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Publication numberUS1928871 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 3, 1933
Filing dateOct 22, 1931
Priority dateOct 22, 1931
Publication numberUS 1928871 A, US 1928871A, US-A-1928871, US1928871 A, US1928871A
InventorsSwebilius Carl G
Original AssigneeSwebilius Carl G
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US 1928871 A
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' C. G. SWEBILIUS FIREARM Oct. 3, 1933.

Filed Oct. 22, 1931 2 Sheets-Sheet l INVENTOR 6 9 Eta/741A ATTORN EYS.

Oct. 3, 1933. c. G. SWEBILIUS F IREARM Filed Oct. 22, 1931 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 .Km l =iu ceive the shoulder 23 of. the pin 22 :which' is 1 t i lb e f ed (9 t e-i le 1 ht pm,

I Thisinventionrelates to firearn s' a'nd has for I 2;is asiniila'r' view of V embodying the invention {1;

Patented oets, 1933s I A I an objecttan eificient and serviceable single-shot} rifle which iscapable of being taken 'down easily} and quickly! Other objects, fh v iire tu'tsahd eta-tags Fig, 3 is a sectioncn the line 3--3; of Eigl; Fig. ,4, is"ai fragmentary sideelevationbf the I receiver partly in section,1 the" rifle. being cocked;

Fig.6 is a section oh the time, ee ofi'rigj i' Fig. 7 is a section ntheline 77 of Fiat}; t

Fig.1,8 a 'fragmentarylbottom view) of the receiver, and

receiver, U t I .t I Ihe riflei'sprovide'dwith a standard stock v10 which supports a housing 11 open. at itsljfront and upper -ends and "inwhich'aremolinted the harhmer and" tri ger 'l 3fa'nd l3q. The receiver 12 clqsfe'si this 7 housing and is, fdetachably contnectedj thereto aswjill later be described ,{L ThejV housing 1 1- carriesanfl upwardly' extending pro-D.

jection 14 having an perture '15 "throiigh' which the] rear end'of Ithebfedhbblt reciprocate's the front endcr the, a erture, h fIigcountfsiink at 15a to receive} a, [projection 16 extending :rrom the rear end .o'fithe freceiver. ;1'Z. fiAt the" front end :ofthejreceiver 12 there is provided a down- V viianllyfv extendingmprfij iqtion 17' "which closes the front end of the housing "11. Theprojectionjl'l istrecessed at 18 to receive shoulders l9forrne'd. on the inner walls' of the hous ng lll 'a'njd is also provided with a tongue 20lwhich fits into, the

groove formed between theninneififendsbf .the

shouldrsflQ. InIthis tonguei'there is pr'ovided an oblique slot 21 through J which extends, "a pin 22; At oheLeridfthis 's'lotjisccuntersunkt'o reslidably Su ported by the housing fltll and passes through the shoulders: 1.9. The smaller end for the pin 22Qis provided with a button 24 against which b ears the end of a spring 25 which nor-' t mally maintains thefbutton -24f beyond the sur-- face .of the housing 11'. I The 'pinf22' servest'o lock togetherthe' housing and the receiver 1 In takingjdown thelu'n, the .buttonj24 is pushed inwardly,jthu's n'ioving the shoulden23 out 15f nientary sid elevation tr a rifle a similar vie'wwith t e breech o t v It, t v f with extractors 31"ofthe usual typeand is pro- Eig. 9 is a fragmentary section throngh'the,

' edto be engaged. by a leg 39fon jthe firing pin for the purpose" of maintainingthe' locking bolt in the front end ofthe receiver rnay be moved up wardly about its rear end as a center sufficierit to disengage the slot 21 from the pin 22 and the shoulders 19 from the recesses 18 after which, the barrel and receiver may be moved forward'fio barrel to the receiver. "That"port ion of the bar rel extending into the receiver is" provided with 70 'a-long taper io'r v ;uiding. a cartridge into the cartridge chamber 'in thelend of the barrel and isslotted in' register -with the slot 12a. The breech bolt' is provided at its forward end faninto the breech when thereis nojcartridge inj'the chamberfi I v e I t A locking block 341s pivotally supported bythe" breech bolt 'and has'an-arn1 34a which extends; downwardly through a groove in the bottom" of" thereceiver 12 and into. a recess in the en d of the action rod "35. Thejreceiverisfprovided with pair, of recesses forming shoulders 36 with which projections 37 jontheflocking bolt33 are adapted to contact for locking the; gun"in" breecl'ied ng f ditiohi 31 the locking blockp thereTisflprovided' a" slot across which extends" ajpin 38'that is adapt-j" locking position, {A spring lfl" tends to holdthe firing pinin proper position to engagethe lug 39 1 with the pin 38. On. the. front end of the action rod there is provided a grip member 41, by 00 means-oi whichthe actionrodmay be operated ;-F1g. l4 showsthe gun in breeched condition, the" proj ections, 37 0f the lo ckingbolt being engaged with the1sho1i1ders36bf thereceiv er and the lug 39, of the firing pin beingengaged with the pin 9 38. Upon release of the hammer 13', the firinglpin is driven forward, thus "exploding" the. cartridge and firing th flgun I [The V forward movemehtjof s s he lu m. therein the firing pin (listen t38, .wlierenpon a'rearward Dullfon the grip 41 will 9- "14. The reverseprocedure. is fOI- The'breech end of thefbarrel extends the slide the. action rod rearwardly, thereby turning the locking block to disengage the projections 3'7 from the shoulders 36 and causing rearward nerand uncovers the l'cartridge opening 12a in the receiver, thereby permitting the insertion of a' cartridge into the cartridge chamber, .the I ex- 1 10 ploded cartridge ,having'been ejectedby means of the ejector later to be described. Forward-move--- ment of the action rod will draw the breech'bolt:

into breeching positionand again lock it in such? I I recess into which said arm projects, a firing pin position. 1 r V The-ejector comprises a tooth 42 on the end of of the receiver. an aperture in the 'wall of the receiver into the path of the breech bolt and is adapted to ridein, agroove 44 providedin the. breech bolt. A spring;45'bears'againstthe strip. 43 and forces the" tooth 442 inwardly into. the bore of the rece'ven: this spring being held by a screwiefi. .As

the1 breech bolt moves? forward, the extractor is ehgagedand' moved outwardly againstthe action I I -portioma projctiononthe, barrel portion adaptedfitoube; received, in said, recess, interlocking means. onsaidstock and barrel portions'z to',prevent longitudinal'alrelative movement" thereof, a spring.pressed' pin.extending transversely of the --'.'StOCk portion and having one'iend projecting be- 40 'yondv the -surfacev thereoi ja slotinthe barrel portion adapted-toreceive.said"pinginter-engag means onjsaid' pin andfbarrelfportion "for -1ocking,the.barrel and stock portions agains' t' relativefangular movement I I I projection on the barrel portion adapt edt'o be received in said recess, a spring pressed s 'pinr eggtending transversely of the stocli'portion and-having one ,endprojectingbeyond the sur-,

face thereof, and inter eng'aging. means on. said I pinand barrel portions for .lockingthebarr'el and stoelrgport'ions against relative angular, 'move ment.

' an: 'a firearnnfa 'receiver, a breech bolt slidniountedtherein, a locking block pivoted to- I said breech. bolt, "means" on said firing pin fengageable in one position thereof with. theilocking block to hold the same in"lockingj.position, an

arm, eiitjendingffroml said locking block, and an action slide having, a recess into which saidarm projects. i v V t I 4; In afirearm, a cylindrical receiver having a lateral cartridge] slot, a barrel'threaded' into the" front end of, the receiver and projecting beyond the forward'end or said slot, the rear-end of said barrel being interiorlyjtapered, and; cutv away'in register with said sloti} iiig from saidlocking block, said receiverhaving a metal strip43, arranged in a slot'43""in the'wa1l" The tooth 42xprojects through I I I I comprising a stock, portion and a barrel portion, a recess in the stock I I "eceiver, a'br'eech" b'olt" slid'ably, mounted'in said receiver, ,a locking, i 2' blocklpivoted' to said breech bolt, an arm ejxtende a. longitudinal slot through which said arm extends and a transverse slot forming shoulders engageable by said locking block when the breech bolt is in firing position, and an action slide having a recess into which said arm projects. 6. In a firearm, a cylindrical receiver, a breech bolt slid'ably mounted in saidreceiver, a locking block pivoted to said breech bolt, an arm extending from said locking block, said receiver. having a longitudinal slot through which said ,arm extendsand atransverse slot forming shoulders engageable by said locking block'when the breech bolt is in firing position, an action slide having a slidable on said breech-bolt, and means on said firing 'pinengageable in one position thereof with.

the locking block to-hold the latter in locking position.

7; In atake-down firearm, a stock portion comprising ahousing, a barrel portion comprising a cylindrical receiver closing said housin releasable means for locking said stock and barrel 7 portions inoperative relation, a breech bolt' slidably mounted in said receiver and having aportion 'projecting'beyondthe rear endof thereceiver, ashoul'der'on the projecting'portion adaptad to engagethe' receiver'tolimitinwardmove-' ment of the breech bolt, an action slide. extend ing into said" housing, and connections between said slide and breech bolt for actuating the-latter by'theformer'. I I Z 8.'In" a take down' firearm, a stock portion comprising a housing, a barrel'portion compri's ing' a 'cyli'ndricalf receiver 'cl'osing said housing, releasable means for locking said'stock andbarrel portions in operative relation, a breech bolt'slid ablyrnounted' in saidfreceiver' and projecting beyond. the rearend'fthereof, said projecting'porti'on being of greater diameter than the remainder to provide a shoulder adapted to engage there ceiver to limit inward-movement of the breech bolt, an action slide extending into saidrecei'ver, and; connections between said'slide and breech bolt for actuating the latter by the former. j 9L I'r 1a't'akedown firearm, a stock'portion'co'mprisingfa housing;a barrel'portion comprising a" cylindrical [receiver closing said housing, release able meansfor'locking said stock'and barrel por tions' injop'erativerelation, a breech bolt1 slid ablyj mounted in said receiver; a locking block pivoted fto said" breech bolt;, 'inter-engageable 1 means on] said locking blockfand" receiver for locking th'e breech bolt in firingrposition; an" armfextending from said locking'blochand an action slide? extendingfintosaid" housing; said action slide h'aving'a recess 1 into which said arm 'j 10", In a takedown firearm; a stock portion" comprising a? housing, a barrel portioncomprising; a cylindrical receiver closing said housing, releasable meansi'for locking said stockiand barrel portionsinioperative relation, a' breech bolt' slidably' mounted in said receiver, a lo'ckingblock pivoted tol'f'said breechbolt, inter-engageable' fmeans on said'locliing block and receiver for locking the breechbolt infiring'position; arr arnr extending'ffrom said locking bolt, said receiver having a longitudinal slot through which said arm extends; and a transverse",slot"v forming shoulders 'engagea'ble' by said'locking block when the breech bolt is in firing position; andi'anaction' slide extending into said housing, said slide having aIrece s's i nt'o whichsaid'arm projects; I

1 1'. In ja take-down firearm, a stock portion comprising a housing, a barrel'portion compris- 4 on said locking block andreceiver 'for lockingthe' v v 1,928,871 ing .a cylindrical receiver closing: said housing, I releasable means forlocking. said stock and barrel I portion in operativerelation, a. breech bolt slidae bly mounted insaid receiver, a locking blockpivoted to said breech bolt, inter+engageablefmeans breech bolt in firing position,- an arm extending from said locking 'bolt', said receiver having a longitudinalslot through which said arm-extends, a transverse slot forming shoulders engageable by" said locking block when" the breech bolt .is in firing position, an action slide extending into said housing, said slide having a recess intovvhich said arm projects, a firing pin slidable on said breech bolt, and means on said firing pin engageable in one position thereof with the locking block to hold the latterin locking position.

12. In a take-down firearm, a stock portion comprising a. housing, a barrelportion comprising a cylindrical receiver closing said housing, a 'recess in. said stock portion, a projection on said receiver adapted to be received in said'recess, inter-locking means on said stock and barrel portions'to prevent relative longitudinal movemerit of said portions, said means being engageable-bvlrelative angular movement of said stock andbarrel' portions with said projection seated }in' said recess, a spring-pressed pin extending 1 transversely. of .thestock portion, a slot in the .barrel portion adapted to receive said pin, and "inter-engaging means "on said pin and" barrel portion forlocking the barrel and stock portions against relative angular movement.

v I113; A take-down firearm comprising a stock portion'jand a-barrel portion, a recess in-said stock portion, a projection on the barrel portion adapted, to be received in saidrrecess, inter-locking means "on said stock and barrel portions to said pin, a recess in said barrel portion to receive said shoulder for locking thebarrel and stock portions against relative angular movement.


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International ClassificationF41A11/00, F41C7/02, F41C7/00
Cooperative ClassificationF41C7/02, F41A11/00
European ClassificationF41C7/02, F41A11/00