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Publication numberUS1927492 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 19, 1933
Filing dateJan 8, 1932
Priority dateJan 8, 1932
Publication numberUS 1927492 A, US 1927492A, US-A-1927492, US1927492 A, US1927492A
InventorsHalpin Abraham
Original AssigneeHalpin Abraham
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Bowling ball and container therefor
US 1927492 A
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Sept. 19, 1933. A. HALPlN BOWLING BALL AND CONTAINER THEREFOR Filed Jan. 8, 1932 n m A Patented Sept. 19, 1933 PATENT. OFFICE BOWLING BALL AND CONTAINER THEREFOR Abraham Halpin, New York, N. r. I Application January 8, 1932. Serial No. 585,462

7 Claims. ((71. 150-52) This invention relates to bowlin ball receptacles, and has among itsobjects the provision of an improved device of the; character described having improved means for enclosing the bowling ball, and for supporting the same, all associated in a simple unitary device.

Another object of the invention is to provide a bowling ball receptacle which can be readily opened and into which th heavy bowling ball can be conveniently rolled ar dropped and the cover then drawn snug around the ball, the device being so arranged that the bowling 'ball can be reliably carried about or'rested on the floor without deteriorating by impact. v

Another object of the invention is the provision of I a device having fewand simple parts, and which is inexpensive to manufacture and highly efiicient in use.

Other objects and advantages-10f the invention will become apparent as the specification proceeds. e With the aforesaid objects in view, the invention consists in the novel combinations and arrangementsof parts hereinafter described in their preferred embodiments, pointed out in the sub- .ioined claims, and illustrated on the annexed drawing, wherein like parts are designated by the same reference characters throughout the several views. In the drawing:

"- Figure 1 is a view in elevation embodying the invention.

Fig. 2 is a vertical sectional view of the same.

The advantages-of the invention as here outshowing a device instrumentalities are combined in one and the -a device embodying the invention. The same ineludes a cover 11 for enclosing a bowling ball 12, and a suitable base structure 13 for supporting the ball inassociation with the cover. The latter preferably is arranged to closely conform to the shape of the bowling ball,- and is adapted to be sufllciently opened to conveniently receive the ball. Thus the cover may be made of a pliable material, such as fabric, and may be split in a lined are best realized when all of its features and suitable direction, as along a central vertical plane at 14 along. the top and sides of the cover At its lower portion, the cover has suitable connection with the basestructure which may take widely different forms. It iswrdinarily sufllcient that the base shall be of such character as to prevent rolling of the bowling ball, or to relieve the receptacle of impact if the device is'rested on the floor, or to distribute the stresses on the cover, or to reduce wear on the cover, and any or all of these objects may be accomplished, as in the construction shown.

The base structure 13 may include a circular or recessed means which may act as a concave device for receiving a lower part of the bowling ball. Preferably a cup shaped element l'Lmay be used, made of any feasible material,such as pressed fiber. This element may have a bottom portion 18 and an annular upright flange 19 cylindrical to any desired degree. Said element may be associated in diiferent ways with the cover, as by being disposed inside of the cover,. and secured thereto in a suitable manner, preferably by means of studs 20 passed through the bottom wall 21 of the cover and connected with said cup element. The side walls of the cover may extend along substantially straight lines at 21a into the bottom 21 forming a downward projecting circular portion of tubular .or recessed construction.

For carrying the device 10, suitable means may be utilized such as a plurality of handles 22, each of which may be' secured to a side portion 15.0! the cover as at 22a to equallydistribute the stress thereon. In order that the cover itself may. be I well adaptedto carry the considerable weight of the bowling ball, said cover may be made of elongated strips such as 23 extending in the upright direction and interconnected by seams at 24 which aid in reenforcingthe cover.

In operation, to insert a bowling ball into the receptacle, the slide fastener is opened and the side portions 15 fully collapsed away from each other. Then the ball is placed into the receptacle with a slight lift so as to rest on the cup element 1! which immediately holdsthe ball against rolling. Next the slide fastener is shut, and

the device is ready to be carried by means of the the ground by a sufilcient number of the suitably spaced studs 20; or an equivalent means to prevent wear on the receptacle. An easily con structed, durable device is ailforded.

' It will be apreciated that various changes and modifications may be made in the device as shown ,in the drawing, and that the same is submitted in an illustrative and not in a limiting sense, the scope of the invention being defined in the follow- -I claim:

l.- A bowling ball receptacle including an elastic shallow cup element, a bag of pliabie'fabric, said elastic element being located at the bottom of said bag, said bag having an opening extending into proximity to the upper edge of said elastic element, so that the portions of the bag at the sidesv of said opening can be collapsed down to said elastic element, means for releasably interconnecting said portions, and a plurality of spaced stud members secured to said elastic element and projecting below the bag to afford a support for the elastic element.

2. A bowling ball receptacle including an element having a bottom wall and a relatively thin upstanding circular side wall integral therewith,

said element affording a seat for a bowling ball, a flexible bag having a lower/ cup shaped portion in which the element is positioned in substantially snug fitting relation with the said bottom wall and a portion of the side wall thereof,

and the cup element constituting. aframe-memher for the adjacent parts of the bag, the latter extending upwardly from the element into generalLy spheroidal shape to receive the bowling ball. and said'bag havinga substantially central elongated opening extending substantially down to said element at opposite sides of the bag, whereby the walls'oi the bag on opposite sides of said opening can be completely downwardly collapsed for reception of the bowlingball, and means. as detachably closing said 8. A bowling ball receptacle including a bottom wall and an upstanding circular side wall or sheet material to afford a compact cup for seating a bowling. ball, aspheroidal flexible bag having its lower portion snugly fitted around the lower portion of the said element, said bag being flexibly connected to said element; said bag being of substantiallylarger diameter than the element and having an elongated opening extending substantially down to said element on opposite sides thereof. so that 'aplurality of concave walls are provided that can be collapsed apart in orderthat the bowling ball can be rolled onto said element, releasable fastening means for said opening, said element reenforcing the lower partof the bag, and supporting means I onthe outside of the bag secured to said element adjacent to the bottom wall thereof.

4. A bowling ball receptacle including a shallow substantially cylindrical cup element of sheet material for seating a bowling ball, a generally spheroidalbag for the bowling ball, said bag having a lower downward projecting circular. portion circularly connected to the cup element, with the latter reenforcing said portion, supporting means at the outside of the bag below the same .and secured tothe cup element, the bag being of substantially larger diameter than the element and having an elongated opening extending down to the cup element on opposite sides thereof, said bag being pliable throughoutand flexibly connected to said element, so as to provide sidewall portions for the bag collapsible down to said element, and releasable fastening means for the opening. p I

5. Abowlingball receptacle including an element having a bottom'wall and a surrounding upstanding wall to provide a shallow cup for seating a bowling ball, a generally spheroidal bag for a bowling ball, said bag havlng a recess mats lower portion for receiving said element, said bag having an elongated opening extending down to said element on opposite sides there-' of, said bag being pliable and flexibly connected to said bottom wall and being free of the surrounding wall so that the portions of the bag on opposite sides of said opening can be collapsed downward to said element. 4

6. A bowling ball receptacle including an element having a bottom wall,and'a substantially. cylindrical upstanding side wall to provide 'a cup for seating a bowling ball, a bag; for a bowling ball having its lower portion recessed for receiving the element, said bag having a central opening extending substantially down to said element on opposite sides thereof, the bag being pliable and having its lower portion flexibly engaged to said bottom wall near the outer edge thereof, said lower portion of the bag being free of and outwardly spaced from said cylindrical wall, whereby the side portions of the bag on .flexibly connected to the cup element, the bag,

having an opening extending substantially down vto the element on opposite sides thereot and releasable fastening means 'for said opening,

whereby. the portions of the bag on opposite sidu of the opening can be collapsed down to saldelementsothatabowlingballcanberolled 'thereinto into seatin position without causing unduestrainonthelower-part o'fthebag;


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