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Publication numberUS1928943 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 3, 1933
Filing dateJul 28, 1932
Priority dateJul 28, 1932
Publication numberUS 1928943 A, US 1928943A, US-A-1928943, US1928943 A, US1928943A
InventorsJohn L Mckay
Original AssigneeJohn L Mckay
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Mattress protector
US 1928943 A
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Filed July 28, 1932 l L 2 Mcyya() Patented Oct. 3, 1933` OFFICE 1,928,943 MATTRESS PROTECTOR John L. McKay, Minneapolis, Minn. Application July 2s, 1932. serial No. 625,280

Y1 claim.

My invention provides simple and efficient mattress protector especially serviceable for use to protect mattresses on infants beds. vice, as preferably constructed, comprisesa low- 5 er sheet of rubber, rubber-coated cloth or other flexible material thaty is'impervious to water, or in other words, that is waterproof, combined with a cover sheet and novel means for connecting the two sheets and anchoring the same to a 1o mattress or similar support.

The invention is illustrated in the accompanying drawing, wherein like characters indicate likeparts throughout theseveral views.

Referring -to the drawing: ,Y

Fig. 1 is a perspective with some parts diagrammatically indicated by dotted lines and withsome parts broken away showingrthe'improved mattress protector appliedto a mattress;

Fig. 2 is a fragmentary perspective showing a portion of the mattress and protector on a larger scale than Fig. l; and

Fig; 3,is a perspective showing one of theA anchoring straps of the device. Y

In Fig. 1 an ordinary iron bed'is indicated by the numeral 4 and in Figs. 1 and 2 an ordinary mattress is indicated by the numeral-5. The lower or waterproof sheet which, as stated, may

be of rubber or of any other exible material is indicated'by the numeral 6 andthe upper or cover sheet, which is preferably of cotton but may be of various other flexible materials, is indicated by the numeral 7'. The waterproof sheet 6 at or near its corners is provided with strap passages preferably reinforced by metallic eyelets' 8. The corners of the sheet '7a are turned back and stitched down and exibleanchoring loops 9 are stitched or Otherwise secured thereto. The numeral 10 indicates anchoring-straps,

preferably of nat elastic material, formed at oneV Y The de- (Cl. 5-354) Y end with loops l1 and provided at their other ends with sharp pointed anchoring hooks 12, one of these straps for each of the four corners of the sheet 6. The looped ends 11 of the straps 10 will be passed through the eyelets 8 and the 60 hooked ends will then be passed through the loops 1l so that when the straps are drawn taut they will be detachably anchored to the several corners Vof said sheet 6. The free ends of the straps are then passed through the loops 9 of 65 the .upper sheet 7, as shown in Fig. 2. When these straps are `drawn taut vboth sheets 6 and 7 will be properly spread and drawn quite tautV with the sheet '7 covering the sheet 6. When the straps have been stretched their hooks 12 will be 70 inserted into the mattress Or into the mattressl` frame or into any suitable part of the mattresssupporting structure. These devices thus keep the sheet under tension and prevent the same from being rolled up, wrinkled or displaced.l

In practice these anchoring devices have been found `to be, not only convenient, but highly eicent for properly holding the protecting sheet or sheets in position. The straps are made detachable sothat they may be readily replaced if in 8O time they lose'tlieir elasticity or are rendered inefficient. Y

What I claim is:

A mattress protector comprising a lower wa- 1 terproof sheet provided at its corners with eye- S5 lets, a cover sheet provided at its corners with flexible loops depending therefrom, and anchoring straps attached to the corners of said waterproof sheet through the eyelets thereof and threaded through therloops of said cover sheet, said straps beingl of ilexible material and having anchoring hooks at their free ends.


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