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Publication numberUS1929361 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 3, 1933
Filing dateJan 21, 1932
Priority dateOct 26, 1929
Publication numberUS 1929361 A, US 1929361A, US-A-1929361, US1929361 A, US1929361A
InventorsHarry Liljebladh Eric
Original AssigneeWesterlin & Co Ab
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Suction foot for paper separating devices
US 1929361 A
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Oct. 3, i933. E. H. LILJEBLADH 3993 SUCTION FOOT FOR PAPER SEPARATING DEVICES Filed Jan. 21, 1952 3 I5 Ho 51 6 I ma! I 1 t L l 1g, 9

| mm]: 15 T 22% 2ZL19'66M Patented Oct. 3, 1931", I r I SUCTION Foo'r FOR PAPER SEPARATINGV V DEVICES Eric Harry Liljebladh, Gottenborg, Sweden, assignor to Aktiebolaget Westerlin & Co.,-Gottenborg, Sweden Application January 21,1932, Serial No. 587,992,

I and in Sweden October 26, 1929 4 Claims; (01. 271 -27) The present invention relates to suction feet for In order to limit the raising movement of the I pneumatic paper-separating devices, by means frame 7 there is provided a screw 12 passing of which the sheets from a pile of paper are through a bore 11a in the head, the lower end separated one by one from the pile in order to of said screw 12 serving as an abutment for the be fed to a printing press or similar machine. i bottom portion of the frame 7 (see Figure 3). 55 More specifically the invention relates to suc- One of the side portions'9 of the frame '7 is tion feet, for the above mentioned purpose, of provided with a'projection 13 which limits the the kind which are provided with'a' movable sucdownward swinging movement of the frame by 1 tion member adapted to seize the uppermost sheet co-operating with the pipe socket 5. The bot- 10 of the pile and, due to the vacuum, to be lifted tom portion 10 of the frame '7 is provided with 60 up together with this sheet. a hole 14, and outside this hole 14 is fixed (to the The object of the invention isto provide an bottom portion) a common suction ring 15 of improved suction foot of this kind which is simrubber, the suction surface of said ring being a ple in construction and reliable in action. little larger than the surface of the bottom por-' 15 According to the present invention, the movtion 10. V g 5 able suction member comprises a frame embrac The operation of the device described is as ing the suction opening of the suction footand fo1lows:'- swingably mounted on the suction foot in such When the suction foot with the frame '7 in a a manner that, when the suction foot approaches downwardly swung position is lowered towards the pile, the frame places itself upon the upperthe pile 3 to the position shown in Figurel, the 70 most sheet and, when this adheres, swings upframe '7 due to the vacuum in the channel 4 of the wardly, bending the adhering sheet'against the head will be swung, up to the position shown in suction foot. 7 Figures 2 and 3 together with the uppermost sheet The inventionis illustrated in the accompany adhering to the suction ring15. At this movement 5 ing drawing in which Figures 1 and 2 show the the adhering sheet will be bent around the por 75 suction foot from the side with the frame in tion 16 of the head, which contributes to separate two different positions; Figure 3 is a section 'this sheet from any under sheets, which may be through the suction foot; Figure 4 shows the clinging to it. Due to the fact that the'suction suction foot from beneath; Figure 5 is anend surface of the suction ring 15 is larger than the view of the suction foot, and Figure 6 is a plan surface of the bottom portion 10 of the frame, 30

view of the same. the sheet seized by the suction ring 15 will under The suction foot comprises a head 1 which is all conditions follow the frame 7 in its upwardly ,fixed by means of a screw 1a to a horizontal bar swinging movement. 2 passing through a bore 2a in the head. By a I h t I 1m 1 mec an of known m (I101? ShOWn in the 1. A suction device for pneumatic separating s5 drawing) the bar 2 is moved to and om he machines, comprising a suction foot, a frame em- 1301) Of the p of P 3 1 e Sheets f w ich bracing said suction foot and movable in relaam to b separated- The head 1 is Provided W tion thereto, and means pivotally connecting said a channel 4, forming a suction opening 4a at the f t th ti foot,

40 under side of the head and communicating with 2. A suction device for pneumatic separating i i a latera y projecting p p Socket 5 intended t0 machines, comprising a suction foot, a frame embe connected to a flexible suctio tube 5&- Th bracingsaid suction foot and movable in relation d One Side 6 Of which has the form o a thereto,means pivotally connecting; said frame portion of a surface of a cylinder is embraced by a t th ucti foot, nd; an element i screw 5 frame '7, provided with a portion 8 in the form of a threaded engagement with said foot for adjust- D a cylinder, tWO Side Portions 9 and able positioning thereon in the path of the mova bottom portion 10. The side portions 9, 9 able frame to regulate the displacement of the are each provided with a hole 11 through which latter. the bar 2 passes, so that the frame '7 can swing 3. A suction device for pneumatic separating I 50. between the positions shown in Figures 1 and 2. machines, comprising a suction foot havinga '200 thereto, means pivotally connecting said frame to the sides of the suction foot, said frame having an extension adjacent its pivotal point and engageable with the lateral projection of the foot to limit the downward movement of the frame, and

an element in screw threaded engagement with said foot for adjustable positioning thereon in the path of the movable frame to regulate the upward displacement of the latter.


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