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Publication numberUS1928512 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 26, 1933
Filing dateOct 28, 1931
Priority dateOct 28, 1931
Publication numberUS 1928512 A, US 1928512A, US-A-1928512, US1928512 A, US1928512A
InventorsSwift Justin R
Original AssigneeSwift Justin R
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Adjustable stamp rack
US 1928512 A
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Sept. 26, 1933. J. R. SWIFT 1,928,512

ADJUSTABLE STAMP RACK Filed Oct. 28, 1931 w J 2* 5 6 /65: 113056272 a 5 I 7,) C

ADJUSTABLE ST RACK Justin R. Swift, Chicago, Ill. Application October 28, 1931. Serial No. 571,529 4 Claims. (01. 217---27) My invention relates to means for holding in proper order a series ofso called molding stamps, that is rubber stamps of the type in which a rubber die is mounted on a section of wood molding.

' The molding, which constitutes the base and handle of the stamp, necessarily varies in width and length according to the amount and size of the printed matter contained in the die and a suitable holder or rack intended'for general. use must be adapted for adjustment of the lateral spacing if the stamps are to be kept, in a convenient position and orderly arrangement. To accomplish the desiredresult some means should be provided'by which a user may adjust the holder which;

to receivethe various stamps, and the device here disclosed is well adapted for that purpose.

Several different devices have been suggested for accomplishing this result, none thereof being entirely satisfactory. The device of my invention comprises a simple tray having a series of adjustable partitions, the parts being of extremely simple form'and of economical construction.

The invention will be more readily understood by reference to the accompanying drawing, in

Fig. 1 is a perspective view of a stamp tray constructed in accordance with my invention;

Fig. 2 is a fragmentary sectional view on the line 2--2 of Fig. 1, and

Fig. 3 is an enlarged perspective view of one end of 'one of the partitions.

In the drawing 1 have illustrated a simple box in the form of a tray having a floor 10, side walls 11 and end walls 12-43. The members may be joined in any suitable manner in order to pre sent an attractive appearance. F

The end member 12 has a plurality of notches 14 in relatively closely spaced relation and located at the lower inside angle of the end wall. A similar construction is provided on the end wall 13, that wall being formed in two parts. The upper portion 15 is separable being fitted into the contour of the lower portion 13 so that the finished appearance of the box is the same at both ends. The upper portion 15'serves as a closure for the upper ends of the notches 14. a

. away as at 18 to facilitate the insertion and removal of the strips. It will be understood that, the end Wall 12 being fixed, a strip must be placed in position by holding it in a diagonal position and l tractive appearance.

partitions within closer limits not permitted by the spacing of thenotches, I ofiset the projection 17 as shown in Fig. 3, the projection being flush with one side face of the partition instead of centrally disposed. By reversing the position of a partition member, that is, turning it end for end, a difierent lateral spacing, to the extent of substantially of an inch, may be secured. This adapts the device to very accurate spacing to accommodate stamps of different widths, thus conserving space.

The only operations necessary for providing a difierent spacing of any of the various partitions is to remove the cover section 15 and reposition the desired partition and then replace the cover section. V

The tray may conveniently be constructed of Wood if desired and finished to present an at- The construction cost is very small and the finished rack will be found I to function to the best advantage for the desired purpose.

Obviously the tray may be constructed in other forms and modified to a considerable extent 5 without departing from the spirit of my invention.

I claim:

1. In combination, a tray having end walls, said 'Walls being provided with a plurality of recesses,

the upper ends of the recesses terminating below the upper faces of said end walls, said recesses being arranged in relatively closely spaced side-by-side relation, partition strips each having a projection from the lower portion of its end adapted to interfit with a recess to permit of the positioning of the strips in desired laterally spaced relation, an upper portion of one end wall being removable to permit the insertion and removal of said strips. l r

2. In combination, a tray having vertical Walls, opposite walls being provided with a plurality of closely adjacent recesses terminating below the upper faces of said walls, partition strips, the ends of which are shaped to enter selected recesses, a portion of one of said walls above said recesses being removable to permit insertion and removal of partitions.

3. In combination, a tray having bounding walls, the members constituting opposite Walls said walls being provided with a plurality of notches in relatively closely spaced relation, partition strips having end projections adapted to enter said notches to permit the arrangement of the strips in selected laterally spaced relation, and a removable cover or finish member adapted to overlie the ends of the positioned strips, said end projections being ofiset laterally from the vertical axis of the strips whereby to effect a diiierent spacing by the use of the same notches.


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U.S. Classification217/7, 211/184, 206/.84, 206/561
International ClassificationB65D25/04
Cooperative ClassificationB65D25/04
European ClassificationB65D25/04