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Publication numberUS1928170 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 26, 1933
Filing dateJan 8, 1932
Priority dateJan 8, 1932
Publication numberUS 1928170 A, US 1928170A, US-A-1928170, US1928170 A, US1928170A
InventorsMax Dwork
Original AssigneeMax Dwork
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US 1928170 A
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M. DWORK Sept. 26, 1933.

URINAL Filed Jan. 8, 1932 INVENTOR Max Dwork, BY

ATTORNEY -Patented Sept. 26, 1933 9 UNITED. STATES PATENT fOFFlCE U N Max Dworl r, Brooklyn, N. Application January 8, 1932." Serial No. 585,587

2 eels... (01. 4-110) This invention relates to improvements in portable urinals especially of the type intended .to be used as an accessory for vehicles, but not confined to such use, and the objects of the invention are as follows:

First, to provide a liquid receiver which is particularly shaped to easily fit the crotch of a female person so that it may be pressed into contact with the crotch and make a liquid seal substantially throughout the extent of its rim.

Second, to shape the foregoing receiver on a very much elongated or ovate form so that the receiver may be pressed into position without causing discomfort.

Third, to provide the receiver with a screw plug or other closure which will serve the double purpose of closing the receptacle both when the latter is attached to the receiver and when the receptacle is detached from the receiver.

Other objects and advantages will appear in the following specification, reference being had to the accompanying drawing in which Figure 1 is a perspective view illustrating the combination of the receiver with one form of receptacle which in this instance is a conven-,

tional type of water bottle.

Figure 2 is a vertical longitudinal section illustrating how the receiver is adaptable to the crotch of a female person.

Figure 3 is a horizontal section taken substantially on the line 3-3 of Figure 2 showing how the receiver is pressed into position and how a portion of the rim seal is made.

Figure 4 is a detail view showing the receiver connected with a section of tubing which is movable up and down in an opening in the floor boards of an automobile or other vehicle.

Figure 5 is a sectional view taken substantially on the line 5-5 of Figure 1, illustrating the use of the screw plug as a closure for the receptacle when the latter is attached to the receiver.

Figure 6 is a similar sectional view illustrating the use of the screw plug as a closure for the receptacle when detached from the receiver.

In the drawing the receiver, generally denoted 1, is shown attached both to a conventional water bottle 2 (Fig. 1) and to a section of tubing 3 (Fig. 4). In the respective instances thewater bottle and tubing are herein regarded as a receiv-V er, it being immaterial whether the liquid is 10- cally retained, as provided for by the arrangement in Figure 1, or discharged as provided for by the arrangement in Figure 4.

The receiver 1 is particularly shaped for use by female persons and it is the specific shape of V the receiverwhich is regarded as one of the foremost featuresof the invention. -As will be observed in Figure 3, the aspect of the receiver in plan is that of a very much elongated ovate form so that when the receiver is put in position it will not cause discomfort. The rim 4 is headed throughout its extent so as not to cut the flesh.

Looking at the receiver'in side elevation, the rim 4 is shaped with a decided curvature. This curvature is not necessarily made regular but will have that configuration which is best suited to the contour of the crotch 5 (Fig. 2). When the receiver is thrust into position the rim 4 will make a liquid seal both with the crotch 5 (Fig. 2) and with the flesh s at the sides whichis partedi from its original dotted line position (Fig. 3).

Again viewing the side elevational aspect of the receiver it is to be noted that the front '7 is relatively broad and deep so as to provide an adequate liquid space. From the foregoing front the receiver tapers rearwardly on long curves (Fig. 3) and the bottom slopes upwardly so that the inner terminal 8 comprises a shallow, blunt point. v

A handle 9, attached to the front '7, facilitates the use of the receiver. The bottom has an integral nipple 10 which is provided with deeply pressed screw threads as shown in Figure 5. These screw threads are made deep so that the threads of the screw plug 11 will grip especially when it is used as a closure for the bottle receptacle 2. I

In Figure 5 the threaded insert 12 is shown screwed on the outside of the nipple 10, and the 9 screw plug 11' fitted on the inside of the nipple' so as to close the bottle. A rubber or other washer 13, is fitted on the screw plug to be pressed against the bottom of the receiver. This arrangement is predicated on keeping the receiver 1 and bottle 2 connected. The screw plug 11 is removed when the device is to be used.

Having removed the receiver 1 from the bottle and desiring to close the bottle so that its contents will not spill, the screw plug 11 is screwed directly into the insert 12 (Fig. 6) and inasmuch as the threaded opening 14 of the insert 12 is necessarily made large enough to screw on the outside of the nipple 10 it follows that the threads must be made deep enough to maintain a threaded engagement between the plug 11 and the opening 14 when the. plug is used in connection with the bottle 2 alone. This engagement will be suflicient to enable pressing the washer 13 into a sealing contact with the insert 12.

Figure 4 illustrates the use of the receiver 1 in connection with the'section of tubing 3 which is let down through a hole in the floor boards or other desired part 16 of an automobile or other vehicle. This tube has a coupling 1'! of the type having a constricted rubber annulus 18 which will maintain a good grip on the nipple 10 when applied thereto with 'a screwing action.- Upon desiring to use the receiver in Figure 1 it is only necessary to, pull-the tubing 3 through the hole 15 a sufficient distance. e

In practice the receiver 1 may be made of a variety of materials. It is possible to construct it either of metal or rubber, and when constructed of rubber it may either be rigid or have a degree of flexibility so that it can be doubled p! where it will not retaintheshape substantially depicted in Figures 1, 2 and 3.

I claim:---

1. A receiver having a rimmed opening shaped with a contour to substantially fit the female crotch and having a bottom sloping from the front to the inner terminal, said receiver having v an elongated, ovate configuration in plan, taperbut it must not be flexible to that extent screwing the plug into the threaded opening when the receptacle is detached from the nipple. 2. A receiver having a bottom with an opening near one end and having an upward curvature -toward the opposite end, said bottom being of elongated, ovate configuration, an upstanding wall around the bottom, said wall being high at said one end adjacent to the opening to provide a relatively deep front and being low at said other end to provide a blunt-pointed terminal, the rim of the wall having a downward curvature toward sa'idterminal, and a nipple attached to the bottom at said opening.


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