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Publication numberUS1924494 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 29, 1933
Filing dateAug 26, 1929
Priority dateAug 7, 1929
Publication numberUS 1924494 A, US 1924494A, US-A-1924494, US1924494 A, US1924494A
InventorsGelinas Urbain
Original AssigneeGelinas Urbain
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Refrigerating trunk for automobiles
US 1924494 A
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Aug. 29, 1933. U. GEUNAS REFRIGERATING TRUNK FOR AUTOMOBILES Filed Aug. 26. 1929 l izfew/a/'x Urbani elzlzas' fl/ /gwm,

Patentedug- 29,1933 Y* i i '.11 `f1,924,494 Y RFRI'GERATING TRUNK'FOR Y AUTOMOBILES Urbain Glinas, Montreal, Quebec, Canada V .i'imlioation' August 26, 1929, seal No. "3s8,5 9 7"" f and VAnfanala August.7,w1929 1" @clama l(ci. 19o- 12) The present invention pertains to a novel de- Q14 in guides 15 formedV Von the partition 1'0. a nd vice in. the" form of avalise or trunk adapted to'V adjacent end wall iof th'ejlooX .The `door'fisfof be carried on.v the rear end of a motor vehicle and sufcientheight to coverth rwardend of the constructed to contain ice and food, aswell as"spa`ce beneaththe'shelf y`13A t'o beraised'T toaY .i clothing or other V .aiticles, in a convenient-man higher position, f f`- if' i ner. i i i A tray .16`is` adaptedftofrestonthe shelf13 With this object in View, the device is built of and has a continuous'iiangel'? along three edges insulating double Walls Withg'a hinged top and .thereof 'and a depending flange 18Uat the remainside and provided with a lpartition defining re ing edge. The travis mounted ontlie shelf with frigerating and storage compartments. Both the ange 18 atthe rearof the compartment, as,l65 f compartments may contain food, and an Openshown inFigure 3, for the purpose of supporting ing is vformed in theV partition to permit the pas-- i a cake of ice. The food is placedfon`thebottom` Sage of cool nii' from the ice compartment to of the box beneath the shelf, and the nangels the other. The storage compartment, on the conducts thewater from the ice directlyto'the other vhand is designed also to contain clothing, bottom ofthe compartment without interferinglg70v Y in which oase the aforementioned opening isV withth'efood. Water-is'drainedfromthe bottom unnecessary andr may be closed. through a drainhole 19. The hinged 130D and Sidemalie Jthe linteIiOI When the food contents are bottled or other. of the device readily accessible, and the hinged wise unaffected by water, theice maybe placed side may in factV be supported ina vertical posidirectly upon the screen shelf 13. `In`this case,{i75V tion to serve as a table. Y the tray l'may be placed in the bottom of the j. The invention is fully disclosed by Way of eX- compartment 11, with' its flange 18 extending ampie in the following 'description and in the aeupwardly. IThe water then drips upon the food to COmDeIlying drawing in Which Vcool the same and -ows down theange 18 to Figure 1 iS a perspective View of the device thedrain ho1e. 11n either oasethe vdoor 14 isrgo in Open Condition; i' closed to seal the food space beneath the shelf.` i Figure 2 iS e peSDeCtiVe VieW 0f the dei/ice `In the compartment Y12', a `screen'for grating` CIOSeCi;v Y 20 is supp0rtedadjacent the partition 10 for a j Figure 3 is a transverse vertical section; purpose which will presently appear. The mem-Q ,30 Figllie 4 iS a DeISDeCtiVe View 0f the iCe tray; .ber 207111 .conjunction with the opposite end Wa111185 Figure 5 iS e detail View` 0f Iche drain; V[of the compartment 12 supports a set of horie Figure 6 is a detail-Section showing the venzontaireticulated shelves 21 in any conventional tilation port; and l mannerj Y Figure '7 is a detail section of the drain. 1 J The partition 10 has a vsmall opening 22 Vcut Reference to these views `will new be made by therethrough but adapted to be closed by a'g9o 'l f usev of like Characters Whieh are employed t0 sliding shutterj 2 3 `as shown inFigure 3. Thus, Y deSignaie'COI'ieSpOidiilg peY'GS thTGU-hOJ-tby opening the shutter, the'Y cold air developed.

In FiglleS 1 and is Shown Valise 0.1 trunk. in the ice compartmentlmay caused to circu` comprising a box-like body structure lnhaving late through the Compartment 12 when food is a top 2 hinged thereon es at 3 and adapted to loe'V placed" on the shelves 21. ongthe other hand;l 95 j carried at the rearV end of an automobile. VThe Clothing `maybe packed into the' compartment floni? Wan 4 is alsorhmgedly mmmted at 5 and .12, land in this case `thevshutter'l23 is closed to*` may be Supported in tablzoal postm 'by la' seal off the cold damp air developed in the ice Cham 6 to Serve as a' a e as s Own in' gure com artment. Itmay novv be pointedfout thatl i i A Chain 7 atached to the to? 2 prevents the the grating 20 serves'as a guard for preventing 100 eA 1 -t .i sheets aV of insulating material with a'dead air the mV-O'lstiie space 9 therebetween as illustrated 1n Figure 3. A Ventilating hole 24 is out through. the Xv-lgrm i l e t fthe box is divided transversel v byTahiliIedelggtgtion 1o forming an itev compartiI telior end Well of the Compartment 12 and is. y ment 11 and a storage compartment 12. vIn the tiied With a 'Sreen 25 topevem? entrance 0f,;\1 i '-7 compartment 11 is supported a shelf 13 preferably dust/ The bef/170m. edge 0f ".fthefPeIEIGIOIiVv has Y.

, consisting of screen or grating. In thev frontofv. VVSmall holes 26 .whereby molsturefCOildenSl.. gzeil im the compartmentll is slidably mountedfa door i the side `thereof .in compartmentli and oyving T1110 Y.

j hasbeen illustrated and described, it -will lbe' downwardly may continue to ow into compart- 1 31 latches 32 and straps 33.

ment 11 andto the drain hole 19.v

Y Into the hole 19 is fitted a cone 27 having upright strips 28 with outward flanges 29 for supporting purposes, as shown in Figures 5 and 7, At the base of the cone are Vcut notches 30k which permit theescape of'drain-water but prevent the yentrance of :dust'and air. -The boxv or body may be tightly closed by means of a lock The body has handles 34 for lifting.V A Y Although a specic-embodiment. of theinvention understood that Various alterations inthe details of construction may b :made :without \de,Y parting from the scope ofthe invention as indicatedV by the `appended claims;

`What I claim iszn 1. A device of the character ldescribedlcomprising a box-like body, a partition dividing the same into two f compartments,v means for accommodating lice and food inone of said compartments, and la grating at the side of said partition 'presented to the other compartment.

2. A devickerof` the character described comprising a box-like body, a partition dividing the same into two compartments, means for accommodating ice and food linfoneof said compartments, and a grating at the side of said partition presented to the other compartment, said partition having an opening therethrough,l and a shutter xadapted to close Vsaid opening.

3. A device of the character -described com- `pri-sing Va box-like body,`ra partition dividing the same into twofcompartments, means for accom- 1modating ice and food in one of said compart- .ments, `andagrating at the side of said partition ,presentedt'o'the other compartment, and shelves insfaid other compartment.

4. deviceof the character'described comprisinga box-like body, a partition dividing the vsame into two compartments, means for accommodating vice and food in one of said compartments,and a grating at the side of-said partition presented to the other compartment, said partition having `an opening therethrough, a shutter adapted to Vclose ksaid *openingY and shelves in said other compartment.


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