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Publication numberUS1924478 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 29, 1933
Filing dateMar 12, 1932
Priority dateMar 12, 1932
Publication numberUS 1924478 A, US 1924478A, US-A-1924478, US1924478 A, US1924478A
InventorsBaker Gilbert L, Oberg Algot B
Original AssigneeBaker Gilbert L, Oberg Algot B
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Hose supporter
US 1924478 A
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Aug. 29, 1933 Kw E L@ f5 ,e

fr m0 1 shown in Figures 1 and 2;

Patented 29, i933 l Y Y1,924,4:za HosEsUProR'rEn 'Gilbert L.1`Bakerai1d Algot B. oberg, oakland,... f A Y Calif f f Appunti@ March i2, 19,32". serial No. 598,500

e claims. (o1. 24-26o) This invention relates to hose supporters, 'and has for its object the production of` a simple and efficient ladys hose supporter which' is so con structedas to efficiently grip the top of Va stocking inl order to eliminate all danger of creating runs in theV hose or stocking. f 1

i VAnother object of-this invention is the production of a simple and eicient hose supporter which is providedA with two smooth surfaces vbetween.

which the hose maybermly clamped, thereby eliminating `the necessity of drawing downthe clamping member over the'hose which would -be r.

likely to cause a run. 't t A further object of this invention is thepro-v duction of a'simple and efficient hose supporterV and clasp which will efficiently grip the top of `the hose and firmly support the same in engagement with the supporting elastic. Y lWith these and other'objectsin view, this invention consists ofcertainlnovel constructions, combinations and arrangements of parts as will be hereinafter fully described Vand claimed.`

In Vthe drawing: Figure 1 is a front porter and clasp;

Figure 2 is a rear shown in Figure 1; Figure 3 is an edge elevation ofthe structure elevation of the hose supelevation` of the structure line 4 4 of Fig- Figure 4 is a section taken on ure 1;

i Figure 5 is a section takenon line 5-5 of Figure 1; A Figure 6 is a section taken on line 6 6 of- Figure 1;

Figure 7 is a detail perspective view of the'hoseV supporting clip, the swinging jaw being shown in an openposition, the clip also being shown in` engagement with a wide strip of supporting elastic; and v Figure 8 is a vertical sectional'view through the supportingelastic illustrated in Figure '7 showing the sliding buckle mounted inan adjusted position upon the supporting elastic. p

By referring to the drawing, it will be seen that 1 designates the body of the hose supporting `clip which is preferably formed of a metallic structure comprising a. pair of interfitting sections 2 and 3, n each of the interiitting sections 2 land 3 having side iianges 4 and 5` `which. are adapted to abut and suitable rivets or other Asecuring means 6 may be employed for securing these flanges 4 'and 5 together, thereby holding the interfitting sections 2 and 3 in an assembled relation.. The'section 2 of the clip l is providedwith a stationary is secured to jaw 7 havinga rolled lip 8 along the lowerextremity. yA hinged jaw 9 is hingedly secured to the `section `3`by means of a supporting pintle 10 which extends through the anges 4' of vthe section 2 ofthe clip', the jay/'Shaving `a rolled portion `11 which lfits `transversely extending inwardly snuglyk around the supporting pintle 10. This hinged jaw V9 carries aller strip 12 between the inwardly bent lips 13 of the side flanges: 14of the/hinged. jaw` 9` and this filler strip or cleat 12 thev jaw by the inwardlyturned clamping-vp'ortions 13 and also the. studs 15 which extends through suitable apertures formed the hinged jaw 9, 'as illustrated.4 -This cleat 12 `is preferably convex in crosssectionandis adapted to be brought-into `interlocking'relation-with the inwardly turned rib 8 of the stationaryV jaw 7 and)v firmly grip the stocking 16 therebetween' and eiiicientlyhold therstocking in engagement with thev clas'porfclip.' l s `I z i L A sliding clip.17is'slidab1ymounted uponthe clasp 1 and is movable longitudinally-thereof'and` this sliding' clip '17 is prvidedwith end iianges 18` which arein turn'bent rearwardly of the-clasp 1 to .provideretaining hooks 419;` aslshownin Figure 6 and thereby permit a sliding clip to be freely movable longitudinally ofthe clasp 1. A

preferably struck outwardly N nger-grip portion `from the sliding clip is provided, as indicated aty 20, to facilitate the movement ofthe clasp 1. By carefully consideringthedrawing, it will be seen that the stationary jaw "I by having the translv'ersely extending inwardly bent rolledV rib 81 in conjunction with the rounded cleat 12 will produce an eflicient friction grip for Vthe stocking which will be of material length extending transversely across the top of the stocking so as to prevent the breaking of the iibre of thestocking and Aalso prevent the starting of larun, due to this wide gripping featureofthe jaw which will rmly clamp the stocking throughout 'the transverse area of the clasp. Thesliding clip 1-'7 is of such a structure as lto cause the hinged jaw 9 to be readily swung into rmclamping engagement with the stationary jaw? as thesliding clip 17 is moved Ydownwardly toward the vlower end of the clasp 1.

The clasp 1 is provided with suitable threading apertures 22, 23, 24, and 25, through which nar. row supporting elastic 26 may be threaded. lsuit-v able teeth 2'7 being employed in the aperture 25 and suitable teeth 28 being employed in the aperture 23 to efficientlygrip the elastic as is obvious f from the drawing, and hold the elastic ina firm position toprevent' slipping. The elastic 26 may `be supported` in, any suitable or desiredmanner to a girdle, it heingusual to use the narrow elastic for this purpose.

When it is desired to use the clip in conjunction with corsets, the wider band of elastic illustrated and indicated bythe numeral 29 may be employed upon which wider strip of elastic 9y mayA be adjusted the sliding buckle 30 having two rows of adverse teeth indicated by the numerals 31 and ,32 in Figures 7 and 8. Through the medium of this sliding buckle 30 a proper adjustment ofv the elastic 29 may be had. A suitable link 33 may be clipped into engagement with the clasp 1 :as shown in Figure 7, for attaching the wide band v. of .elastic 29 to the clasp 4. .By means ofthe .shown in Figure V4.

lstructure just described, it will be seen that the clasp may be readily attached to the elasticwithvout the necessity ofsewing or stitching the elastic to the clasp, due to the arrangement of the sliding buckle when wide elastic is used, and also due to the manner of threading the elastic 26 through -the :respective :apertures formedA in `the clasp, y as 'It should be understoodof course that certain detail changes in the mechanical structure .so far as this .connection is .concerned may be employed without departing' from the spirit of the invention f I Y will have an` even contact on the material, 'and these jaws will rmly tions,

Y 'secured ltogether `by means of the. sliding :clasp,.to provide :an even 'g tension over the entire width of the jaws .Having described the invention, what'is claimed asnew isi#- I 1. A .hose Supporter of the. classdescribed cornprisng a body' .having a pair oi linterloclnfngqseceach'- section navinginturned flanges, the

which would not require skill to a piece vof -elastic Fi'irthenv movementl entirely vaway from said anges ofv one section overhanging the flanges of the adjoining section, means for locking said ilanges together, a stationary jaw carried .by one section, a hinged jaw carried by the other section, stocking gripping means carried by said jaws, and means forvclamping said Vjaws together to provide stocking-gripping portions along the contacting points of Vsaid jaws. f A' f 2. .Aclasp for use. in connection with .hose supporters comprising a body jaw, a hinged jaw, a pintle tionary jaw, said'hinged Vjaw being provided with a rolled portion iitting over said pintle for con-V stituting a hinge for said hingedjaweach jaw being provided'with a `substantially wide smooth gripping portion at the extremitythereof, a sliding clip mounted upon said stationary jaw and adaptedto be brought down over said hinged jaw for firmly clamping said hinged jaw to said: stationary jaw, said sliding clip being provided with Vrefnwardly bentoverhanging ends for retaining Y said clip upon said clasp, and a finger-hold formed fupon the front of said sliding clip. v Y 3. .A clasp ,of the class described .comprising-a body ,formed of a pairof interntting sections, one of said sections'having a projecting end constituting a'stationaryv jaw, the terminal :of `said stationary iawbeing .slightly inturned and having a transyerseiyv extending .relatively long .smooth gripping portion, the other section having a hinged jaw secured nearnne end thereof, said hinged jaw having fanelongated :substantially wide and smooth gripping extremity.. adapted to register with the .extremity .of said `stationary jaw for lproducing a clampingv action, and a `:sliding clip slidably Amounted upon l the said stationary jawl and' adapted to be moved over having a stationary. carried by saidV sta,-v

said hinged jaw for firmly clamping .said 'hinged jaw upon said stationary jawfsaid kclip being capable of hinged jaw Wherebysaid hinged jawY .may be swung toa wide open position relative tofsaid .stationaryA iaw. GILBERT L. BAKER.

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