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Publication numberUS1924451 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 29, 1933
Filing dateApr 8, 1933
Priority dateApr 8, 1933
Publication numberUS 1924451 A, US 1924451A, US-A-1924451, US1924451 A, US1924451A
InventorsRoy Mcclarkey
Original AssigneeRoy Mcclarkey
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Bowl-holder for melted solder
US 1924451 A
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Aug. 29, 1933. R. M CLARKEY BOWL HOLDER FOR MELTED SOLDER Filed April 8, 1953 Roy McCzaiiZZ} UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE t I 1,924,451 1 BowL-HoLnER FOR MELTED soLDnn l t Roy McClax-key, Valley, Nebr. .nApplicationjApr il 3,1933. Serial no. 665,162 t 3 claims. (01. 294-27) The invention relates to a holder for solder viceand which operates as a holder. for the bowls, and has for its object to provide'a supbail of the receptacle,- the view being asection port for use while the bowl contains melted through said arm on line 3-3 of Fig. 1. solder, or which contains a liquid which might V Fig. 4 is a plan view of -a cornbinedbrace and cause injury to workmen if accidentlyoverdetent-banbeing a, terminal partof the second turned or spilled, V arm ;of. the device, said view being on, line 4-4 In the use of solder bowls,after the solder of Fig. 2. 1 a has been melted, it is often necessary that the Referring now to the drawing for a more par-' bowl with its contents be carried to the place eli d scription. t e vention is described 19 where repairs are td be made, this beinggtrue and illustrated in connection With a, receptacle in the work of plumbing, installation .of maor solderingbowl 5 provi Withabail 6 and a chinery or when stationary objects are to be record. or cable '7, said cord being used? in the: paired. One of the objects, therefore, is to prooperation of ev n the w while containing vide an attachmentor support for the bowl melted .oso d and used While lowering a d 5 which may be readily applied thereto and re bowl. n

moved therefrom, and includinga handle, said The device consists of a single strip, prefer- I support or attachment being such that the a ly' metal, bent o P v a h dle 8 and a bowl may be maintained in a horizontal posi- 'pa o d-p t o s in e sec ng arms 9 and f tion, remote from the handle, while carried o of d a at the cti p efabout, and that personal injuries may be 'erably being wound around the other arm as 75 id indicated at 11 toprovide a-strongconstruction, Also, during the work of repairing telephone said arm 9, outwardly of said intersection, being and telegraph lines which are supported above formed as a hook v12 ofspilel shape a the ground upon the, cros'sarms of telegraph movable mounting on the bail 6of the bowl. poles it is necessary to elevate the bowls with The m outwardly of d er ection is the melted solder to the linemen for use in provided, With aiu-shaped p g-m mber making repairs, a cord and pulley generally beo 13 for receiving a D 14 of the d ing used for this purpose, and therefore the. and outwardly of the hook D p 13 device is of such construction that the bowl and is a terminal shoe eonteetepieee 15 or en- 30. its contents will be maintained in a horizontal easi the si o the e p cl w en e parts 85 position and will not become overturned. by a p d as shown in 2 of the aw n accidental means. e o tha part of arm lo outwardly of said While the device maybe used to advantage by intersection, pe s as a brace-bar. plumbers, and used by linemen when repairing In operation, for hoisting or elevating the electrical conductors, as mentioned, it may be bowl or receptacle, the parts are disposed apused to equal advantage as a safety appliance proximatelyes shown in e 00p 14 of in the movement and handling of acids and the cord b n ou on the hook and various kinds of liquids. during the work of repairing telegraph or tele- With the foregoing objects in view and others p one W s, the Workman m y p ac the hook 40 to be mentioned herein, the invention presents a 13 pon y suitable pp 9 new and useful construction,combination and The advantage in the use of the hook 12 of arrangement of parts as described and claimed spiral s ap is the fact that it Prevents acciand as illustrated in-the accompanying 'drawdental disengagement thereof from the ball 6, ing, it being understood that. changes may be and tends to prevent any swinging movement of 'made in form, size, proportion of parts and the bail and bowl 5 in one direction. The shoe minor details, said changes being within the 15 consists of a curved bar, its curvature corscope of the invention as claimed. responding to the curvature of the side wall In the drawing, Fig. 1 is a side view of the of the bowl, so that it may suitably engage the device applied to a receptacle for elevating or bowl, said shoe or bar 15 being disposed aplowering it. proximately at right-angles to the adjacent p'orf Fig. 2 is a side view showing'the device in an tion of the arm 10, and it will be understood inverted position for manually supporting the that this shoe or bar operates as a detent to receptacle. i H prevent the device from becoming detached Fig. 3 is a plan view showing a terminal part, from-the loop 14 of the cable.

5 of spiral'form, for one of the arms of the de- For instance, during the upward movementof m the bowl by use of the cord or cable 7, if the handle 8 should accidentally encounter some obstruction it would be swung downwardly, the

' brace, and thereby the result being that the loop l4 mightbecome detached and slide outwardly from the hook 13,

that each part of the device discharges a function, the handle at this time being disposed outwardly of a side of the bowl, and the bail of the bowl being disposed in a horizontal posi-.

tion, approximately parallel with the arm 9',

the shoe 15 engaging the side 'of the bowl and,

together with that part of the arm 10 outwardly of the intersection 11, operating as a shoe 115 discharges a second function; 1 1 1 r It has been found that the device is of great advantage when used as illustrated in -Fig. -2

since the handle is disposed in a position remote from the bowl, and the latter may be conveni-' "ently supported while disposed in positions of 1 advantage during the operation of soldering,

Numeral 16 indicates a jacket or-cover for the handle, this covering consisting of any suitable material to operate, preferablmas a non-conductor of heat and electricity.

The loop 11 at the intersection of the arms 9 and 10 may be dispensed with provided the metallic strip mentioned has adequate strengthl for practical purposes, it being necessary, of course, that the device should be or rigid construction since the receptacle or bowl and its contents may have a considerable weight.

I claim as my invention, I 1. Ina holder for the purposes described,

a metallic strip bent between its ends to provide a handle and a pair of intersecting-arms, one of said arms being providedroutwardly' of said intersection with a'hook, the other arm of said pair being provided at its terminal, transversely thereof, with a shoe having a longitudinal curvature, said last named arm being bent to provide a supporting-member between said intersection and said shoe.

2. In a holder for the purposes described, a

a book of spiral form, the other arm of said pair being provided at its terminal, transversely ,metall-ic strip bent to provide a handle and a pair of intersecting arms, one of said arms outwardly of said intersection being provided with thereof, with a shoe,ancl provided between said I intersection and said shoe with a curved supporting-member.

3. In a ,holder forthe purposes described, a 7

metallic strip, bent adjacent to its ends to provide a handle and a-pair of arms intersecting and connected with each other inter-mediate their ends and said handle; one of said'arms being provided at its end with a hook of spiral.-

form, the other arm of said pair being provided at its end with a .shoe and having a part ap;

proximately of' U-shape to operate as support between said'shoe and said intersection.


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