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Publication numberUS1926299 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 12, 1933
Filing dateNov 4, 1932
Priority dateNov 4, 1932
Publication numberUS 1926299 A, US 1926299A, US-A-1926299, US1926299 A, US1926299A
InventorsMonk Howard H
Original AssigneeNelson Knitting Company
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US 1926299 A
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H. H. MONK Sept. 12, 1933.

CARTON Filed NOV. 4, 1932 Patented Sept. 12, 1933 CARTON HowardHQ Monk, Rockford, Ill., assignor-l to Nelson Knitting Company, Rockford, 111,, 1a

corporation of Delaware H Application November 4, 1932. SerialNo. 641,235 w I 4'o'ia s; (Cl. 206-44) This invention relates to a new and improved carton adapted for use in connectionwith hosiery and similar merchandise, both forshipment and display purposes. 2 v i 5 The principal objectof my. invention is to provide a carton having a foldable bellows end which is adapted to be folded'so that a flap forming part of the end can be entered therein to close the carton securely enough'for shipment while still'al lowing the same to be opened easily bythe merchant, one of the side walls of the carton being, perforated inwardly from the flap to permit bending up a portion of thelwall to serve as a prop for the flap which is adapted to rest on top of the merchandise in the carton and to have. suitable advertising matter thereon pertaining to the mer chandise. I a 'In the drawing illustrating the invention Figure 1 is a perspective view of a carton made in accordance with my invention showing the bellows end closed, as in shipment;

Fig. 2 is a similarview showing the bellows end open;

Fig. 3 is another similar view showing how the 35 wise of one end, as indicated at 11, and out along the lines 5 so as to form flaps 12 to 15. The flaps 12 and 14 overlap one another when folded in- .wardly from opposite sides of the carton, and the flap 13 has tongues 16 formed thereon to enter slots 17 cut in the flap so that these flaps, when folded in from the other opposite sides'of the carton, can be interlocked in a well known manner to seal the one end of the carton. My invention is particularly concerned with the con- 5 struction of the other end of the carton.

The other end of the blank is scored crosswise in'parallelism with the scoring 11, as at 18, and end flaps 19 to 22 are marked off in the end porr tion of the blank by continuing the scoring along the lines 5, as shown. A small tab 23 is formed contiguous with the edge of the flap 19 by'reason of the notch 24, and this tab is arranged to overlap the edge of the flap 22 and be glued thereto. The flaps l9 and 21 are scored in the form of a 5 V, as at 25, to mark on the triangles a,-b and c,

7 is desired to use the carton for display purposes on flap forming part of the bellows end is used for with the line 18.

thus tami g the flap-5.19am 21 to molded infrom the opposite sides toward. each other, as a bellows, thereby defining a pocket between the flap .22 and'the portions a oftheilaps 19 and 21, as indicated at 26 in Figure 1, to receive .the ,0 flap 20. In this way, the carton is closed secur'eother end so as totake advantage of the display feature which I will'now describe.

, 'The flap has advertising matter printed thereon or applied thereto, as indicated at 27,

pertaining vto the merchandise 28 in the carton,

which in'the present case happens to be socks. It

the counters, shelves, or in display windows, and to have the advertising matter on the flap stand out as prominently as possible so as to attract the prospective customers attentionto the merchandise. With that object in view, the end of the panel '7 is perforated along the converging lines 29 and 30 extending inwardly from the edges of the flap 20, thus permitting one to cut or tear the material of the carton, first along the lines 5 to the inner end of the flap 20 and then along the lines 29 and 30, and then to bend up the end portion 31 of the panel along a line 32 scored in parallelism In that ,way, the flap 20 is propped by the portion 31 as it rests on top of the merchandise in the carton, the latter being pulled out of the end of the cartonto a certain extent, as shown, for the purpose'of better displaying the vsame. The triangular portions 0 of the flaps 21 are either cutoff or folded in outof the way. Theyare cut away as the carton appears in Fig. 3.

It will appear from the foregoing description that I have provideda carton of extremely simple and economical construction and one which, in addition'to serving the purpose of a shipping container, presents such a neat and attractive appearance when opened and prepared for display purposes, that the sale of the merchandise contained therein is greatly promoted thereby. The merchandise is kept neatly arranged instead of being stacked in piles which present an untidy apend flaps constituting continuations of .said.

being elongated to ,provide a retaining :end :por-

tion to keep. the folded end closed, the elongated flap being further adapted to serveas a display" sign for advertising the mercl1andise;in' .the carton when the end is open andfthe'merchandise pulled out so as to be exposed to view, said elongated end flap beingseparable at its lateral edges "from the contiguousend flaps, and a prep for said'flap .formedby an end portion of. theipanel contiguous with 'sai'd flap, bent outwardly from the plane of said panel; said prop-servingfto supportthe flap in a position Testing .011 :tbpvor the merchandise ,for display purposes, the 'end of the panel contiguous with said flap being provided with'perforations extendinginwardly from the "end ofthe panel 'in converging lines, for the pura pose described.

2. A carton as set forth in claim "1 wherein'ithe endvof the panel contiguous 'with the elongated end flap is scored crosswise in parallelism with the end of the panel at the inner ends of said converging lines, so as to define the bending line for the prop.

3. In a carton, the combination of a side panel, an end flap constituting a continuation of said panel and/adapted 'tomserve as :9. display sign when properly-disposed in a raised position with relation to the carton, and a prop for said flap formed by an end portion of the panel bent outwardly from the plane of said panel to support the flap in a raised position for display purposes, the panel being provided with perforations extending inwardlyirom the end of the panel in converging linesior the purpose described.

4-. Elna carton, thecombination of a side panel,

an :end iflap constituting a continuation of said panel and adapted to serve as a display sign when properly disposed in a'raised position with relation the carton, and a prop ,for, said flap formed'by anend portion of the panel ,bent outwardly from the plane of said panel to support the flap in a raised po'sitionfor display purposes, the panel being provided with perforations vex- 'tending inwardly from the, (end or the ,panel in converging lines for the purpose described, said panel Jbe'ing scored crosswise substantially vin parallelism with the end of the panel .at thefinner ends "of .the converging lines, so as .to define the bending line for the prop.

.' nowann n. MONK.

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