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Publication numberUS1927491 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 19, 1933
Filing dateMay 9, 1932
Priority dateMar 9, 1932
Publication numberUS 1927491 A, US 1927491A, US-A-1927491, US1927491 A, US1927491A
InventorsHorsfield Gabb Archibald
Original AssigneeTan Sad Chair Company 1931 Ltd
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Backrest or support for alpha seat or the like
US 1927491 A
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Sept. 19, 1933.

A. H. GABB 1,927,491

BACKREST OR SUPPORT FOR A SEAT OR THE LIKE Filed May 9, 1932 Patented Sept. 19, 1933 BAOKREST on SUPPORT FOR A SEAT on THE LIKE v r Archibald Horsfield Gabb, Fishponds, Bristol,

England, assignor to The Tan-Sad Chair Company (1931) Limited, Birmingham, England, a

British. company 1 Application May 9, 1932, Serial No. 610,167, and in Great Britain March 9, 1932 2 Claims. (01. 155-157) The present invention has relation to a backrest or support for a seat or the like, and has for its object the incorporation of such a device adapted to be readily adjusted both with regard to height and inclination in a particularly simple and efficient manner.

According to the present invention the backrest or support is slidably accommodated in a two-part clamp carried by a link pivotally connected to the seat or other fixture, the said clamp being operable by means of a hand screw member provided upon the link and serving to maintain the support both with respect to its vertical and angular adjustment by co-operation with an arcuate-shaped fixed abutment associated with the seatframe.

In order that this inventionmay beclearly understood and readily carried into practice, reference may be had to the appended explanatory sheet of drawings, upon which:-

Figure 1 is a side elevation, and

Figure 2 a sectional plan view of a backrest or support for a seat or the like constructed according to the present invention.

In a convenient embodiment of the present in-' vention the frame a for supporting the seat involves a hollow frame part a protruding rearwardly. Pivoted within the'fore part of the hollow frame upon a transverse spindle a is a link in the form of a rod b on the rearward extremityrofwhich a hand screw member b is adapted to rotate. The rearward edge a of the hollow frame a is of arcuate formation and its lower part is serrated or provided with teeth a Mounted upon the link b is a two-part clamp the forward part 01 being of channel formation and involving a bearing edge 01 at its upper part adapted to co-operate with the arcuate plain part a of the hollow frame a and a tooth d at or about itslower part adapted to co-operate with the serrated or toothed arcuate lower part a :1 is a boss on the forward part of the clamp which slidingly engages a vertical slot a (Figure 2) in the rear of the hollow frame a The rearward part of the clamp is in the form of a plate e having a boss e involving inclined or wedge faces e Both parts of the clamp are apertured for the passage of the link b and the backrest or support in this invention involves side by side upright bars 1 which are accommodated between the respective parts of the clampj as shown particularly in Figure 2, the wedge or inclined faces e of the rearward part e operating between the limbs of the backrest or support 1. The hand screw member b co-operates. 5;

tween the forward element (1 of the clamp and fi the boss b constituting the pivotal bearing of the said link. The hand screw b may screw upon the link b as shown or alternatively hand screw and link may be integral, in which case the latter is adapted to screw into a tapped aperture in the boss b In operation in order toadjust the backrest or support 7 the hand screw member b is initially released, thereby spacing the elements of the clamp and permitting of the manual vertical adjustment of the said backrest or support. In order to adjust its inclination the pivotal link b is rocked by means of the hand screw member b until such time as the backrest or support has assumed the desired inclination, i after which the hand screw member b is rotated to tighten the clamp and simultaneously bring the forward element (2 of the clamp into effective engagement with the serrated arcuate face a a of the hollow frame a for maintaining the desired inclination.

What I claim as my invention and desire to secure by Letters Patent isz;

1. A backrest for a seat. comprising in combination a fixed hollow protuberance attached 99 to the seat and having an arcuate and serrated extremity, a rod pivoted within said protuberance, clamping members provided upon the rod, a duplex upright member slidably mounted between the clamping members, a hand screw (Til the clamping members adapted to co-operat with the arcuate and serrated face upon the protuberance, and helical springs upon the rod adapted to assist in opening the components or the clamp.


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U.S. Classification297/358, 297/366
International ClassificationA47C7/44
Cooperative ClassificationA47C7/44
European ClassificationA47C7/44