtovvard one edge 2 of the tableand closingithe ends or the Wrapper;

ample,-the machine illnstrated inmy. prior 5 applic'ation', serial'yNnmberr 5&4,299, -dated,

July 31, 1931, now Patent' Nurnber 1,908,565, issued May f9gy 1933'- Jof'Whichj-the present application is a continuation in -part," will handle coinsof *diflferentsiz es, 'and', therefore, my invention maybe sardto 'have for one '1 oh its objects to make it possible" for a coinc unting machinetoideliver coinsyof difierent sizes direc tly 'into their-proper- 'Wrappers. 1 A i 2Tl1e various features ofnovelty'vvhereby my invention isi cliara'cterized Will herein! afterbe pointed out withparticlilarity in the w claimsybut, for afull understandi'ng ofmy V invention and-of-itsob'jects. and advantages,

- referencemay be had-v-to the following-"die tailed 'description; taken in connection with the accompanying;drawlng, vvhereinze pennies;-

,c v p ,In'the drawingl have illustratedmy' inu 5 Figure 1 is a top plan view of'rvone; of I improved devices? attached to the table of a counting :nia-chine and illustrated as s11p- I portingv a coin WVIZLPPQD 1n positlonto receive coins from the table; Fig, 2 isla'view- Sim-J ilarto Fig; 1, showing a wrapper for smaller coins; Fig. 3 1s aside elevation of the-holder, together w th the wrapper shown in Fig. 1,

showing, in section, the smaller Wrapper'of which :therholder is attached; andFigs. 6

end'l'are elevations showing, respectively, in theirfiatt ened conditions, a tubular Wrapper for nickels and. a tubular wrapper for venticn, and I shallfdescribe it, asadapted I for .the packaging ofnick'els and pennies; butitwilh of course, be understood that',l so

far as the present invention is concerned, it ,75- iinake's-no; d fference What the denominations Y of the coins are, as long asthe coins differ' fronreach-other in diameter. a L Referring-t0 the drawing, 1 represents a befallowed to "drop by'gravity from the table when said edge is reached.- .In; the arrange 1 nientshown, the coins are adapted to beffed discharged 1 T The" guides -'arespaced far enough apartto receive between themathe 9 "nickels A of Figsrl and 3,01 thepennies B' 7 of Fig. 2,1 These details form'no I p'a'rtof the' presentinvention,ihowever. w

Open ended tubular 'coin wrappers' a're obtainable-in Ia collapsed or-flattened condition, as indicated in Figsllfi and Z; Ithe wrapper .C' in Fig.6 being adaptedto hold i of Fig. ;7 -being adapted to hold in stack-10f, fifty pennies.

a stack-offorty nickels. and the wrappenl) i i Thej present invention :con-i HQ sides. The wrappers" arefof course, longitudinally creased at two diametrically op-' 7 posedpoints through the flattening "opera tion in the manufacture thereof. 1 Therefore,

when a wrapper is opened up or expandedf "it-willhave sharp cornersor ridges extend.

lair coin Wrappers;said-pluglying outwa rd ly from-the table and the long 'a x is thereof 1 beinginclined upwardly and inwardly "so -i ing' longitudinally of the; same atdi'ametrh callyopposed points;-thesecrners or ridges 1 ficientlyto make them disappear. In par-Y ti-ally opening that end of the wrapper whiclr' remaining until thewrapper'is stressed: uf;

isat the topwhen {placed imposition-"t0 re peive coins the maria; of the Wrapper is with the ratchetf-teethflor saw teeth, will not i V I of the device to do, anythingfinore :than lift out the wrapper and; its contents. and close. l the ends ofthew rapper. j It wilhofcourse,

not stressed sufficiently to smoothio'ut the cornersorridgesatthe'creases, andthere-i, p g V tending downwardly fronrthe vtable at an fore these corners' r or-ridges, when" engaged '=only properly align the mouth ofth'e wrap ;:per ,with respect to' the edge of the table, but

will-yieldinglylockthewrapperagainst-dis 1 a 1yfrom thetable and the long axis'thereo'f placement. c It will thus be a wrapper andipile up therein iii-perfect stack formation Wit-1101K; requiring the user be understood thatwhenl referlto awtable, I mean simply any support overjan edge of which coins -may be -s-fed and Y allowed to r of a counting machine 'ortable or be ajrer movable 'sattachment thereto. f"

drop. Itwill also-bes'e'en'ithat the-same device may successfully be employed for thepackaging of coins of a j pluralityfofsizes and that the device may be a permanent part NVhile I have illustrated and .describe'df 7 I I d stancerofithe plug below the table being "suchf that va coin Wrapper, fitted on t eplug extends up 'into the vicinityof the topof with. particularity only a single *preferred form of my "invention, I'do not desire-toi'be limited to the exact structural details thus illustrated and described; but intendto cover support a tubular coinwrappen with its: open upper end in'a partially 'flattenedveondition in the vicinity of the plane of and near an edge ofthe table and thelbodypor tion extendin'grdown"below the table; the longtransverse: dimension of the partially flattened upper end of the wrapper .-being.

approximately parallel to :saidedge;

2. In combination, 'a table,', and means to support a tubular coin v.vrapper, with its open upper endin a partially flattened con dition in the vicinity 'ofthe "plane of and 1 near an edge of the table and the body portion extending outwardly'and downwardly in an inclinedpositionnfrom the table;ithe

- long transverse dimension of the partially seen that I 'haveflproducedf a simple andnovel device fori xcausrng co ns dr p i f t bl t nt dif itly i t 'tahle aishort,distance from said. edge, and

saidfsupport, to hold being inclinedupwardly andinwardly so f'fiattened upper end ofthewrapper being .proximatelyfparallel to said'edg I In'combinatioma table, a membenextendingdownwardlyifrom the table at an edgerthereof, aflfrustorconlcalsplug at andexpandany one of a plurality of tubuthat the upward extension thereof passes the u per end of-a'Wrapper onsaid plu'g' r r r. a g

4. In: combination a table, a inember'exon m lower end of the support of a'size .to enter lower end of the supportof a sizeto enter and expand any one of 5a plurality of tuba-6 3 lar coin Wrappers, said plugil'ying outward being. inclined upwardly, and" inwardly "so that theupward extension thereof-passesthe 7 means; atlthe upper end of' saidsupportt h'old-ythe'aipperend" of :a wrapper on said plug; ina partially flattened condition and,

with the long'transverse axis ojfsaid'upp'er end; approximately parallel to, said iedge.

1 iv In conibinati'on, atable, a. member extendingdownwardly:from.the table at an edge "thereof, a figusto-conical plug at the lower endof thesupport of a size to enter andexpand any oneof plurality of tubular coin wrappers, said plug lying outwardly "from the table and the long ani'sthereof bein g inclinedupwardly andinwardlyso 7 that theupward extension thereof passes the table t Sllb lill distance from' said edga-the the table, and" means wrapper on said plug.

-6.111 combination, a V tending downwardly fronrthe table at an iedge thereof', a frusto-conical plug at the lower end of the support of a sizeto enter and vgnrpan'd anyone of a plurality of tubu la'r. coin wrapperasa'id plug lying outuard- 1y fromthe table andthe long axis thereof that the upward extension thereof passes and aj U sha'ped element projecting outwards 21y from thelsaid member near its upper end,. a

flattened condition and greater than the diameter of the latter wrapper when in its tub'ul'ar lform. f, 7 a

7. A j' deviceo'f the character described able a member eX- at the upperend of I l the upper vend of. 21

. V 2 the tablea short distance ffOnlfiaRl edge, 3

comprising a supportingrod, a frusto conical block fixed to the lowerend ofthe supporting rod andlying in front oi andwith its axis parallel tothe same, the upper end.

of the supporting rod being extended rear wardly at an obtuse angle to the main lporr.

'tion of the rod,-a U-shaped rod tying in a plane at right angles tosaid {LXiSili front of the upper end of thesupportmg rod and fixed thereto in such a position that thejarms of the U he on opposite SlClQSOl'itllQ aforesaid axis extended, extensions on the arms of the ll-shaped rod extending rearwardly and divergingfromeach other,-and the rear ends of said extenslons being bent downwardly.

8. Incombination, a table. a memberei tending downwardly from the table atlian edge thereof, a frusto conical plug at the lower end of the. support of a size to enter andeX-pand any one of a plurality of tubularcoin wrappers, said plug; lying outwardly fromthe table" and the long axis thereof: be-

' ing inclined upwardly and inwardly'sothat ii-shaped clement projecting outwardly I bers together, said. U-shaped member havpasses the the upward extension thereof 7 edge anda table ashort distancefrom said from the said member near its upper end, the arms of said: element being'sp'ac'ed apart a. distance less than the width 01"? the largest of said wrappers in a fully collapsed ortlz tened condition and greater than the diameter of the latter wrapper when' in" its tubular form and each having a plurali y of notches on the inner side thereof.

9.v A. device of the characterdescribed,

comprisinga member for supporting-the lower end of a tubular coin wrapper in an expanded condition, a U-shaped -meniber adapted to Ienobracethe upper end of said wrapper, and means connectingsard meming on the inner side of each of its arms plurality of notches, and the distance'be tween two corresponding notches being greater than thedistance between two'other corresponding notches.

,-,1Q. In'combinatiom a table, a member extending downwardly from the table at an edge "thereof, frusto-conical' plug at the lower endof .the support of a size to enter and expandany one of a plurality of tubular coin wrappers differing in diameter, said plug lying-outwardly from the table and the 'lo'ngaxis thereof being inclined upwardly and inwardly so that the-upward extension thereof passes the table ja short distance from said edge,iand means at the upper end such a wrapper on said plug.

.the upperend of said support, to hold the -upperend offanysuch wrapper on said plug in a partially flattened condition andwith the long transverse axis of said upper end approximately"parallel to said edge.

lilii f device of the-character described 'coinprisinga support adapted to be clamped of said support to-hold the upper end-of r 11. In: combination, a table,a member exupon a table andproject downwardly therefrom, means at the lower end of the support for engaging with the lower end of any one I ota pluraiity of tubularcoin wrappers diftt o'ring from each. other in diameterto hold the end of said support to hold the upper end of any such wrapper inla partially exanded conditiomiyith the" long dimension of the open mouth or upper .end of the wrapper arranged parallel with and slightly below the-said edgeof the table.

' .PERCY o. SMITI-L lite same expanded, and means at the upper

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