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Publication numberUS1926184 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 12, 1933
Filing dateMay 28, 1931
Priority dateMay 28, 1931
Publication numberUS 1926184 A, US 1926184A, US-A-1926184, US1926184 A, US1926184A
InventorsChauncey H Schwer
Original AssigneeChauncey H Schwer
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Golf bag
US 1926184 A
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Sept. 12, 1933. c. H. scHwx-:R

GOLF BAG Filed May 28, 1931 Patented Sept. 12, 1933 UNITED STATES 1 claim. (c1. 15o-1.5)

This invention relates to the provision in a golf bag of means for keeping the same in a standing position upon the ground. Golfers who employ no caddy, carry their own bags and when making a shot it is necessary that the bag of clubs be laid upon the ground. The present invention contemplates associating with the golf bag means for penetrating the ground so thatl the bag may be held in standing position. Q In the accompanying drawing:

Fig. 1 is a view of a golf bag with clubs therein illustrating the same standing upon the ground with the ground-penetrating device in operative position.

5 Fig. 2 is an enlarged detail of locking means.

Fig. 3 is a View in illustration of a modified form.

Fig. 4 is a view of the golf bag showing a still further modified form.

The bag comprises the usual body 1 having an upper ring or end portion 2 and a lower end portion 3, and may be equipped with the usual shoulder strap 4, handle 5 and accouterment pocket 6. As shown in Fig. 1 the clubs are usually placed in the bag with their heads uppermost.

The invention may be carried out by attaching to the bag a rod which may have a handle formation 11 at its upper end and which is mounted for reciprocable movement. For this purpose a guide 12 may be secured to the top portion 2 of the bag, and a guide 13 secured to the lower portion 3 of the bag, each equipped with bearing like members 14 and 15 in which the rod 10 may reciprocate. The lower end of the rod is preferably pointed, as at 16, for penetration into the ground as shown. The rod may be pushed into the ground the foot may be employed for this purpose for which a projecting device 17 may be secured to the rod which the foot may engage for depressing the same. The lower member may be slotted, as shown at .18, and provided with horizontal notches 19. On the rod there may be a projection or pin When the bag is carried the ground penetrating rod is preferably shifted to the position shown by dotted lines in Fig. 1. To hold it in this position it may be rocked on its axis to position the pin 20 over a portion of the sleeve member 15. When it is desired to rest the bag upon the ground for the purpose of executing a shot, the` bottom of the bag is by manual operation through the handle 11, or

rested upon the ground, asshown in Fig. 1, thek rod is rocked to bring the pin 20 into alignment with slot 18 whereupon it may be depressed either by the hand or foot. This then serves to hold the golf bag in erect position standing on the ground so that it is easy to select a club and replace the same after use. In some instances it may not be necessary to rock the rod to` engage the pin 20 in slot 19, especially on level ground.l Where, however, it is desired tostand the golf bag on a slope or hillside, the rod 10 is preferably located on the upper side and then the same may be rocked to engage the pin 20 in a slot 19. This prevents the weight of the clubs from tipping. the bottom of the bag and sliding it upwardly on 0 the rod 10, as the base of the bag is held tight- I ly down against the ground.

In the form shown in Fig. 2 there are two ground penetrating devices reciprocably mounted in guides and 26. These devices comprise 75 rods or tines 27 and`28 and may be equipped with a handle 29 at the upper end and a foot engaging device 30. There may be sufficientA friction provided by reciprocation thereof to hold the tines in any given position.

As shown in Fig. 4, the ground penetrating device comprises two prongs or tines which may have a construction similar to that of Fig. 3, and are arranged to constitute ribs of the bag. A conventional golf bag construction is to have 85 stiffening ribs running from top to bottom usually confined in the structure as by means of leather facing strips 35. Instead of placing a rib in some of these facing strips the tines 36 o and 37 may be employed. The tines in kthis case may have a handle or other suitable device 38 at their upper end, and a foot-engaging device 39 which may connect the tines through open slots 40 in the leather covering strips.

It is to be noted that a golf bag so equipped with this invention does not have a bulky or otherwise unwieldy shapeor undesirable appearance. The over-all length is not increased, for as, shown in Fig-1, the normal extent of the clubsabove the golf bag may be greater than fi-00 the extent of the rod above the golf bag when it is in inoperative position. Accordingly,l the bag may be stored and carried after the manner of any conventional golf bag. In the form shown in Fig. 4 not only are the rods substantially concealed but they perform the dual function of reinforcing ribs for the bag and ground penetrating means.

I claim: no

A golf bag comprising a bag body having ang-j exposed portion between the guides adapted to be engaged by the foot of an operator for foreing it into the ground, one of the guide members being slotted and having one or more notches opening into the slot, a locking pin on the rod ike member normally positioned in the slot, said rod like member being rotatable in its guides to position the pin in a notch to lock the rod lkemember in its uppermost position.


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