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Publication numberUS1929136 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 3, 1933
Filing dateOct 26, 1932
Priority dateOct 26, 1932
Publication numberUS 1929136 A, US 1929136A, US-A-1929136, US1929136 A, US1929136A
InventorsBertels William R
Original AssigneeBertels William R
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Display stand
US 1929136 A
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Oct. 3, 1933. w. R. BERTELS DISPLAY STAND Filed Oct. 26, 1932 3 Sheets-Sheet l Enventor attorneys.

Oct. 3, 1933. w. R. BERTELS 1,929,136

DI SPLAY STAND Filed Oct. 26, 1932 3 Sheets-Sheet 2 WR@ 561 36 is I attorneys Ihmentor Oct. 3, 1933.

w. R. BERTELS DISPLAY STAND Filed 001:. 26, 1932 3 Sheets-Sheet 3 Ottomags.

Patented Oct. s, "1933 ,a s m i1814 18 I l Yw iuiaih' its Kingston, Pa; j instants October 26, 1e32,; Serial n 639,702

4 claims. (Cl. 211-35 This inventionrelates at disnaysand designediprimarily for holding cans and. while it is adapted to hold cans of "jdiiferent types it is more especially employed for supporting cans 6 having transparent and/ or removabletdps where- 'a rounded rest or centering finger 6. {This finger tion.

In the accompanying drawings the preferred y thecontents ca accessible; 5;

be seen readily. and are easily 1 Another object is ta -prov de was which can be collapsedinto aismall space when .not in use,

thereby facilitating "storage in packing and/or shippingor storing. a

A-further object isto' provide a stand .which is cheapto manufacture, can be easily set up for useg-and constitutes an efficient support vfor the containers placedthereon, there being means for holdingthe containers positively 'at the correctangles for display purposes. r

With the foregoing and:other, objectsin view whichwill appear as the description proceeds the invention iresides in' the combinationuandarrangement of parts and in. the details ofconstruction hereinafter described andclaimed, it being imiderstoodithat: changes in the precise embodiment of the invention herein disclosed may be made within the scope of what is claimed without departing from the spirit of the invenform of theinvention has been shown.

In said drawings g ing indicated by broken lines.

Figure 2 is a' side elevation. Figure 3 is a plan view. r Figure 4 isa front view of the stand collapsed.

Figure 5 is a side'view of the collapsed stand;

Figure 6 isakview similar to Figure, 2 showing a modified structure. a

Figure '7 isla section on line77, Figure 6. Referring to the figures by characters of reference, l and 2 designate a pair of standards each of which has a'quarter twist near its lower end, "as at 3 to provide legs 4 the free terminals of which are'bent at right angles to providefeet 5 extending in opposite directions. The upper.

' end of standard 1 isbowedlaterally ,to'provide is slightly twisted relative to'its standard 1 and toward standard 2; g Two pairs of standardsl and 2am used and they are pivotallyconnected at 'Tto the side portions of upper andlo'wer frames 8- and 9. These frames, with standards 1' and 2, form parallelograms and the center of the; front of each frame is slightly twisted so as topresent' a "downwardly vided at its mwer'nd forming 'a' stop,

Withn pt n a Pivotallyl connected to 1 at l3 are braces 14 each of which has a hole', 15', near its lower faceo'f each inclinedportionlo, is pivotally V rearwar'dly inclinedfbracket, orfhanger 11' pro' free or upper end. The other or fro ntlower end of eachlbrace. is formed. with .a bowe'df finger; 16 Lsirnilar. to'fingers 6 .these fingersbeinefiktended toward each othrfto'provide rounded centering rests forv supported container.

Studsllfl are extended iaterauyrro standards 7c ZandWhen the stand is set up for; use these studs extend into the hol'esi15 in. braces 1151.1 Thus the braces, which are diagonally arranged, will hold the. stand against. collapse.]. By springing the braces laterally to disengage them from the studs, Z5

the frames 8 and 9 and standards 1 and 2 can be folded compactly, as shown in Figures f1 and 5.,The bracketsforfhanger s. 11 can be -swung; laterally-aboutEtheir pivots so as to exten'dal'ong "and substantially parallel with'the8 fronts of frames" 8 and 9. Thus the entire device can be folded into a very compact bundle.

To use the stand'the parts. are unfolded and fingersor rests 6 and 16. Thefrontportions of r .held by the braces as already explained. Cans C e I V V "or other containers to be displayed areplaced in 8 Figure l is a front elevation of the stand set up for use, the containers supported thereby bethe bottoms of the containers will be supportedv on the stops or ears 1 2 while the rear portions? 'of the bottoms-will bear against the rear portions of frames 8 and. 9 which thus constitute abutments. Thus the containers C will be held j in'inclined positions with their tops located where they can be seen and reached conveniently. By 9 using transparent or display tops the g'oods'in the. containers are easily viewedJ If the covers are removable they can be taken off without difficulty. ,The removed lid or cover Lean-be temporarily supported by angular brackets 18 at-= tached to the outer sidesof one pair of standards 1 and 2 near their upper ends.'

. Under some conditions it is deslrable to sup ..port the lower container in a more forward positionthan thelupper container to give more convenient access thereto, toperrnitproper oper'a-.

tion of its lid, and. better to expose its contents, For these reasons the modified structure shown in Figures 6 and 7 hasbeenperfected. The upper ortion 'ofthi's 'device is the same as in the;

form shown in Figures 1 to 5 and isprovided with rests 6' and 16, The bottom frame, however, consists of a rear yoke 19 pivotally connected at 20 to the standards 2 while its sides are'lapped by and joined to the sides of a front yoke 21. The free ends of the sideyoke 21 are bent toward each other to form supporting ears or abutments p22 and the standards 1' are pivotallyconnected set up.

at 22 'to the sides of yoke 21 near the centers thereof. This yoke is extended forwardly beyond the front of the ,upper frame 8' and inaddltion' to its hanger or bracket 10', has. a leg 23 connected thereto. This leg, with the feet of standards 1 and-2 provide a five-point eontact with the floor or other supporting surface so that the structure willnot tilt under thewelght of its load. a r

The modified device. is remade mile same manner'as the other formv and the braces 14.

serve to prevent collapse when the structure is By using can or container C will be supportedlb cars 22 and hanger or bracket iii and be positioned for ward relative to the upper container. Thus the lowercontalner Cis more easily reached, its cover I can be raised readily irrespective of; its con- I illustrated in Figure 1, a v t v F Au m aframes andhanger can r ,1. A display stand including upper structlon, and the contents of said container are fully exposed to the customer, Furthermore as the two'contalnerscan be supported'in lapped 'relatlonf'as in Figured, it is possible to' make the device shorter and more compact than the form be formed '01 strips 'of' metal which are easily cut and shaped,' so' that the entire deviceis thus very inexpensive to manufacture.

,What is claimed is: f j

v and lower frames, opposed pairs of standards pivotally connected to the'sides of the frames to form a foldable parallelogram, bracing means forholdingthe stand against folding, and means carried by and cooperating with; each'frame for supporting a the modifiedarrangement the lower.

said means including a container supporting 'hanger'suspendedfrom the front of the frame,

and centering rests bowed inwardly from the upper ends of one standard of each pair and overhanging an adjacent frame at opposite sides -of its hanger.

3. A display stand including upper and lower frames, opposed pairs of standards pivotally connected to the sides of the frames to form a foldable parallelogram, bracing means for holding the stand against folding, and means carried by and cooperatingwith eachiframe for supporting a container in an inclined position in the frame, said' means including a container supporting hanger suspended from the front of the frame, and centering rests bowed inwardly from the bracing means andoverhanging'the adjacent frame at opposite sides of its hanger.

4. A display stand including opposed pairs of standards, upper and lower frames extending between and pivotally connected to the standards, said lower frame projecting forwardly'beyond'the upper frame, means for holding the stand against folding, means depending from the fronts of the frames for supporting containers in inclined positions one'in advance of but below the other, portions of saidframes constituting abutments for the'bo'ttoms of the inclined containers, and a supporting leg connected to the forward end of the lower frame. WILLIAM R. BERTELS.

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U.S. Classification211/85, 248/150
International ClassificationA47F5/01
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European ClassificationA47F5/01