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Publication numberUS1921202 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 8, 1933
Filing dateSep 16, 1931
Priority dateSep 16, 1931
Publication numberUS 1921202 A, US 1921202A, US-A-1921202, US1921202 A, US1921202A
InventorsTheodore Mungen
Original AssigneeBudd Edward G Mfg Co
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Interchangeable sign
US 1921202 A
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Aug. 8, 1933. MUNGEN 1,921,202

INTERCHANGEABLE SIGN Filed Sept. 16, 193.1



of the interchangeable panel type.

Patented Aug. 8, 1933 UNITED STATES PATENT oFr c INTERCHANGEABLE SIGN Application September 16, 193

Serial No. 563,015

3 Claims.

This application discloses a modification of the device of my prior application Serial No. 428,010, filed February 13, 1930.

My invention relates to a sheet metal sign It has been my object to produce a sign of pleasing ornamental appearance and superior strength and rigidity. I have sought to produce a sign providing for the ready interchangeability of the data exhibited, and a sign of unitary construction having components made of small pieces of sheet metal, whereby the sign may be formed entirely of scrap metal incident to the performance of stamping and cutting operations in the manufacture of larger articles. A further object of my invention has been to provide a sign of the above mentioned type affording a convenient space at the rear thereof where additional indicia bearing panels may be conveniently kept when not on display. This last named feature obviously enhances the ready interchangeability of the data exhibited.

I have attained the above mentioned objects by forming a sign with an open faced frame of welded components, and welding panels bearing spaced metal strips to the Welded components constituting the main body of the frame.

Further objects and advantages of my invention will be obvious from the reading of the sub-joined specification in the light of the attached drawing, wherein Figure 1 is a face View of my improved sign.

Figures 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 are sectional views on the lines 2-2, 3-3, 4-4, 5-5, and 6--6 of Fig. 1.

My sign framework 10 is formed of four separate metal strips 11, 12, 13, and 14 constituting the top, bottom and sides of the sign. The top strip is of substantially rectangular cross section and is embossed outwardly at 15 to form an outer panel adapted to receive suitable indicia, such for example, as the name or trademark of the company using the sign. This section 11 is also provided with a bead 16 at its lower edge. A panel retaining strip 1'? is welded to the rear face of the main body 11 of the sign adjacent the lower edge thereof and is provided with offset flanges 18 extending above and below its main body. The side edges of the top section of the sign have flanges 20 which are bent inwardly and spaced from the main body of the top section as clearly illustrated in Fig. 4. These side edges together with the upwardly projecting flange 18 of the panel retaining strip 17 constitute a convenient holder for indicia bearing panels which are not currently in use.

The side portions-12 and 14 are substantially identical and a description of one will therefore suffice for both. These members consist of a front section 22 having a bead 23 and a rear section consisting of a flange 24. These side sections are welded to the top portion of the sign where they abut it at 29. The side sections 12 and 14 receive between their front portions and their bent over flanges 24 spaced strips 25 which are preferably welded to the rear of the front sections 22 of the side strips. These strips 25 consist of a main body portion interconnected with a pair of panel confining flanges 27 by means of reversely bent portions 26 which are adapted together with the flanges 27 to confine the panels to be displayed. The bottom strip 13 interconnects the side strips 12 at their lower edges and is substantially identical with the side strips except in the matter of length. An upwardly facing flange 19 is welded through an interior downwardly projecting flange to the bottom strip 13 and coacts with the lowermost panel retaining strip 25 to confine the lowermost indicia bearing panel.

The advantages of my improved sign will be at once apparent. It will be readily seen that the panels 28 may be easily inserted and removed from between the flanges 27 of respective retaining strips and it will also be seen that the front of the sign will present a very pleasing ornamental appearance due to the beaded portions of the strip and the arrangement of all fastenings rearwardly of the sign. It will also be seen that the space between the flange 18 of the uppermost panel retaining strip 17 and the flanges 20 of the uppermost strip 11 of the body of the sign affords a convenient receptacle for the panels which are not in use.

to those skilled in the art and I do not therefore wish to be limited except by the generic spirit of my invention as interpreted in the light of the sub-joined claims.

What I claim as new and useful and desire to protect by LettersPatent is:

1. A sheet metal sign comprising an open faced frame with rearwardly and inwardly flanged edges, and a series of spaced insert retaining strips secured to the back of said frame between the main body thereof and said flanged edges, said strips being adapted to retain between them a plurality of indicia bearing panels.

Modifications of my invention will be obvious l 2. A sheet metal sign comprising an open 1 faced framework consisting of a series of side and end strips secured together at their meeting edges, and formed with a bead around the opening of said framework, the side members being additionally formed with rearwardly and inwardly extending flanges in their outer edges, a plurality of insert retaining strips secured to the back of said open face framework, and overlapping said flanges, said insert retaining strips being provided with flanges adapted to secure the panels carrying the sign indicia in their respective positions.

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U.S. Classification40/611.6, 40/611.8
International ClassificationG09F7/10, G09F7/02
Cooperative ClassificationG09F7/10
European ClassificationG09F7/10