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Publication numberUS1924150 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 29, 1933
Filing dateJul 16, 1931
Priority dateJul 16, 1931
Publication numberUS 1924150 A, US 1924150A, US-A-1924150, US1924150 A, US1924150A
InventorsJames H Browne
Original AssigneeJames H Browne
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Hose nozzle
US 1924150 A
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Aug. 29, 1933. J H, BROWNE 1,924,150

HOSE NOZZLE Filed July 16, 1931 can be readily and conveniently effected and within the reflector '7 a conventional bulb in 70 means for illuminating the nozzle of a gasoline tional switch mechanism including an operating .75

" spillage and loss. an expansible member or coil spring 9 operat- 30 attained and the device rendered simpler, less bulb illuminating u and Other directly SSO- "g5 "40 Figure 1 is a view in perspective illustrating an effective illumination whereby an Operator 95 I end of the nozzle as herein disclosed;

denotes a nozzle for gasoline or other pump demember Sleeve 3 0f the 8185's 6 is Such as 110 105 UNITED, imTsrri OFFICE Application July 16, 1931. Serial No. 551,262 1 Claim. (01. alt-6.46)

This invention relates to hose nozzles and has The forward end of this housing 1 terminates subrelation more particularly to a nozzle of this .stantially flush with the outer or discharge end kind especially designed and adapted for use in Of the nozzle N and snugly engaged within the 1' connection with gasoline or other pump delivery housing 1 is one or more dry batteries 2 of a con- 5 hoses, and it is an object of the invention to pro- ,ventional type, such as employed in connection vide a hose with an illuminating means to perwith flashlights now generally on the market. mit the operator when filling atank or the like Threaded in the opposite'endportions of the to see clearly the exact amount of fluidthe tank J housing 1 are the annular members or sleeves 3 contains, thus allowing the operator to accurately and 4, the forward member or sleeve 3 being pro- 10 and completely fill the tank without spillage; Vided W a inwardly disposed flange 5 V ot;

It is also an object of the invention to provide tact from without with a conventional glass bulls a nozzle of this kind with an illuminating means y 6 w h s h d i l s engagement w 21 whereby the desired application of the hose with reflector 'I. As is well known, there is arranged respect to the filling'opening or vent of a tank inwardly of the applied bulls'eye, glass 6 and more particularly after nightfall, and to provide proper electrical connection with the battery or an illuminating means of this kind which is enbatteries 2 and, in the present embodiment of my tirely fireproof. e invention, the operating circuit for such bulb or Another object of the invention is to provide illuminating unit is'under control of a convenor other pump delivery hose whereby sales will arm 8 extending rearwardly out through the rear be increased through ability to determine when a open e d of the housing 1. tank is really full and to also result in increased IIIteI'DOSed between the pp leelimembel sales through customer satisfaction in avoiding Sl ve 4 a d he adja t e d of a b t y 2 is .The invention consists i th d t il of c ing to maintain the battery or batteries 2 and the struction and in the combinationand arrangeother parts of the potential l n n meansv ment of the several parts of my improved hose n proper efieetive essembly- As the particular nozzle whereby certain important advantages are specific details of the battery batteries, t e

expensive and otherwise more convenient and' Parts Of the'illuminetingr ea s i their advantageous for use, as will be hereinafter more Construction felm n0 pertielllal p Of the fully set forth, present invention, a detailed description and illus- The n el features of m invention 111 here tration thereof isbelieved to be unnecessary. 35 inafter b definitely 1 With the operating circuit for the illuminating g In o d th t my i t n may be the better means closed it is believed to be apparent that a understood, I will now proceed to describe the beam of light'will be projected forwardly m Same with r fer e to theaccompa'nying r the housing 1 in advance of the discharge or deing, n; J livery end of the nozzle N and thereby providing may readily insert the nozzle within the filling opening of a tank and will also provide means whereby the operator can effectively determine whether or not the tank is properly filled.

With the circuit for this illuminating means, Figure 3 is a fragmentary longitudinal sectional l 1t 15 l behevett to be apparent that in view taken'through the delivery end portion of the use of the nozzle Spmage a other 1055 will the nozzle with parts in elevation; be effectively a As discl ed in th accompanying drawing N The mounting and assembly of the annular a nozzle for a gasoline or pump-delivery hose constructed in accordance with an embodiment of my invention; l V

Figure 2 is a View in elevation of the delivery 7 livery'hoses which, in the main,-is of a convenp v t as i r t l k r m reaching the tional construction or design but which has battery 2. r r I 7 formed at its delivery endportion an elongated From the foregoing description it is thought to tubular housing 1 open at opposite ends and disbe obvious that a hose nozzle constructed in ac-, 55 posed in a direction lengthwise of the nozzle N. I cordance with my invention is particularly welllllO provided with a housing disposed lengthwise and exterior thereof and terminating substantially flush with the discharge end of the nozzle, said housing being integral with the nozzle and open at opposite ends, a lamp positioned within the housing closely adjacent to its forward end, a battery for said lamp arranged within the housing rearwardly of the lamp, and a switch interposed in the operating circuit between the lamp and battery accessible through theinner open end of the housing.


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U.S. Classification362/96
International ClassificationB67D7/42
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