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Publication numberUS1927365 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 19, 1933
Filing dateMar 15, 1933
Priority dateMar 15, 1933
Publication numberUS 1927365 A, US 1927365A, US-A-1927365, US1927365 A, US1927365A
InventorsNatal Frolio
Original AssigneeNatal Frolio
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US 1927365 A
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Sept. 19,` 1933.

N. FROLIO TOOTHBRUSH K Filed March l5, 1933 2 Sheets-Sheet l Invenor f1 llorney Sept. 19, 1933.

N. FROLIO TooTHBRUsH Filed March l5, 1933 2 Sheets-Sheel'l 2 Inventor `/llllomey Patented Sept. 19, 1933 PATENT OFFICE UNITED STATES 2 Claims.

'Ihis invention relates to an improved tooth- .brush which in general appearance and construction resembles an ordinary or conventional type brush but which possesses noteworthy structural distinctions and refinements permitting it to function in a more satisfactory and dependable manner.

The principal structural distinction is predicated on the adoption and special adaptation of a .bristle head made up of adjustable companion sections joined together and designed in such a manner as to permit it to be used to clean the outer or exposed surfaces of the teeth in the regular way While at the same time permitting satisfactory access to be hadfor cleaning the inner surfaces of the teeth in a -much more practical and eiective manner than is' capable of accomplishment. with present-day marketed forms of brushes.

So far as I have been able to ascertain from limited research Work, it is new and novel in this particular line of endeavor to provide a toothbrush whose head L1s divided into oomplmental hingedly connected sections withfthe inner sec-.

non formed integrin with the ,hanme,and..rhe

outer section hinged to saidqmnensect-iomtoigether with means for normallvsecring the two sections in longitudinal alinement'forfexterior work and allowing the outer-swingable lvsection to assume an angular position withrespotfto the other section for dependable interiotgworkk,

In perfecting a suitable structurefor-accomplishing these results, I havellevolved'and v.produced an arrangement which'ls'eharaeterized by simplicity and economyf, appropriateness in shape and proportion, one which :is eflicient in performance, and otherwiseffullling the. requirements of the invention to thefextent that it may be properly acclaimed a mechanical achievement in this particular line of endeavor.

Other features and advantages become more readily apparent from theiffollowing rdescription and drawings. In the accompanying employed to designate like parts thr'oughit'the same:

'. Figure 1 is a top plan view of, a toothbrush constructed 'in accordance with the principles of the .present inventive conception showing the Figure 2 is a view in section and elevation, the

section being taken on the plane of the line illustrative drawings, wherein like numeralSf-e brush section in nofi'nal longitudinal alinement.

swingable section swung to its extreme open position in which position it is usabley for inner cleansing work.

Figure 4 is a horizontal sectional view through the assembly shown in Figures 1 and 2.

Figure 5 is a cross section taken approximately on the plane of the line 5-5 of Figure 2, looking in the direction of the arrows.

Figure 6 is a perspective view of the slidable retaining clip or latch.

Figure '7 is a transverse section taken on the plane of the line 7-7 of Figure 1.

Figure 8 is a detail perspective view of one of the leaves of the hinge.

Referring now to the illustrative drawings, f wherein the preferred embodiment of the invention is disclosed,.and diiferentiating the parts by reference numerals, .it will be observed that the handle 9 is of ordinary conguration and proportion and that the head 10 possesses conven- 7. tional configuration and shape but is modified y by the presence thereon of the distinguishing features of this invention;

Th head 10 may be said to comprise an inner rigid orvrelatively stationary section 11 and an .80

opter/,relatively movable or swingable section 12.

'these being connected together by a hinge 13.

The hinge comprises a pair of complemental suitably designed and embellished leaves 14 and 15 joined by a conventional pin and knuckle joint 16. The hinge, as a unit, is seated in an appropriate depression formed in the back of the brush sections and the leaves are flush with the surface of the brush back. This avoids obstructions and permits the device to be reciprocated and oscil- 9 lated in the mouth without subjecting the user to injury.

The hinge joint is' of such construction that it limits the swinging movement vof the section 12 95 to the extreme open position illustrated in Fig- `ure 3. In other words, this swingable section has a movement of approximately sixty degrees. .When the brush sections break joint in this manner itis ready for use on the interior of the mouth. Thebrush bristles are merely designated by the numerals 17.

It isl of course necessary to provide means to permit the 'brush sections 11 and 12 to be retained inl .longitudinal alinement or to` allow the sections to assume the angularrelationship illustrated in Figure 3. vIn accomplishing this, the section 11 is provided with spaced parallel bores 18 which'register with sockets 19 formed in the sections 12. These` bores and socket-.s

serve to accommodate the slidable U-shaped retaining clip or latch 20 (see Figure 6).

As shown in the last-named figure, this latch is made from wire and includes duplicate Varms 21 whose bght or connecting portion .22 are oifset slightly as indicated at 23, this oiset end portion being extended up through elongated clearance slots 24 as shown in Figure 1. The numeral 25 merely designates a linger grip or knob carried by the portion 22 to permit the latch to be slid back and forth.

When slid outwardly, as shown in Figure 1, the extremities ofthe arms 21 extend into the sockets 19 and lock the two brush sections 11 and 12 together in the rigid state shown in Figure 2. When the latch is retracted or slid from left to right as shown in Figure 3, and as permitted by the slots 24, the arms are withdrawn from the sockets 19 allowing the section or unit 12 to have freedom of swinging motion so that it can assume the desired angular position withv respect A to the section 11. Thus, the sections when in the position shown in Figures l andv 2, are suitable for exterior cleaning work, while in the position shown in Figure 3 are satisfactory for interior cleaning work.

A careful consideration of the foregoing description in conjunction with the illustrative drawings will enable the reader to obtain a clear understanding of the purpose, features and aclvantages, the explicit-construction, and the invention as hereinafter claimed.

It is to be understood that minor changes in shape, size, relative proportions, and materials may be resorted tol practice without depart# ing from thefspirit ,ofthe invention Vor the scopel of the inventi'onas now claimed.

Iclaim:v i .l l. Atoothbrush comprising a handle pf conventional* form'having a bristle-equipped brushv head at one end, said head being;` of conventional configuration and design and made up of an inner rigid section and an outer swingable section,

hinge means lconnecting' the two sections tov gether, the inner sections lbeing formed with spaced parallel passages'and theswingable section with alined sockets,`.a U-sha'ped slidable retaining clip having itsarm portions extending through said passages into said sockets to connect the two sections together vin alinement, the inner section being slotted, the adjacent end portionof the clip being oil'set andextended through saidv slots and provided with a nger operating member.

2..A*toothbrush comprising a handle of 'conventional form having a bristle equipped brush head at one end, said head'being of conventional configuration and designed and made up of an inner rigid section and an outer swingable section, hinge-means connecting the twov sections together, the inner section being formed with spaced parallel, passages and the, 'swingable sections with alined sockets,-a. U-sliaped slidable A retaining clip having its arm portions extending through said passages into said sockets to connect the two sections together in alinement.


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U.S. Classification15/167.1, 15/172
International ClassificationA46B7/06, A46B7/00
Cooperative ClassificationA46B2200/1066, A46B5/0075, A46B5/0025
European ClassificationA46B5/00B1