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Publication numberUS1924337 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 29, 1933
Filing dateAug 31, 1932
Publication numberUS 1924337 A, US 1924337A, US-A-1924337, US1924337 A, US1924337A
InventorsAlburt B. Troupa
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US 1924337 A
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g- 29, 1933- A. B. TROUPA DENTAL MASSAGING APPLIANCE Filed Aug. 51, 1952 gAM A V Patented Aug. 29, 1933 UNlTED STATES PATENT OFFICE DENTAL MASSAGING APPLIANCE Alburt B. Troupa, Princeton, 111. Application August 31, 1932. Serial No. 031,217

1 Claim.

tained, all as will hereinafter more fully appear- In the accompanying drawing:-

Fig. 1 is a sideelevation of brushing, rubbing and massaging appliance, embodying this invention.

Fig.2 is a detail transverse section on line 2-2, Fig. 3.

Fig. 3 is a detail longitudinal section on line 3-3, Fig.2.

. Like reference numerals indicate like parts in the diiferent views.

In the preferred form of the invention shown in Fig. 1, the handle or carrying member 1 of the appliance, is similar in shape and size to the handle member of the ordinary tooth brush now in general use, and in this improvement is formed of a moldable substance, such as bakelite or like cellulose derivative. While the brushing and massaging member 2 is in the form of an elongated approximately rectangular block of sponge or porous india rubber, with the attaching face of the block stiffened and rendered of a substan-- tially solid nature.

Such stiffening will usually be attained by an infiltration of the attaching face of the block 2 with a solution of india rubber or other like material adapted to become solid by subsequent vulcanization or other analogous treatment, and thus produce a thin and approximately rigid layer or portion 3 on the attaching side of the aforesaid brushing and massaging member or block 2.

The material part of this improvement involves an integral formation on the aforesaid approximately rigid attaching layer or portion 3 of the member or block 2, of a plurality of headed projections 4, preferably of a spheroid or like bulbous form and arranged in spaced relav tion lengthwise of the block 2 and produced during the formation of the same.

In the usual manufacture of this appliance, after the production of the-massaging block 2, its semi-rigid base 3 and headed projections 4 7Q in the manner above set forth, the handle or carrying member 1, composed of bakelite or analogous moldable material is molded in a suitable mold around the headed projections 4 on the contacting face of the semi-rigid portion 2 of the massaging block 2 to couple the manufacture of the appliance in the ,preferred form as the same as shown in Fig. 1.

Having thus fully described my invention'what I claim as new, is:-

A dental brushing and massaging implement of the type herein described, comprising a brushing and massaging member of an approximately rectangular block shape, formed of ous india rubber and having its attaching side stiffened into an integral semi-rigid layer. which in turn is formed with depending headed extensions, and a handle formed of moldable material and'molded around said headed extensions, the heads of said extensions having a bulbous form.


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