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Publication numberUS1928929 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 3, 1933
Filing dateDec 12, 1931
Priority dateDec 12, 1931
Publication numberUS 1928929 A, US 1928929A, US-A-1928929, US1928929 A, US1928929A
InventorsCarl F Craig
Original AssigneeCraig Easy Clean Brush Company
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US 1928929 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

C. F. CRAIG BRUSH Oct. 3, 1933.

Filed Dec. 12, 1931 Patented 3, 1933 a a f 7 Q r t *UulTE fsTATEs PATENT OFFICE f,

a I" i 1,92t,9?ii it it a V V paUsii a Carl F., Craig, Winter Haven, Fla assignor to 'Craig Easy clean Brush Company, Winter Haven,-Fla .,a corporatio'n of Florida r Aoplioationpeccrnber '12, 1931 Serial 7N0. 580,565

2 Claims. (Gir s-42s) My invention refers to brushes,especially paint hly cl anse the entire mass of bristlesoi any brushes, and-itsprimary objectls to provide oreign matter. t I v means for forcing a fluid through thebutt and W t the ab v a d Ot Objects View, flag ends of the bristles for thoroughly cleansing invention consists in certain peculiarities. of con- 7 5 the same. v struction and combination of parts, as will be et);

Practisehas demonstrated that, paint brushes fully set forth Wit e e e ce the a c p y- 7 especially" used for cement'paints resultin the ing awi ub q v m '.i:

paint adhering to the butt end of the bristles or In th 'd awingr a fibers, whereby the same'are quickly burned out; e" 1 represents, a fr mentary sectional resulting in breaking off when the brush is there: elevation of brush embodying the a u s 6 after usedsaid bristles thus, when notthorouhgly f my inv ntion, h e ion being indic y: cleansed, losing theirlife and flexibility; In 'line 1,-'1 of u e Y i l q other words, ait'er'the brush has been used with i u 2 i a s d v f th sam pa t y cement type of paint, it must'be shortly thrown in s t as indieated'by' line 2 LFi ur s.

5 way andreplaced. i 5 3 and w ,Heretofore it has been diflicult to clean brushes Fi ure 3'is a fra mentary bo tom plan view of a oI-this character, due to the fact that'the paint brush m dyin h f a ur my inven i n adheresatthe buttends'of the bristles'and can-i illustrating the f e Channels, and not beremoved except in a crude manner by Figure 4 isa detailedi'ragmentary view of the -separating the rows of bristles and mechanically brush ba l m nt showing radial grooves or scraping the paint therefrom, and even this at-- channels which are provided f0! supplying fluid tempted'cleaning is not effective, I under pressure to the brush bristles through a Furthermore, when brushes are not thoroughly p a y Of transverse p tu es 0 channels. cleaned andthereafter paint of adifierent color I R fer in y h r t to h r win 1 p-' is used, particles of the original color impregnate esents a bac pr vid d With a centrally disthe bristles and will gradually work out nd posed nozzle 2, which nozzle communicates with streak thejob to which is being applied the second a plurality of a a longitudinal Channels color. Hence, it will be understood-that by em- 33 The nozzle has fitted'therein a thimble 4 ploying my method of cleaning, considerable w ic is flanged at its pp end felengagiement longer wear and life of thebrush is had, and. wi h a rr p n in inwardlyturned flange of iurthermore the bristles retain their flexibility, h internally threaded Coupling pp T e whereby better work is done and said brush can pp is seated st a Washer whereby h be quickly changed from one color to another to j is made tight at this P and there is thus save'time of the painter. also provided aflexible washer 7 within the r Specific objects of my invention are therefore pp against which is seated the lower th eaded to thoroughly cleanse the bristles from butt to end 8 'a a d 9 Which y be of y d s ed 7 flag end to prevent burning. of the same when shape. Thus it Will be seen that the handle can used with cement paints, to thus increase the be detached iolicleaning P p and When t is life of a brush. To quickly cleanse the entire handle 9 is rem v d, all, Ordinary garden hose,

bristle whereby the brush is in condition to be avi a, threaded Coupling 6 may b sub- Q quickly utilized for paint .ofa difierent color, stituted therefor, in which case the threaded end To provide a brush having a removable handle vis fitted into the nipple 5, it being understood 1 for attaching 'a garden hose or pump wherein that this'hose connection forms, no part of my water, or other cleansing fluid, may be used; To invention and therefore is not shown.

'" provide a brush wherein the brush proper, in It is obvious that I y also, in D ace'0f'us conjunction with the head, can be supplied sepaan ordinary garden hose in connection with the 'rately from the handle. Thus one handle maybe brush, in some cases employ a force pump, or

used for a series of brushes of different types. other fitting, whereby a cleansing fluid of any- Other specific objects are to provide a detachdesired consistency may be forcedinto the nozzle. able handle of any desired shape to meet the re- The lower channeled face of the head 1 has 5 quirements of the user. Toeliminate the necesglued, or otherwise secured, thereto a plurality sity of providing a pail for cleaning, and other of spacing strips l0 10,,the same terminating manual operations. 7 To provide means-for introwith V-shaped ribs from their lower surfacesto r ducing water, or other liquid, at or near the butt protect brush bristles in the usual manner.

'ends of the bristles, under pressure,,to thus thor- These V-shaped ribs are provided with trans-" versely disposed grooves 11 interrupting them at intervals, and communicating with the grooves 11 are a plurality of transverse apertures or channels 11, which channels, as best shown in Figure 2, communicate with longitudinal back panels 3. a v

The rows of bristles 12'are fitted and cemented between the spacing strips in the usual manner of brush construction, the butt ends of the outer longitudinal rows of bristles being confined by the usual valance or ferrule 13, which may be of metal, leather, or other suitable material.

any kind, and particularly paint containing cement, the same can be readily and thoroughly cleansed, both from the butt and fiag'or working ends of the bristles, by simply removing the han dle and substituting therefor a fluid supply fitthrough thenoz zle 2, longitudinal channels 3, grooves 11 and cross grooves 11', whereby said fluid is thoroughly broken up into vmultiple jets or streams, tothus impregnate the bristle butts to wash or cleanse the same, and, also, as the fluid flows downwardly through the brush bristles, they may be worked by hand so as to cleanse the entire length of bristle from butt to flag end. It will be observed that this cleansing'operation can fl lbe effected in the shortest possible time, by the interchangeable parts, as just described. The brush, when thus cleansed can be suspended in anysuitable way for drying out, wit maybe immediately used in the event the operator desires to work with another color.

' Frommhe foregoing itwill be seen that the brush is quickly cleansed either for storing away or for interchangeability. of. color without any loss of'time, and, owing to said thorough cleansing the'brush, as a whole, can be operated with air":

ting, whereby fluid under pressure is forced of the claims.

From the foregoing description it will be seen that after the brush has been used in paint of,

inner and outer abutting sections; means con- 1 claim: 1. A brush comprising a brush head including nect'ing'the sections together, brush tufts carried byone'of said section's, said last named section having a plurality of outlet flushing channels adjacent to the brush tufts, the inner face of the other section having distributing channels communicating with the outlet flushing channels and a common port communicating with said distributing channels, a detachable handle for normallyclosing said common port, and means carried by the walls of the port for receiving a hose 0 when the handle is removed.

2. A brush embodying a head, a nozzle extending therefrom, the same comprising an upper section, a lower section secured to the upper section-and spaced therefrom to form channels com- 5 municating with the nozzle, said lower section in- 'cluding a plurality of strips having transverse apertures in communication with the channel, rows of bristles, secured between the strips, and a valance extending from the upper section en- 10 gaging the outer row of bristles, whereby said outerrow is secured between the valance and juxtaposed face of oneof the lower section stripsj [CARL F. CRAIG. 5


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