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Publication numberUS1928909 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 3, 1933
Filing dateAug 14, 1931
Priority dateAug 14, 1931
Publication numberUS 1928909 A, US 1928909A, US-A-1928909, US1928909 A, US1928909A
InventorsReasor Edward J
Original AssigneeReasor Edward J
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Fire extinguisher
US 1928909 A
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Oct. 3, 1933. E. J. REASQR FIRE EXTINGUISHER l Filed Aug. 14, 1931 4 Sheets-Shuk. 2

#Ire/172# Edward d Fadda* Oct. 3, 1933. E. J. REAsoR 1,923,909

FIRE EXTINGUISHER Filed Aug. 14, 1951 4 sheets-sheet 43 Afin/Wei Oct. 3, 1933.V

E. J. REAsoR A 1,928,909 FIRE EXTNGUISHER Filed Aug. 14, 1931 4 sheets-sheet 4 Patented Oct. 3, 1933 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE i My invention relates to fire extinguishers. The

same consists in encasing the extinguishing com' pounds within a suitable container, as a metal jacket, and exploding the jacket by external, or internal means when the jacket containing the chemicals has been deposited at the base of the fire, or within the fire.

My invention is particularly useful in the fighting of forest flres and in the fighting of fires in metropolitan areas of the cities, along water front fires, docks, wharves and the like.

Heretofore firesvhave been fought by water and by chemical means wherein the fire extinguisher, as the water, or chemical, was spread on to the fire. In the case where hot fire, or conflagration are encountered and water is being used as the fire extinguishing agency, the water rapidly evaporates and does not reach the base of the fire.

This is also true where chemicals are being used as the re extinguishing agency. ilin the use of my new and improved fire extinguishing device a substantial amount of the fire extnguishing material is so encased that the same gravitates -to the base of the fire before the disintegration of the jacket. My device extinguishes the fire atl its base. This means of fire fighting is believed to be a great step forward over any heretofore in practice.

Where the device is to be used for the extinguishing of forest fires, a relatively large number of pellets may be spread upon the fire through the use of aeroplanes, or other extinguishing agencies where my new and improved method is to beused. f

In the extinguishing of fires of great intensity developed within office building, warehouses, wharves, docks and other places relatively large receptacles may be provided into which the fire extinguishing compound is protected for being projected into the fire.

The projectile carrying the fire extinguishing agency may be catapulted, thrown, or projected into the fire and thereafter be scattered from within by the exploding of a bomb within the projectile, or by the generating of pressure therein due to heat action.

The primary object of my invention consists in providing suitable fire extinguishing agencies that may be successfully used in the fighting of fires where great heat has been developed within the tire.

A further object of my invention consists in lproviding means that are adapted for the yextinguishing of lires where the same has become a veritable inferno. Bombs for extinguishing the dre are deposited within the heat area of greatest intensity and thereafter the bombs are exploded. 'I'he explosion disseminates the fire extinguishing material directly at thebase oi'Ythe nre.

A still further object oi' my invention consists In providing fire fighting material that may be projected into the heat area, as through the use of mortars, catapults and the like.

My invention consists in providing hand grenades that may be thrown into the fire area and thereafter be exploded, or otherwise scattered into the base of the re, to rapidly smother the same.

A still further object of my invention consists ln providing suitable fire extinguishing agencies that may be successfully scattered from aircraft, as in forest areas, prairie lires, grain fields and the like.

With these and incidental objects in view, the invention consists in certain novel features of construction and combination of' parts, the essential elements of which are set forth, in the appended claims, and a preferred form of embodiment of which is hereinafter shown with reference to the drawings which accompany and form a part of this specification.

In the drawings:

Fig. 1 is a perspective, side View, of a relatively large building in which fire extinguishing bombs are thrown into the building as by a mortar, or by catapults mounted upon the rear of a fire truck. The bombs are thrown over the top wall of the building, projected through the windows and in other ways thrown into the building, where the same gravitate to the base of the fire, Where the fire extinguishing agencies are released.

Fig. 2 is a side view of a bomb that is adapted for being thrown, or catapulted into the fire Where the same is exploded, as through the use of fuse.

Fig. 3 is a sectional, side view of a bomb of the largest size, wherein a plurality of bombs are encased within any suitable casing member and which are adapted for being exploded by the use of a fuse. The same is so arranged that a plurality of explosions may occur and be caused from a single bomb.

Fig. 4 is a side View, of a slightly modified form of devicevthat may be used as a hand grenade.

Fig. 5 is a side view, partially in section of a still further modified form of device. In this form the primary bomb is exploded on its entry into the base of the fire. At a later period other bombs that are released by the first explosion are delivered into the fire and may be exploded by direct contact with the fire.

Fig. 6 is an illustration of a hand grenade being used in the fighting of fires, as beneath a dock, or within a basement, or other place Where the heat and smoke has become so intense that it is impossible for the firemen to enter therein.

Fig. 10 is a side viewA of a forest illustrating the depositing of my new and improved fire extinguishing material Within the forest, or at the base of the trees forming the forest.

Fig. 11 illustrates the application of my fire extinguisher upon a forest fire, through the agency of an aeroplane.

Like reference characters referto like parts throughout the several views.

In the manufacturing of my fire extinguisher I place the fire extinguishing compound within a suitable container 1. The container is made in any shape, of form to facilitate manufacturing and to facilitate the handling and the using Aof the same with greatest efficiency and utility.

An inner lining 2 may be placed therein. The inner and outer containers are filled with a flre deterring agency 3 that is made of suitable material to smother the fire and extinguish the same when the same is brought into direct contact with the fire, and preferably at the base of the fire.

While the device is to be used in an extremely hot fire, of great intensity, the container may be made relativelylarge and have an exploding bomb 4 placed therein. A fuse 5 leads from the exterior of the container and extends through the neck 6 into the center of the same. The purpose in making the fuse of substantial length is to permit a suflicient time to elapse after the container has been thrown, or projected into the fire to permit the same to gravitate the base of the fire before the fire deterring contents have been released into the burning area.

A plurality of containers 7 of lesser size and magnitude may be placedwithin the primary container 1 and which may be exploded after the same have been projected over a substantial part of theburning area, due to the exploding of the bomb 4. Each of the secondary containers 'I may have a fuse 8 leading thereto. The fuse 8 of the secondary containers may be ignited when the fire of the fuse 5 passes through the shank 9, or the same may be ignited when they have been released from the primary container 1 due to the exploding of the bomb 4.

The primary bomb container l and lining 2 are preferably made of suitable material to facilitate the projecting of the same into the burning area without being broken, or exploded, during the throwing, or the projecting of the same.

I mayf-make the container as illustrated in Fig. 5 wherein the primary container 10 is filled with the fire deterrent 1l. I place a fulminate 12 within the container 11 and surround the same with relatively hard particles 13 and place the fulminate with its surrounding material within the base of the primary container 11. This may be made in the form of a hand grenade having a handle 14 to permit the throwing of the same. In the falling of these` containers the fulminate 12 will explode due to concussions, or dus t0 heat,

at which time the secondary containers 15 and 16 deposited therein will be disseminated over a. relatively wide area at which time the same will be exploded due to heat, or due to concussion.

A hand grenade as illustrated in Fig. 4 may be made in which the primary container'l'l is adapted for being exploded through, or by the means of friction developed between the stem 18 and a zasp 19 which is adapted for igniting the fuse 1'gading to the exterior of the container 17.

A hand device may be made as illustrated in Fig. 2, wherein a fuse 20 is adapted for being ignited manually, or after the same has entered the fire zone which will then explode the container, and disseminate the deterring agencies within the fire area.

I have observed that the fighting of forest fires, prairie fires, and conflagration are fraught with great hazard and are most difficult to handle. Air vehicles may be used with great efficiency in the extinguishing of fire extending over relatively large area. I form a fire extinguisher comprised of a primary shell 21 having a combustible jacket 22 disposed therearound and fill the interior of the same with the fire deterring material 23.

A bin 24 is placed within the air vehicle, as a aeroplane, which is adapted for being filled with the pellets as illustrated in Fig. 7. A chute 25 leads from the base through which the materials are fed, as by an electric motor 26. The gate through which the materials are fed is adapted for being manually manipulated to thereby predetermine the amount and'quantity of material that is to be eliminated from the bin and to be deposited within the flre area as illustrated in Fig. 11.

In the fighting of fires in tall buildings and tall structures I mount catapults 2'1 and 28 upon the rear of a fire truck 29 and project the grenades as herein described over the top of the fire wall 30 of the building and through the upper windows 3l. The hand grenades may be thrown, by hand, through the lower windows 32.

While the form of mechanism herein shown and described is admirably adapted to fulfill the objects primarily stated, it is to be understood that it is not intended to confine the invention to the one form of embodiment herein shown and described, as it is susceptible of embodiment in various forms, all coming within the scope of the claims which follow.

What I claim is:

1. In a device of the class described, the combination of a primary container, an inner lining disposed within the primary container, said inner lining being primarily filled with a fire deterrent material, a bomb disposed central of the inner lining, a fuse leading from the bomb to the exterior, and a plurality of containers disposed within the primary container and adapted for being exploded and for disseminating fire deterrents disposed therein.

2. In a device of the class described, the combination of a primary container, a fire deterrent comprising the major portion of the contents of the container, a bomb disposed central of the container, a fuse leading from the bomb to the exterior of the container, and a plurality of secondary containers disposed within the primary containers, the major portion of each of the secondary containers being filled with a fire deterrent, and a bomb disposed within each of the secondary containers, and means for firing the bombs disposed within the secondary containers.


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