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Publication numberUS1927624 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 19, 1933
Filing dateJul 29, 1932
Priority dateJul 29, 1932
Publication numberUS 1927624 A, US 1927624A, US-A-1927624, US1927624 A, US1927624A
InventorsRobert Appel
Original AssigneeRobert Appel
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Hand bag
US 1927624 A
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Sept. 19, 1933.` R APPEL 1,927,624 x HAND BAG Filed July 29, 1932 INVENTOR gjert/Uel TTORNEY Y most of the accessories, `such. as powder' puffs,

Patented Sept.` 19, `1933 l1IA1-11JBA G'- j Robert AppeLBrooklymNgl 'Aplwfim July' 29, 19a; seria No. 625,594

4 claims. (oi. 15o-34)'- This invention relate's'rto :ladies hand bags, purses, pocket books, underarm bags and similar containers which are usually employed to hold compacts, rouge, money, keys andthe like within asmall space and withoutl causing bulkiness `o1v the container.` f f A uIt. isa trend vof the present times that ladies desire to carry cigarettes in their hand bags. 1 C A cigarettev case or Vpackage vin va ladiesH bag does not however 'add to the general appearance of its contents norf'does such a case or package y permit an'easy acce'sstoisraller varticles generally locatedat the bottomy of thelbag'.

Furthermore,A4 a cigarette case or package thrown together with the contents of a ladies v hand bag has been found to be more or less of-a detriment to daintiness and refinement through which ladies preferto characterize themselves, not considering the increase in size and bulk of the bag if an orderlydisplacement rof its content can not always be arranged.

It is one of the main objects to eliminate the yvarious objection outlined and to assign the cigarette case or package to a distinct compartment located on one side of a hand bag.

It is a further object to provide means whereby the cigarette case or package is instantly accessible without having to open the hand bag and to replace the case or package into the compartment in the same manner it was produced.

Another object is to locate the cigarette case or package in a holder, forming a part with the separate compartment, so as to facilitate an approach towards the cigarettes and todefinitely locate the same in a receptacle, so as to prevent the case or package from fallingout when the compartment is being opened. Y

Other objects of my invention will be set forth in the following description and drawing which illustrate a preferred embodiment thereof.

Fig. 1 illustrates a front elevation of a'conventional type of hand bag showing an embodiment of my invention.

Fig. 2 is a partial front elevation of same showing a cigarette case or package holder in an open and accessible position. f

Fig. 3 shows an end view of the bag as illustrated in Fig. 1. i

Fig. 4 is a top view of the bag as illustrated in Fig..2 With the exception thatthe'flap of the bag is thrown rearward, so as to' disclose the interior of the bag.

The envelope bag as shown inthe drawing of my invention comprisesabagbody 10, the interior of which forms a longitudinal main compartment,'-within l which is provided toone` side thereof. an auxiliary y' compartment formed by vvallsf12lof 'preferably stiff material. This'compartment'which reaches Gil from the bottom togthetop 'of the bag and-extends l into" the same approximate Width of: a cigarette case or packageis made 'fasqav "distinct v'unit-15 which is 'fastened Ato Ya short sidefold '16 at* the rear and a long'side-fold or gusset 17 at the front of the bag in any suitable manner such fas'vby i' f sewing or rglueing for-instance.. v

, lUnit 15 which, with the exception"of-.its-iwer;

part 18 is almost completelyopen at-it'ssid'e near.

the edge of the bag', has hinged' to lower 'part 18 receptacle 22 with which the cover forms a part.

as at 14.a'holdericomprising'a cover 21 and a The .receptacle isy open at its top as wellkv as at one of its Wider faces 23 frontwards vof the bagv so as`to4 facilitate the removal or insertionof 'a cigarettecase or package 25 into the holder 20.'

The latter is limited in its motionby means of a-tape 26 which is preferably fastenedfat or near Vthe bottom on the inside of unit 15 with-`8` z one end and at the lowerfree edge 27 of'rec'ep'- tacle 22 with the other.l 'Y a The limited motion of the holder, -vplaces the same into an angular position sufficient to conform with all conveniences required for removal may be made elastic.

To the outside of cover 2li-is5fastened atab 28 serving the purposeto .pull out holder 20. Tab

28-is preferably held to cover 21 in such a manner as to form at the lplace of fastening 'a Asnap hole into which would fit a snap fastener element 29 on closure tab 30. The latter which is secured vto the top. Wall of .unit 15 locks the holder and.

prevents it from coming out..

While I prefer to place unit 15 near, the rear lwall of the bag, thus making theside-fold 16 shorter. than side-lfold-17, itis of course underrstood that I may make the displacement of the A unit relative tothe lengthof the side folds in "10b any proportion Iv desire.

In order to save the user of thebagthe bother r of transferring cigarettes `from a package linto a cigarette case,` I prefer to, give to the holder ofr` theV hand bag such dimensions, which will permit the insertion of a package of standard v'dimensions, now generally found on themarket.

This willtherefore permit a productionof such described my invention itis un-j or insertion of package`25.r If desired,tape'2685' I derstobd that changes in the specific form therel of may be made Within the scope of what is claimed, without departing from'the spirit of my invention.

vWhat I therefore claim as new and desire to f vsecure by Letters Patent, is:

'1. A hand bag comprising a bag body, VfornvV ing a Vmain compartment, Within which is pro-V vided an auxiliary compartment,` vthe walls there-y `Of its contents, said holder being hingedf-tofand f.-

yof extending from an edge of said body a certain distance into theV main compartment, bothcompartments being accessible from the outside,` in# dependently of each other, a holder, comprising` a cover and a receptacle thereon, having the top and one of its sides open to facilitate extraction movable in and out ,of the auxiliary compartment, a tape connection to limitthef-motion of the holder and means to lock said cover to thebody-` of thehand bag. Y V2'.- A hand bag Ycomprising abag body., vforming y a` longitudinal main compartment, within which is provided an auxiliary compartment, the Walls 'thereof extending from ank edgeolthe body a Vcertain distance intojthe main compartment;

covering; the full heightA thereof, both compart-l iments being accessible kfromgtlie outside,1inde..

l pendently of each otheiya holder;4 comprising a rectangular cover and walls forming a receptacle thereon, having thetopV and one of its sides open to facilitateV extraction of its contents:` said holder being hinged to andmovable Yin and out or theY auxiliary compartment, meansv tol-limit the motion of the holder and lfurther means. to lock said coverto the body of the 'hand bag, t:

' 3. A hand bag,l comprising a bag body,` form-z ing a longitudinal main. compartment Withinr which is provided an auxiliary compartment, the

Walls thereof being made of stiff materialA and ex' tending from said body a certain distance into the main compartment, both compartments be ing separately accessible from the outside, a`

holder comprising a cover and Walls of a re- Aceptacle thereon having the approximate dimen- I sions of a standard size cigarette package to supi-` port such a package therein, said holder` being hinged with itsk cover to part of thebag bodyr vfand movable in and out of the auxiliary com-` partment, means to limit the motion of the holder and further means to vsecure said cover to the 4.,A handbag comprising a bag body forming a longitudinal main compartment, Within which thereof being made of stiff material and extending rornfsaid body apcertain distance into the 'main compartment covering the Vfull height yis provided an auxiliarycompartment the Walls Y,

thereof, both compartments .being `separably rac# i cessible fromthe outside, a holder comprising a rectangular cover and Walls of a receptacle there- I tape connection tolimit the motion of the holder l and a'tab to secure the holder when within'said Y auxiliary compartment. i, A f ROBERT APPEL.

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U.S. Classification150/117, 150/116, 150/106
International ClassificationA45C3/06, A45C3/00
Cooperative ClassificationA45C3/06
European ClassificationA45C3/06