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Publication numberUS1927751 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 19, 1933
Filing dateJul 2, 1932
Priority dateJul 2, 1932
Publication numberUS 1927751 A, US 1927751A, US-A-1927751, US1927751 A, US1927751A
InventorsJean E Mensi
Original AssigneeJean E Mensi
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Cover for hot-water bags and the like
US 1927751 A
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Sept. 19, 1933.



Patented Sept. 19, 1933 COVER FOR HOT-WATER BAGS AND THE LIKE Jean E. Mensi, Memphis, Tenn.

Application July 2, 1932. Serial No. 620,611

1 Claim; (01. 128-258) This invention relates to a cover for heat or cold producing elements and which may be used in applying either hot or cold applications to various portions of the body. Experience has 5 shown that the use of localized heat or cold is very beneficial in the treatment of inflammation, fever conditions, neuralgia, and the like.

One of the objects of this invention is to provide a cover of universal application so designed that it may be securely fastened to any afilicted area of the body. This result is accomplished by webs and tie members so disposed as to furnish a secure anchorage of the heat or cold producing means on the desired locality.

Another object is to provide a container to be used in thermal treatments, which allows the patient freedom of movement during its application.

A further object is to provide such a thermal container which is capable of a wide latitude of application instead of a special pack being required for each afllicted region.

Still another object is the provision of a container adapted to receive and hold such devices as ice bags and hot water bottles in position on the body, which device is also suitable to contain solidified carbon dioxide or so called dry ice. For this purpose the device is provided with a closure of the zipper type extend- 0 ing over a substantial portion of the length of the container, which is long and narrow. Ice bags must very often be wrapped carefully to prevent the condensation of moisture 'on theoutside of the bag from wetting the patient and hot water bottles must often be carefully wiped to remove moisture therefrom. With a device of the character herein described there is an air chamber between the ice bag and the container wall that will prevent any condensed moisture from reaching the patient. Even a minor amount of leakage from the ice bag or hot water bottle will be taken care of. By these means the of Fig. 1 and shows, the container filled with a rubber in its preferred form, although any suit-' able waterproof material may be employed. The closure 2 is of the zipper type which afiords an adequate seal and eliminates the cumbersome screw cap commonly used. A suspension eye 3 is placed in the top portion of the bag as shown in Fig. 1, although the preferred form is indicated in Fig. 2, where two suspension eyes are placed at the top of the bag, and one at the bottom. This form insures the bag staying in its intended location in.close.relationship with the area under treatment. Web 4 and the cooperating buckle 5 are thus assisted in maintaining the bag from displacement which might arise from any activity of the person using it.

The container portion has the lower edge curved so as to lower the centre of weight below the median line when the bag is filled. This maintains the bag in an upright position when suspended and checks any tendency to roll away from the point of treatment, as is frequently the case when an elongated bag is employed.

A tab 6 prevents the metal of the buckle 5 from coming in contact with the wearer of the device, this tab extending beyond the buckle and meeting the web 4 when the bag is in use.

-While the invention has beenshown and described in its preferred form, many modifications and alternative forms may be made without departing from they scope of the invention as expressed in the claim and it is not my intention to be limited in details of construction to the forms as disclosed.

What I claim is:

A container for hot water bottles, ice bags and the like comprising a flat oblong bag closed at its ends and having a relatively long slot extending lengthwise of the bag near the upper margin of its front side, means whereby said slot may be readily opened or closed, a buckle at one end of the bag, and a strap secured to the other end for cooperation with said buckle to hold the-bag with its rear side fiat against a patient, whereby the contents of the bag may readily be changed without disturbing the position of the bag.


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International ClassificationA61F7/02, A61F7/08
Cooperative ClassificationA61F2007/0279, Y10S383/901, A61F7/08
European ClassificationA61F7/08