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Publication numberUS1928337 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 26, 1933
Filing dateJul 29, 1932
Priority dateJul 29, 1932
Publication numberUS 1928337 A, US 1928337A, US-A-1928337, US1928337 A, US1928337A
InventorsMcclanahan Ellis J
Original AssigneeStandard Oil Co
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Record folder
US 1928337 A
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Sept. 26, 1933. E. J. MQCLANAHAN RECORD FOLDER Filed July 29, 1932 'l'nventor Patented Sept. 26, 1933 UNITED, STATES "PATENT OFFICE 1,928,337 aacoan roman ware Application July 29, 1932. Serial No. 625,962


This invention relates to record and card folders, and particularly to those which are adapted to be carried in the coat pocket or placed in the side pocket of an automobile. These are commonly made of flexible fabric or similar material and may be provided with transparent sheets through which the record cards or parts thereof may be observed.

made that in order to make notations or further records on the cards contained therein it has been necessary to completely remove these cards from the folder. In the case of certain systems of keeping automotive vehicle lubrication and servicing records which have been devised, it has been found advantageous to have the folder so arranged that entries may be made on the record cards without removing the latter. The desirability of this'will be readily apparent when it is realized that these entries will probably be made by a service station attendant, who has just finished draining the crankcase. greasing or otherwise servicing an automobile or truck, and whose hands are more than likely soiled with grease and dirt. Furthermore, if these records are to be of maximum value, they should not be destroyed or mutilated, but allowed to remain in the folder during the normal life of the vehicle, which may be several years.

It is an object of this invention to provide a pocket folder or a leaf therefor adapted to hold record cards on which relatively frequent entries are made and in which such entries may be made without removing the record card from its place in the folder. I

A further object is to provide a folder for rec- 0rd cards, some of which are visible and others are both visible and accessible for entry of notations,

or records without removing said cards from their position in the folden Another object is to provide a folder-of this nature which is simple and economical to fabricate and which is durable and convenient in use. 1 Various other objects and advantages will be more fully apparent from the following description andfrom the accompanying drawing, which forms a part of this specification and which illustrates a preferred embodiment of this invention.

In the drawing:

figure 1 represents a developed or unfolded view of the inside of the folder with record cards in place Heretofore folders of this type have been so- Figure 2 is an unfolded view of the outside of the folder shown in Figure 1.

Figure 3 is a transverse sectional view on line III-J11 of the folder shown in Figure 1.

Referring to the drawing, thenumeral 10 represents a sheet of flexible material such as leather or fabric. This may be folded inwardly around three sides, as indicated at 11, to overlap the edges of a sheet 12 of flexible celluloid or other transparent material. The edge 11 may be cemented or stitched in the usual manner as indicated at 18. This forms a convenient pocket which may contain a courtesy or other type of credit identification .card 13, such as are distributed to motorists. Such a construction in a folder is not new and forms no part of this invention.

On the remaining edge of the flexible sheet 10 are positioned two sheets of flexible transparent material 14 and 15, as shown. Sheet 14 is secured to the innermost adjacent edge of the flexible folder sheet 10 as by stitching 19 or other con- 'ventional means. Sheet 15 is not so attached but is free along its innermost edge. A narrow flexible strip or binding of fabric or leather 20 is attached to the ends of sheet 10 and extends around the free sides of sheets 14 and 15 and may be stitched-or cemented thereto, as at 21 forming a closure for these edges and also securing sheet 15 to the remainder of the folder. Thus a transparent pocket may be formed which constitutes the remaining leaf or flap of the folder.

It is contemplated that this folder may be utilized for lubrication records and the like, with printed cards 16 which may be folded or otherwise assembled together into a compact unit. One side of the card assembly 16 may be so arranged as to be visible through the outside or cover sheet 14, and may be adapted to indicate data, such 'as speedometer mileage figures, which are entered at infrequent intervals, such as 5,000 miles or the like. In the normal use of an automotive vehicle this type of record, for lubrication of front wheelbearings, shock absorbers, and the like, would only be made at intervals of six months to a year.

- 0n the opposite side of record card 16, however, entries of mileage records which would indicate times for other types of servicing, such as crankcase draining, lubrication of chassis, testing of battery and the like, would be made, and would be visible through the inner transparent sheet 15. Spaces could also be provided in which check marks could be written, showing that such servicing had been performed. As these notations without departing from the essential features of would have to be entered at more frequent intervals, such as 200 or 500 miles, they would ordinarily be made monthly or semi-monthly. Thus, if the card assembly 16 had to be removed with such frequency, it would soon become dirty, illegible, and worn, thus defeating its purpose as a permanent record for the life of the car.

In order to overcome this difllculty, slots 17 are provided in the inner sheet 15, as indicated. These slots are correlated to the columns or lines on the record card 16 in such a manner that the speedometer mileage figures or a portion thereof, for example the first one or more digits, may be written directly upon the card through the slots without having to remove the card and subject it to injury or loss. Check marks indicating performance of service could also be entered. The number, arrangement and size of the slots is dependent upon the nature of the information and purpose of the card 16, which is by this invention protected against injury, although available at all times for the entry of such notations as may be found desirable.

It is obvious that more elaborate folders could be made utilizing this invention. These could be provided with two complete fabric or leather covers and have a plurality of inner leaves or pockets, with one or both walls of the latter slotted to permit entries of records or similar memoranda.

It will be apparent that various modifications and changes could be made in this arrangement first named sheet in hinged relationship, said-v latter sheet forming the opposite leaf of said folder, a second sheet of flexible transparent material secured to the inner side of said first named transparent sheet at its outer edges, and forming therewith a transparent pocket adapted to receive and protect a record card, said last named transparent sheet provided with a plurality of slots through which entries may be made upon said record card.

2. A record folder, comprising a sheet of flexible material forming one leaf of said folder, 2. sheet of transparent material attached to one edge of said first named sheet, said latter sheet forming the opposite leaf of said folder, a second sheet of transparent material secured to the inner side of said first named transparent sheet and form ng therewith a pocket adapted to receive and display a record card, said last named transparent sheet provided with a slot through which entries may be made upon said card.


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