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Publication numberUS1920028 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 25, 1933
Filing dateJul 3, 1931
Priority dateJul 3, 1931
Publication numberUS 1920028 A, US 1920028A, US-A-1920028, US1920028 A, US1920028A
InventorsWilkin John H
Original AssigneeWilkin John H
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Bracket construction
US 1920028 A
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y 25, 1933- J. H. WlLKlN 1,920,028

BRACKET CONSTRUCTION Filed July 3, 1931 N Fla]. FIG. 2. g {10 I I 1 l l "I" IN 7 1 Q 7 1 7 l0 ulu. um \1 .mm nt Hi rum, WWW l: 5

--o 5 r V [NI/ENTBR.


Patented July 25, 1933 PATENT OFFICE JOHN H. WILKIN, OF YORKTOWN, INDIANA BRACKET cons'rancrron Application filed July 3, 1931. Serial No. 548,614.

The object of'the present'invention is to provide a bracket construction which will be substantial, neat in appearance, and easy to install. Further aims are to provide a device of the kind described, in which the parts are capable of being economically made, easily assembled, and as easily disassembled, and wherein the shelves may be readily adjusted to, and substantially stayed at the height. desired.

The above named general objects, as well as more specific aims of the invention, as same will hereinafter appear, are accomplished by, and the invention is embodied in the new construction, combination and arrangement of parts shown in the accom panying drawing, and described in the following specification. The invention is defined in the appended claims.

Figure 1 is a front view ofmy improved bracket construction.

Figure 2 is an edge view taken in the direction of arrow 2 inFigure 1.

Figure 3 is a top plan view of Figure 1. Figure 4 is a vertical sectional view taken on the line 44, and as seen in the direction of arrow 4 in Figure 3.

My invention embodies a frame member adapted to be secured in upright position,

36 a shelf having its rear edge adapted to repose in engagement with the frontal face of the frame member, and a strap member whose ends are secured to the rear edges of the shelf, the body portion of the strap being offset to provide space whereby the said shelf member may be retained removably in united relation with the said frame member.

A bracket constructed on the principles shown herein may be of any suitable size,

40 and it mayembody as many shelves as may be desired. In the present. embodiment which is intended for household use, the frame member is L shaped in cross section.

It is about fourteen inches in length, and is 46 made of sheet steel, the legs 1 and 1 being at a right angle to each other. The legs, at their ends are cut'on a suitable bevel, thereby constituting the pointed portions or pilots 3'and 4 of the frame member. A hole 5 near 50. each end of the said frame member is intended to be engaged by a nail or screw which is provided therefor in a wall or other fixed object.

The shelves are similar in construction and function, but they may be differentiated 5 as to dimensions and as to plan formation in their frontal portions, in conformity with the purposes for which they may be intended. Each of said' shelves is made of sheet metal of triangular formation in plan, .0 the body portion '6 having the upturned edges 7 and 7. The frontal margin of the said body portion has the downwardly disposed edge 8 whichlends stiffness to the shelf, and also constitutes a trim or finish.

At the rear side, and extending from the end portion of one of the edges 7 to the end portion of the other edge 7, is a binding member, designated as a strap 10. The body portion of this strap is so spaced from 7 the edges of the shelf, that there is free access for the frame member. The preferred-method of securing the ends of the said straps is by spot welding.

The several parts of the invention by rea-V son of the simplicity of their design and construction, lend themselves to maximum economy in processing, and in finishing, and they are capable of being handled economically in transporting and merchandising.

My improved bracket complete, may be supplied in enameled, or electroplated finish. It consists of a frame member, and the shelves, in the present instance two, the said parts being furnished to the user in the dis- 5 assembled status. On a nail or screw driven into the angle of the wall, the frame member is supported at its upper end. A shelf is then passed over the pilot 4 and is'slid upwardly on the frame member, and is dis- 9o posed at the desired height. The effect of gravity now causes the bottom of the rear edges of the shelf to bear firmly against the frontal faces of the legs of the frame member, and the upper edges of the strap to bear firmly against the rear surfaces of said frame member. The effect of the impingement of the said parts, one on the other, is such that the shelf is positively stayed against downward movement. Adding thereon of objects of which to fasten ed weight to the shelf incident to the placany kind, augments the tenacity of the union between the shelf and the frame member.

Another way bracket structure is to first dispose the shelves on the frame member, and then secure the latter in the desired position.

The edges 7 and 7 besides constituting a retaining border for the rear edges of the shelf, are capable of being bent :outwardlv to have bearing against the surfaceof the wall, thereby staying the shelves laterally.

This advantage is important as it is not unusual for the walls to be misaligned and out of .true. 7 k

A bracket constructed in accordance with my invention fills a need for a device of this character in the home, or office, or in the factory or the camp, or in fact any place where a support may be available upon the frame, member. Being of knock-down construction, it is capable of being conveniently handled in the merchan dising of same, and in the packing and repacking thereof for transportation. Variation in design incident to capacity re quirements, involves no structural changes other than dimensions.

\Vhereas my invention is shown and described in the form of embodiment and in details of construction preferred, it will be understood that minor changes and modifications may be made Without departing from the .nature or What I-claim as my invention isl. A "bracket structure consisting of an to install my improved edges which is'spaced from the corner spirit of the invention.

upright frame member angular in cross sec tion having tapered end and which is adapted to be secured at the angle of the room Walls, a shelf made of sheet material, angular in plan formation and having upturned edges, the inner portions thereof being adapted to repose in removable engagement with the frontal faces of the frame member and the outer portions thereof being adapted to be bent to position to engage the adjacent room walls, and a strapextending from one of said edges to the other of said portion of the shelf so as to engage the said frame member and the plane of its upper edge being above the plane of :the shelf, substantially as and for the purposes de scribed.

-52. A bracket structure consisting of an upright frame member of right angle formation in cross sect1on and havmgtapered ends, a shelf made of sheet material of right angle formation in plan, its adjacent sides being upturned and its diagonal side Lbeing downturned, the inner portions of its adjacent sides being adapted to repose in engagement with the frontal faces of the framememher, and their outerportions being adapted to be bent to position to engage theroom walls, and a back stayanember extending from one .of the said adjacent sides .to .the other ofsaid adjacent sides to permit the passing of the frame member, and its upper portion being on a plane above the *lJlELIlO of said shelf, substantially as shown and described,


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