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Publication numberUS1922979 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 15, 1933
Filing dateMay 6, 1932
Priority dateMay 6, 1932
Publication numberUS 1922979 A, US 1922979A, US-A-1922979, US1922979 A, US1922979A
InventorsLouis Rechtschaffen
Original AssigneeLouis Rechtschaffen
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Air mattress or cushion
US 1922979 A
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g- 15, 1933- 1.. RECHTSCHAFFEN 1,922,979

AIR MATTRESS OR CUSHION Filed May 6, 1952 2 Sheets-Sheet l 1933- RECHTSCHAFFEN 1,922,979

AIR MATTRESS OR CUSHION .Filed May 6, 1932 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 fi z .9

Patented Aug. 15, 1933 UNITED STATES PATENT oFFicE '2 Claims.

This invention relates to an air cushion. or mattress and has for an object to provide an improved air cushion or mattress which is made of partly stuffed material and partly of a pad con 5 taining section.

A further object of this invention is to provide an air container for an air cushion or mattress, which air container is of such a shape that a plurality of cotton tufts may project therethrough.

Yet a further object of this invention is to provide an air container or mattress wherein the air container can be filled through a single valve.

Still a further object of this invention is to provide an air mattress or cushion which will consist of one or more units held together by a canvas container surmounted by an overlapping pillow and wherein each of the one or more units will consist of a combination of cotton tufts interposed between the lattice like opening in a unitary air container.

Still a further object of this invention is to provide an improved tufting for the mattress consisting of a cotton member held together by stitching and by an elastic band.

Yet an additional object of this invention is to provide an air mattress or cushion having an air container, in which the air containeris jacketed to a limit of expansion to the desired size.

With the foregoing and other objects in view, as will hereinafter becomeapparent, this invention comprises the constructions, combinations and arrangements of parts, hereinafter set forth, disclosed and shown on the accompanying drawings. Inthe drawings,

Figure 1 is a top plan view of the air cushion.

Figure 2 is a front elevation of same.

Figure 3 is a bottom view showing air valve.

Figure 4 is a plan View of the air cushion top, with the pillow removed and inner fabric partly broken away.

Figure 5 is a front elevation fabric partly broken away.

Figure 6 is a plan View of the air cushion.

Figure 7 is a sectional view taken on line 77 of Figure 4. v

Figure 8 is a perspective view of one of the cotton tufts.

Figure 9 is a sectional view taken on line 9-9 of Figure 6, and

Figure 10 is a modification partly in section, showing two layers of air cushions.

There is shown at 10 one form of this invention shown in the form of a cushion, but although the showing has been made of a pillow or cushof same front ion square or rectangular in shape this invention may be made up in a suitable size for use as a mattress of any desired shape, as will hereinafter become apparent.

The cushion it consists of a canvas receptacle 69 01' bottom 11 having an opening therethrough for an air valve 12. Secured along the sides of the receptacle 11 at suitably placed intervals, are fastening members 13 designed to cooperate with the fastening members 14 provided on projecting flanged 15 of a top pillow 16, this top pillow being suitably stuffed as with down or other suitable material. 1 Y

Aswill be observed. flanges 15 of the stuffed pillow 16 cooperate with the receptacle 11 to secure therein a cushion unit or units 17 and a' mattress roll 18, a bottom padding 19 being provided between the units 17 and the receptacle 11. A cover 30 on receptacle 11 is likewise held in place by sewing 31. The cushion may contain only a single unit 17 as shown in Figures 4, 5 and 6 or may contain two units 1'7 as shown in Figure 10. It will be further understood that as many additional units 17 may be provided in accordance with the thickness of mattress or cushion that is being made. Each unitl'i consists of an air pillow 20 lattice like in shape, as shown in Figure 6, a plurality of cotton tufts 21 and jacketing means 22 for the air pillow 20, there being a separate jacket 22 provided for each arm intersection and each border of the pillow. The air pillow 29 is a single unit consisting of a plurality of intersecting arms 23 and 24, the valve 12 being located at the intersection of two of the arms 23 and 24. As many of these 0 arms 23 and 2% will be provided as is desirable according to the size of the cushion or mattress.

Integrally connected borders 25 and 26 are likewise provided. Projecting inwardly from each of the and the borders are a plurality of fingers 2'7, the fingers 27 stopping short of each other, thus providing an opening projecting through the air pillow, there being five substantially separate openings provided between each four fingers 27, the openings being shown at 28.

A separate cotton tuft 21 is provided for each opening 28 in the mattress, the cotton tuft 21 consisting of a tufting of cotton sewed together to hold its shape and surrounded by an elastic band 29, the tuft 21 substantially filling the recesses 28. The jacketing means 22 consists of a piece of canvas or similar material laced about the fingers and the arms, the jacket lacing being shown at 29. The jacket 22 and lacing 29 are up substantially non-stretchable, and they serve to limit the amount that the air pillow 20 can expand when pressure is exerted therein through the valve 12, thus serving to keep the pillow in the proper shape. After the unit 17 is placed on the padding bottom 19 of the receptacle '11 the roll 18 is placed thereabout to provide a squared edge. The roll 18 may consist of a canvas tubing stuffed with cotton. The pillow 16 is then placed on top of the cushion 19, the fastenings 13 and 14 securing the flanges 15 of the pillow 16 in place, thus holding the entire device assembled. Before the air pressure is inserted, the jackets 22 may be hasted to the cover 3% as shown, to assist in keeping the cover and the jackets properly positioned. Air pressure from a suitable source is then inserted through. the valve 12, the jacket 22 serving 'to limit the expansion of the pillow arms and borders as has already been explained.

On omitting the pressure in the air pillow 20' until the device has been assembled, it is easy to assemble the entire cushion. When two or 'more units 17 are provided-in order to increase the thickness of the mattress, it will be found suffioient to omit inserting the pressure in the lowermost unit 17 until after the pillow or mat tress has been assembled.

The novel features and the operation of this device will be apparent from the foregoing description. While the device has been shown and the structure described in detail, it is obvious that this is not to be considered limited to the exact form disclosed and that changes may be made therein within the scope of what is claimed without departing from the spirit of the invention.

Having thus set forth and disclosed the nature of this invention, what is claimed is:

1. A cushion or mattress comprising a covered receptacle, a cushioned pillow top, means on said cushioned pillow top cooperating with said receptacle securing said top to said receptacle, and a cushioning unit received withinsaid receptacle, said cushioning unit including a lattice like air illow and a plurality of tuft members within the lattice openings in said air pillow.

2. A cushion or mattress comprising a covered receptacle, a cushioned pillow top, means on said cushionedpillow top cooperating with said receptacle securing said top to said receptacle, a cushionin unit received within said receptacle, cushioning unit including a lattice like air pillow and a plurality of tuft members within the lattice openin in said air pillow, and jacket in" means on'said air pillow limiting the expansion thereof.


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