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Publication numberUS192770 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 3, 1877
Filing dateMay 9, 1877
Publication numberUS 192770 A, US 192770A, US-A-192770, US192770 A, US192770A
InventorsImprovement In Advertising Seats
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Improvement in advertising seats and chairs
US 192770 A
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- 2SheetsS11eet1. J. M. A. LACOMME, L. I. C. MARVILLE & A. A. GIREN.

. ADVERTISING SEATS AND CHAIRS. Nb. 192,770. Patented July 3,1877- 'mlnesser Tn renvo rs V WM, aw O1 7? 4- N. PETERS. PHOTO-UTHYDGRAPHER. WASHINGTON, D. C.

A A ZSheets-Sheet 2. 'J. M. A. LACOMME, L. J. C. MARVILLEA. A. A. GIREN. ADVERTISING SEATS AND CHAIRS. N 192,770, Patented July 3, 1877..

t f M L AW Mk .2 f MW M 4 1M0 W A HZ M M \N, F A m HINIW I v 1 1 HMMIIIHHH I. 1 l I? HUnnl m HUM M 2 K. ME mm m A w 7. Q w A. L



- Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 192,170, dated July 3, 1877; application filed May 9, 1877; patented in England, August 9, 1873, for fourteen years.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that we, JEAN MARIE AU- GUSTE LAGOMME, LOUIS JULEs GASIMIR MARVILLE, and ADoLPHE ANTOINE GIREN. all of Paris, in the Republic of France, have invented a new and useful Improvement in Advertising Seats and Chairs, of which the following is a specification:

This invention has for its object .to utilize chairs, benches, and other seats for displaying suitable advertisements; and consists, first,

in attaching to the chair-back, at one or both of its sides, removable panels, which are covered with advertisements. The invention also consists in the improved means hereinafter described for illuminating such adver;

tisements during night time.

In the accompanying sheets of drawings, Figure 1, Sheet 1, represents a front view of a chair provided with our improvement. Fig.

.2, Sheet 1, is a cross-section thereof. Fig. 3,

Sheet 2, is a front view of a bench provided with means for illuminating the advertisements which it carries, Fig. 4, Sheet 2, is a side view of the same, and Fig. 5, Sheet 2, a vertical transverse section on the line w m, Fig. 3.

Similar letters of reference indicate corresponding parts in all the figures.

With special reference to Sheet 1 of the drawings, the letter A represents the body of a chair of suitable or convenient construction.

(J is the chairback. This backmay be either made solid, or composed of rods or wires arranged to form suitable patterns in the customary manner. K K are two panels or plates made of sheet metal, wood, or other material, and of suitable size and ornamentation, but somewhat smaller'than the chairback 0. These panels K are covered at one side with advertisements of suitable description, and are attached to the two sides, respectively, of the chair-back G, in such a manner that the advertisements are properly displayed.

Thepanels Kare to be so attached to the chairback that the fastening devices will not injure the chair-back, and that the panels may be readily removed, in order that different panels bearing difierent advertisements may be readi- 1y substituted. To this effect we clamp them to the back by small screws or a, passing through both panels, and provided with nuts 6 e, as clearly shown in the drawing. These screws need not pierce the chair-back, but merely clamp the panels to the same. In this way the back of the chair is not injured by the fastening devices, nor need it be specially constructed or provided with fixtures for holding the panels, as the panels may be applied to a chair-back of ordinary construction. But the panels K may be fastened in. other equivalent manner.

In Sheet 2 of the drawing we have repre sented a bench provided with the removable advertising-panels, which are adapted to be illuminated at night. The letters P P, Figs. 3, .4, and 5, represent the two seats of a double bench, but a bench having a single seat might just as well be employed. J J are the supports of the bench.

This bench is provided with a double back, O-that is to say, a back provided with two sides, d d-leaving a suitable space between them, and connected at their ends by side pieces 0, which aid to give firmness to the back.

Each of the sides d of the back 0 is adapted to receive advertising panels, being composed of a metallic frame-work, divided into sections, and provided with grooved uprights, so that the advertising-panels may he slipped into the same. These advertising-panels are made of translucent material, preferably of thick glass, backed with paper on-which the advertisements are printed, but differently-constructed panels may, of course, be substituted.

D is a gas-pipe extending between the sides d d of the back 0 along its entire length, and provided with burners E, at suitable intervals, for illuminating the translucent panels or plates K K, thus rendering the advertisements printed thereon visible at night. Other means of illumination may be used in place of gas. F is a metal grating forming the bottom of the hollow back 0. Through this grating air is supplied to the flames, to keep up combustion.

G is a hinged lid or cover, by which access is afforded to the interior of the hollow back 0, for changing the advertisements or for repairs. The lid may be fastened by a lock, H. I

[1; is evident that the improved seats herein described may be used for a great variety of purposes besides displaying advertisements, as, for example, for exhibiting pictures, portra ts, and other works of art, and we desire it to be expressly understood that we do not seek to claim the mere attachment of an advertisement to an ordinary chair or bench; but

We do c1aim- 1. The combination of a chair or bench with the removable plates K, that are clamped to the chair-back by means of screws on a,substantially as specified.

2. The combination, in a chair or bench, of




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