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Publication numberUS1920648 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 1, 1933
Filing dateJan 26, 1933
Priority dateJan 26, 1933
Publication numberUS 1920648 A, US 1920648A, US-A-1920648, US1920648 A, US1920648A
InventorsLane Charles K
Original AssigneeLane Charles K
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Athletic supporter
US 1920648 A
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Aug. 1; 1933. cQK. LANE 1,920,648

ATHLETIC SUPPORTER Filed Jan. 26, 1933 Figure 3 is a fragmental'view showing a top portion of the crotch. I

v to said rear end member and the pouch. tion 18 of the rear pad-member; Q r v Figure 4 is a view showing theparts shown by The forward pad member shown separately Figure 2 separated from each other. 1 by Figure 4 is formed from an oblong blankv 0f Figure 5 is a section on line 5 5 of Figure 3. relatively thick sheet material, .preferabl'y felt, Figure 6 is a section on line 6-6.of Figure 3. shown by vFiguref9. Said blank includes a body i which the forward crotch pad member is formed. ends of the body portion.- The lower end porof the waist band, and 1515 the buttock straps integral with the elastic buttock straps 15,.has,

"*PatentedAug-iQIQs f1,920.64s-

' v 1,920,648 xintmcsonron'rnm; r "Charles arne ttka s; I v Application January 26,-;193a1'see '653,513? 1 claim. (o1. 12a-,-1 0) This invention relates to protective devices alaminated rear crotch pad member-integralwith known as atheltic supporters and worn chiefly by the straps. v 3 i v Y v athletes toprotect certain body members. i In carrying'out the present invention I con- The invention is an improvement on that dis-" structthe crotch pad as next described.

; closed by my Patent No. 1,868,610, dated-July 26, The buttock straps -15 have transverse lower F 1932. 3 end edges at right angles with their longitudinal The supporter shown by said patent includes an edges, said edges definingstrap extensions 16.16 elastic waist band, a pouch depending from the so formed that when they are overlapped, or front portion of the waist band, elastic buttock superposed. one, on the. other, and united byl 10 straps depending from side portions of the band, stitches was shown by Figures 3'and, 4, they and an oblong crotch pad composed of'a piece of collectively ,c'onstitutea {substantially rectangw, sheet felt, having a narrow forward end portion lar laminated rear crotch pad.member,comattached to the lower end of the pouch, and a posed of two layers, each integral with astrap, wide rear end portion attached to the lower. ends said member being adapted to bridge and con- 15 of the buttock straps. form to the lower portion of the wearsfrump T The object of the present inventionv is to pro crease 19, and to conform to the rearyportion or; vide an improved construction of the crotch pad the crotch. p j having the advantages hereinafter set forth. The rear member thusgformed has anangular Of the accompanying drawing forming a part corner portionlaformed to project into the rear, 20 of this specification,--- l portion of thewearers crotch. 3 Said portion 18, 75. Figure 1 is a perspective view showing the sup-' composed ,wholly of woven fabric, is suitably porter as it appears when ready to be donned. flexible, so j that although it is normally fiat :as

Figure 2 is a rear view showing the supporter "shown by Figure ,'1 ,'it maybe flexed as best shown donned. by Figure8,-and conform yieldingly to the rear view of a portion of the pouch, portions of'the. The crotch pad includes anarrow' compressible buttock straps'and a crotch pad including a rear forward-member formed and arranged to extend end member formed by end portions of the butthrough the narrow portionzof the crotch from tock straps, and a forward end member attached, the lower endof the 'pouch 13 to the cornerpor Figure 7 is a section on line 7-7 of Figure 3; portion 20 'andedgeportions 21 which are folded Figure 8 is a view similar to Figure? showing .over the body'portion andconstitute ears 22- sethe flexed condition of the crotch padwhen th curedto the body portion by stitches 23. The supporter is donned, as shown by Figure 2. -ear'sf22 are provided with obliquely extending;

Figure 9 is a side view of thefelt'blank from end edges 24 exposing seats 25 on the opposite The same reference characters indicate the tion of the pouch 13 and the corner portion18 same parts in all of the figures. of the rear pad member are secured to the seats:

'In the drawing, 12 designates the waist band, 25 by stitches 26. p '13 the pouch depending from the front portion It will now be seen thattheirear pad member, depending from the side portions of the waist a. desirable degree of. flexibility enabling it to band, said parts being composed of Woven fabric conform yieldingly to the lower portion of the such as elastic webbing. a p rump crease and the rear portion of the crotch,

The construction of the waist band andpouch andis at the same time less expensive andmore may be in all respects asdisclosed by my former durable than a rear pad member composed wholly 1 patent above mentioned, the pouch being formed of felt, as heretofore;

to support a bodymember, and to be fastened at The supporter is characterized by the facts that its lower end to a crotch pad. .the layers of therear crotch pad member are in- The buttock straps 15. differ from those shown tegral with the buttock straps, and that the area by said patent in that their lower ends constitute of the blank from whichthe forward pad member e is formed is reduced to a minimum. A considerable saving in the cost of the material of the forward member is therefore effected, the saving being particularly noticeable when the mate rial is compressible felt.

I claim:

An atheletic supporter including'a waist band; a pouch depending from the front portion of the waist band, buttock straps depending from the side portions of the waist band, said waist band,

pouch and buttock straps being of woven fabric;

the lower ends of said straps beingoverlapped and stitched together to form a laminated rec-1' tangularflexible rear crotch pad member adapted;

member is formed is reduced to a minimum;

to bridge and conform to the lower, portion of the wearers rumpcrease, and'conform to the rear portion of the crotch,'and a narrow oblong compressible forward crotch pad member-composed of a blank' of I compressible sheet material having a body portion and ears folded over and stitched to the body portion, and provided with obliquely extending end edgesexposing seats for the pouch and the rear pad member on the ends of the body portion, the lower end of the pouch and a corner portion of :the rear crotch pad member being stitched to said seats, the sup- ,porter being characterized by the facts that the layers of the rear crotch pad member are integral with the buttock straps and the area of theiblank' from which theforward crotch pad CHA RLES K. LANE.

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U.S. Classification602/70
International ClassificationA61F5/40
Cooperative ClassificationA61F5/40
European ClassificationA61F5/40