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Publication numberUS1926652 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 12, 1933
Filing dateFeb 23, 1932
Priority dateFeb 23, 1932
Publication numberUS 1926652 A, US 1926652A, US-A-1926652, US1926652 A, US1926652A
InventorsRosenfeld Raphael S
Original AssigneeRosenfeld Raphael S
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Timed defrosting mechanism
US 1926652 A
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Sept. 12, 1933. R, s. RosENr-'ELD 1,926,652

TIMED DEFRosTING MEcHANIsM' Filed Feb. 23. 1932 IIHIF ill ul INVENTOR Patented Sept. l2, 193,3


This invention relates to timed defrosting mechanism for mechanical refrigerators and for other devices.

The invention has for its object the provision of means for automatically rendering the defrosting mechanism effective under prede'ter mined conditions and for specified periods of time. In other words, this phase of the invention depends upon time and/or volume control.

A further object includes the provision of timedurationfmechanism for controlling a predetermined flow of the operating medium, such as gas or electricity, to an attached refrigeratorv or other unit and has, therefore, to do with supply control,

It is a further purpose of my invention to provide, in my time control and supply control defrosting mechanism, a construction that is driven either by the operating medium or by a synchronous motor or clock which, in one form, depends on a coin or a number of coins of predetermined denominations for initiating and continuing its operation. The time-duration feature of my improved defrosting mechanism is, therefore, capable of including a prepayment plan whereby a specified portion of the operating coin is applied towards the purchase price or the rental of the refrigerator or other unit. Moreover, my defrosting mechanism may be constructed as a unit and operated from a synchronous motorlwithput embracing the coin control features.- In either case I provide an electrically operated supply control for regulating the operating medium to the refrigerator or other unit. f

I also provide a coin releasing electrically controlled 4lock device for limiting the rotation of the disk (or its equivalent) of the time-duration device. 1

Other objects will appear hereinafter and I attain these objects by a construction illustrated in the accompanying drawing, in which Figure 1` is a rear elevational view of my coin operated timed defrosting mechanism;

Fig. 2` is a view similar to that of Fig. 1 but is without the coin control features and the locking mechanism; and

Fig. 3 is viewed .on line 3-3 in the direction of the arrows.

Similar reference characters refer to like parts throughout the several views.

In the construction shown in Figure 1 I have illustrated a form of defrosting mechanism which is driven by a synchronous motor such as a clock and depends upon a coin of predetermined value for its starting operation. This coin closes an of Fig. 1 looking electric circuit whereby the motor is placed in operation and the time-duration device, which may be in the form of a disk, is set in motion. The motion is so controlled, in a preferred form, that the disk rotates oncein a given period as twenty-four hours and accordingly affords a timeduration element. The time-duration element puts in operation a switch controlling device which opens a normally clos'ed electric circuit and thereby closes a valve for cutting ofl the flow of gas to a refrigerator (not shown) to which the device is applied. The device herein shown is designed to be applied to refrigerators of the gas operated type. Obviously the gas controlling valve may be replaced by an electric control .device for electrically operatedrefrigerators without departing from the spirit and scope oi' my invention. v

Referring now to the drawing, in Figure 1 the defrosting switch and associated partsare enclosed in a casing 10 which is provided with a coin shoot l1 for receiving a coin 12, or a number of coins, of predetermined value. The coin is dropped by gravity into a pocket 13 ofthe time-duration device or disk 14. Adjacent to the disk is a spring contact finger l5 with which the coin engages and closes the circuit between the end of the finger 15 and the disk 14 thereby energizing the synchronous motor or the clock circuit 16. When the coil of solenoid 1'7 is energized it withdraws the lock pin 18 from slot 19 in the shaft 20 which is driven by the synchronous motor. Disk 1i is thus rotated at a given rate in the direction of the arrows and the spring wiper finger 15 engages the disk li during its time of rotation after coin 12 is moved beyond the contact finger 15. Soon ythereafter it is dropped into a coin shoot 21\and attached coin box 21. As the disk returns to its initial position another coin must be supplied to keep it in i operation. If, however, no coin is present or supplied the circuit will be broken and solenoid 17 de-energized so that lock plunger '18 again locks shaft 2K0 and the mechanism is stopped. A spring 22 maintains the plunger in locked position when the coil is not energized.

Disk 14 is provided with a pin 23 which successively engages, with each rotation, teeth 24 of vthe star Wheel 25, advancing the same a fraction of a turn depending upon the number of teeth on the star wheel. The star wheel is also provided with a cam 26. Adjacent to the star wheel is a switch 27 for operating thel solenoid 28 when the switch is closed. When the solenoid 28 is energized plungerk29-is moved so as to swing the 2- valve lever 30- from its full line or closed position to its dotted line position. thus opening the valve which is diagrammatically represented at 31. Gas now flows through proper channels 4 5 into ,the refrigerating device not shown. Norconstruction which is operated by a synchronousV clock 35.' Said motor or clock in therconstruction shown in motor or electric drives shaft 20 as Fig. 1 and thereby places into 14' of the time-duration device. This disk, as also 1the one shown in Fig. l, is provided with teeth 36 which mesh with teeth 37 of pinion 38 on shaft 20. Since the mechanism is operated directly from the electric clock or synchronous motor disk 14 is not dependent upon coin release or the electric lock devices for governing the operation of the time-duration device. Solenoid 28 is energized when switch 27 is closed and when so energized the gas supply valve 31 is opened as before.

By referring to Fig. 2 it is apparent-that the time during which the defrosting switch is held in open position may be varied by varynig the length of time switch 2'1 engages with cam 26. One way of doing this is by adjustably positioning the switch so as to vary the extension of the wiper finger in the path of the cam. This may be done by mounting the switch on a block 39 which may be moved by means of a handle 40 from the position shown to where the block engages a spring pressed ball 41 to hold it in -its present position. If the switch on block 39 is now moved so that the recess 42 engages ball 43 the contact finger of switch 2'7 will also 'be moved so that the wiping arc of cam 26 is shortened. The time that the switch is open is, therefore, shorter whereby. the period of defrosting is varied.

In the forms discussed above I have shown a gas control valve for regulating the flow of the operating medium to the refrigerator or other unit. Obviously the gas control device may be replaced by a device for controlling the electric current without departing fromithe spirit and scope of .my invention. Such a device may be r used to supply current to an electric refrigerator, or to other lelectrically operated implements such as electric washer, ironer, and other appliances. fj V In Figure -1 I have shown a casing 9 which encloses the gas valvev and solenoid'for safety. Having now defined my invention what I claim as new and useful is:

1. In a defrosting mechanism, the combination of a disk rotatably mounted, of driving means for rotating said diskf means for locking said driving means against operation, a supply operating medium,

3. In a defrosting mechanism, a

rotation the `disk that the longer contact nger of f' Lacasse f l and a'switch for controlling said operating means.

2. In a defrosting mechanism, the combination of a-disk rotatably mounted, means for rotating said disk, a valve for controlling the flow of an a solenoid for controlling said valve. a switch for controlling said solenoid,

a cam for opening said switch to thereby deener-v gize `said solenoid and close the valve, and means controlled by said rotating disk for timing' the defrosting periods.

time-duration device including a rotatively mounted disc, means forrotating said disc, a switch control wheel adjacent said disc, means on said disc for repeatedly advancing said wheel in the same direction, a switch normally closed, and a cam on lcontrol valve, Ameans for operating said valve,

said wheel for holding open the switch a given period of time.

4. In a defrosting mechanism, a time-duration device including a rotatively mounted disc and means for rotating said disc, a star wheel adjacent said disc, said wheel having a succession of teeth, means on said disc for engaging successive teeth on the star wheel with each rotation of the disc, a refrigerator power supply control device, means for-operating said device, and a switch for controlling said operating means.

5. In a defrosting mechanism, the combination of a time-duration device including a disc and means for rotating said disc at a fixed rate of speed, a star wheel adjacent said disc, means 1 on said disc for engaging the teeth of said star wheel and for rotatively advancingthe same, a refrigerator power supply control device, means for controlling said refrigerator power supply' control device, a switch for rendering operative said refrigerator lpower supply control device controlling means, said switch normally being closed, and means on said star wheel for opening said switch at a predetermined time and for a given period.

6. In a defrosting mechanism ofthe type described, comprising a means for operating a time duration device a predetermined period of time, the combination of a time-duration device and a refrigerator power supply controlvdevice for controlling the flow of a refrigerator operating medium, means electrically energized for maintaining saldrefrigerator power supply control device epen, 'and means including a switch actuated by said time-duration device forv period-v ically deenergizing said electrically energized means and thereby closing the refrigerator power supply control device.

'7. In aJ defrosting mechanism,a time-duration device including a rotatively mounted disc and means for rotating said disc, a wheel adJacent said disc, said wheel having a succession o'f teeth and a hub, a pin on said disc for engaging successive teeth on said wheel, a refrigerator power supply control valve, means for operating said lll

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