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Publication numberUS1928089 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 26, 1933
Filing dateJul 29, 1929
Priority dateJul 29, 1929
Publication numberUS 1928089 A, US 1928089A, US-A-1928089, US1928089 A, US1928089A
InventorsHarry Blickman
Original AssigneeBlickman Inc
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Exercising apparatus
US 1928089 A
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Sept. 26, 1933. H. BLICKMAN 9 EXERCISING APPARATUS Filed July 29, 1929 2 Sheets-Shet 1 i V mum; if

IN V EN TOR. #4,? v 171 /6/fM,4/V


Sept. 26, 1933.

H. BL|CKMAN EXERCI S ING APPARATUS Filed July 29. 1929 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 IN V EN TOR. fiQl/PAW 62 /C/f/W/4/V W M/a0 RNEYS.

Patented Sept. 26, 1933 EXERCISING' APPARATUS Harry Blickman, New York, N. Y., assignor to e S. Blicknian, Ind, Weehawken, N. J., a corporation of New York Application July 29, 1929. Serial No. 381,881

2 Claims. (01. 272 7s) 'Thisinvention' is an improvement in exercisingapparatus, and more particularly in unitary structures embodying apparatus enabling exercise of substantially all of the muscles offthe body. .One of the primary objects of the invention is the provision of a simple and relatively inexpensive form of apparatus, of a size such that it'will occupy a minimum of space, and will enable'the performance of exercises of Widely differing character.

' Another object is the so constructed as to enable the marketing of the apparatus in sections, thus to enable the purchase, first of a main or central section of the apparatus with .or without any additional sections, orthe later purchase of. additional sections providing additional exercising facilities, and which are designed for readyattachment to the main or cen tral section and detachable therefrom if de-- sired.

Another object is the provision in such a struc-.

ture, of apparatus so arranged that a plurality of persons may use it at the same time. With these and other objects in View the inventionconsists .in the construction and novel combination of parts fully described hereinafter, illustrated in the accompanying drawings, and pointedout in the claims appended hereto, it being understood that various changes in the form, proportion, size and minor details of con-'' struction within the scope of theclaims, may be resorted to without departing'from the spirit of the invention. Y. I q Inv the drawings forming a part hereof:- Fig. 1 is a perspective viewl of the complete apparatus ready for use.

' Fig.2 is. a similar View of the primary section of the apparatus arranged for installment in a restricted space.

Fig. 3 is a perspective viewshowing'the primary section'and one'of the secondarysections.

Fig. l is a detail in section of a part of one of the standards and a connected rail.

In the invention forming the subject matter of, the present application which is a continuation in part of my prior applications Serial No. 576,972, filed December 22, 1925, and Serial No. 162,259,;filed,January20, 1927, a suitable supporting frame is provided, comprising in the pres.- ent instance, a pair of similar uprights Leon nected at top and bottom. At their bottoms the uprights arelconnected by a cross plate '2, which is adapted torest upon a floor or. other supporting surface, and at their tops, inthe complete ap paratus, the uprights are connected by a punching bagand turning bar support. As shown in Fig. 1, this support is substantially U-shaped, comprising a body 3, and arms 4 extending laterally from the body. The arms are passed' provision of a structure ratedears'g, through whichv are passed the upper through sleeves 5, each sleeve forming a part of a T-shaped memb'er the other part 6 of which is a socket to fit over the upper end of an upright. 1 1

The body 3' of the support constitutes a horizontal or turning bar, and a substantially circular plate '7 is connected to the arms on the opposite side of the uprightsirom the body of the support. be screwed or'otherwise det'achably secured to the arms, and detachably er permanently conconnected with the plate 7 at its'center.

The-lower ends of the sockets 6 have perm) ends ofbraces 10." 'As shown in Figs. 1 and 3,

a pair of braces 10 is connected with each upright atthe outer side thereof, and the members of the pair diverge downwardly and outwardly, each having, a socket plate llqat its lower end for connection with the floor. The upper ends ofthelbracesare passed'through the perforated ears, and are engaged by nuts above andbelow the ears. I f

Counterpoise mechanism is provided for a re' sistance to the efforts of the user of the machine. The saidimecha'nism includes flexible members 12, which are cords ofa suitable size' and length,

The T-shaped members 5-6 may,

'nected to the uprights, and a'punching bag 8 is and onecord is supported by'each' upright. 'Each of the flexible 'r'nembers has one end passed throughjan opening, in a bracket ,arm' 13 extending outwardly from the adjacentstandard.

The 'mem ber passes iromthe arm downwardly ,beneath a pulley-T14, journalled in an opening Lina weight support 15 whichhas vertical guided movement on a pair of guide rods 16. Eachci the guide rods is supported at its upper end by the arm, 13 before mentioned, and thelowei end is connected with the cross plate 2.,

Each flexible member passes upwardly from the pulley 1.4,, over apulley l7 journaled' in a hanger 18, which is pivoted on a vertical axis to the adjacent arm 13. A handpiece 19 is con-' nected with the free end of each flexible member,

the handpiece being in the form of a stirrup, having an eye on the body thereof, which is engaged by a snap hook 20 on the flexible memher. The pivotal w mounting, off the hanger 18 enables the handpieces or grips 19 to be arranged at either face oi the frame constituted by the uprightsor standards 1. ,A plurality ofweights 21 is supported on each weight support, the weights being in the form of disks havinghandles as shown, for enabling'their quick removal and I replacement. As many weights may be provided as maybe necessary to give the required resistance, and the poundage of each will be in;ac-,

cordance with the conditions to be served. 7

The free ends of the flexible members 12 may be passed beneath pulleys 22 journaled in hangers 23, each of which is supported by a bearing arm'24 on the adjacent standard. The Ihangers 23 are open at their outer sides, as shown, so

that the flexible members may be engaged with the pulleys from the outer sides, merely by slipping them through the open spaces in the hanger, I

and Without disengaging the stirrups 19. 1

The elements just described constitute the primary and, one of the secondary sections, the primary section being constituted by the uprights with or without the braces, and the counterpoise mechanism. The secondary section is constituted by the support 3-4 and associated parts. I Another secondary section is constituted by a pair of rails 24, each of which is hingedto an upright. upright have downwardly bent portions 25, which form legs forsupporting said outer ends, and each leg is preferably provided with a foot member 26, which may have a rubber plug or socket, if desired. The portions 25 are connected near the foot members by a cross bar 27, and the uprights l are preferably connected by a cross rod r28 atsubstantially the level of the rails for.

apurpose to be presently described. 7 7

Each of the rails is hinged ,to' the stem portion 24a of a T-shaped membergthe. cross bar of which is constituted by a transversely curved member 29' adapted to fit about an upright, and to be connected thereto by means of screws 30,

passing through registering openings in the'parts.

' stance,a cord'or rope,.through openings 35, in

thelcross rod, and knotting the 'ends, to provide the loops, as shown in Fig. 1. j

p The rails, the seat, and the elements 2829 constitute the'third attachable secondary section, the seat being used inconnection with the counterpoise mechanism. The primary section includes also mechanism for use in developing the wrist and forearms. This mechanism includes a cylindrical bar 36, journaled in bearing arms 37 on theuprights. The portion of the bar'between the arms is roughened, as shown, in the present instance, by annularly. grooving the bar,and just outsideoi each bearing arm the barhas an eye 38, which may be engaged by the snap hook of adjacent counterpoise mechanism. When so connected, and the'ends of the bar are turned, the flexible-members will be wound thereon; the weights will be lifted. .That portion of the bar between the uprights may be used for abdominaland lumbar massage. p Y The apparatus may be marketedby selling the entire apparatus shown in Fig; 1. If desired, however, it may be sold with the secondary sections or units omitted. Thus the uprights and the counterpoise mechanism may constitute a unit.

This unit may include theinclined braces,.or it may include the top connection shown in Fig. 2. This connection comprises a substantially U- shaped member composed of a body 39 and arms The ends of the rails remotefrom the,


40 extending laterally from the body. The arms are passed through T-shaped members indicated at 41, which are the members 56 of Fig. 1. The end of each arm 40 remote from the body has a, socket 42 in connection therewith, for connection with a plate 43, which may be secured'to' the wall of a bathroom, for instance.

With this arrangement, the body 3901? the U- shaped member constitutes a horizontal bar, and the rails may be supplied with the uprights if the purchaser desires. The'form shown in Fig. 2 is, .however, especialy adapted for situations where room is limited, as for instance, in a bathroom. v

If at a later period the purchaser desiresthe punching bag support shown in Fig.1, it maybe furnished, and it is only necessary to remove the U-shaped member 3940, and replace it with the member 34, in order to connect the punching bag support. At a later period, the purchaser can add the rails and associated parts, if desired, and as previously stated, the braces 10 may be fur.-

nished with the primary section, the primary and first secondary section, or with the primary second secondary section. The construc tion provides fora marked flexibility in assocl' ation of the parts.

What is claimed as new isr g 1. In exercising apparatus, a pair of'jspaced uprights having their lower ends connected to a base for seating on a floor, a horizontal bar connected between said uprights adjacent their lower endsand in spaced relation to the base, means connecting the upper ends of the uprights, said means being provided with means for connecting the uprights to a supporting surface, the uprights adjacent their lower ends and horizontal bar being provided with openings, a pair of horizontal bars having atone endadepending support to rest on the how and maintainjthe bars in substantially the same plane as the horizontal bar, couplings'at the other ofsaid bars connected to said pair of horizontal bars and having openings to register with the openings in'the'uprights, and fastening elementsfor-securing said coupling's to said uprights. g

, 2. A home exercising apparatus or" the character described, and wherein a plurality of separate exercising units may be detachably and inter changeably combined, comprising a pair of spaced uprights, means for attaching the lowerends of said uprights to a supporting surface, a hollow T-shaped member-telescopically. fitted and 'removably connected to theupper end of each upright, and a U-shaped'member spacing and bracing the upper ends of said uprights, the legs of the said U-shaped member extending through and 'removably and interchangeably secured to the horizontal portions of saidT-shapedlmembers and the connecting portions of the l J-shaped member constituting a hand gripping bar disposed forwardly of the uprights, a pair 'of attachable horizontal bars each having its outer end bent downward to provide a foot adapted to rest upon the floor and position the bars above the floor, and the other end of each bar provided with a transversely grooved bracket adapted to embrace its associatedupright, and means for detachably connectingsaid grooved brackets to the saiduprights.


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